When and how did you start doing graffiti? Do you remember your first piece?

Strangely, I started doing graffiti in a city that didn’t have the characteristics of the stiff cityscape. However, drawing inspiration from the Greek hip hop groups, loving doodling and exploring, with a sense of naïve rebelliousness and of course the need of differentiating my personality from the football lovers my age, I drew my first complete piece in third grade of junior high. Hiding it from my parents, joined by friend that were just enjoying the rush of adrenaline, I did it between the hours of 15.00 and 17.00, which means in the hours when the inhabitants of the provincial towns are asleep. Having unacceptable spray using skills and zero sense of scale, the drawing was gigantic and impossible to finish! Using Cosmos colors, a style influenced by a graffiti of TXC designed by Dez and Beef (which I had seen in a book called “Graffiti in Greece”), followed by a copied skull and a hand that was pointing and a bubble with the aggressive cue “My old style to your face”. Unfortunately I never photographed it, but I have the draft in my archive.

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OverUnder’s “My Sentiments Abstractly” at Athen B. Gallery.

Opening on Saturday, November 14th, 2015 at Athen B. Gallery is artist OverUnder’s solo show “My Sentiments Abstractly.”

OverUnder’s work explores the relationships people have with the things that can be overlooked. In this exhibition, OverUnder takes notice to the tenacious weed, the abandoned building, the quiet worker, the personal story, to continue his dialogue with public space, and those that struggle to better it.