street warfare

About the Boss’ feelings towards Troy and Dex

So I’ve seen a number of people be confused about why the Boss is so hell bent on killing Dex but not Troy due to Troy being an undercover cop and arresting most of the gang at the end of the first game.

My interpretation was that although Playa was friends with Gat, Troy, Lin and Dex in SR1, the closest one they were to (in my opinion) was Dex. Playa spent most of their time with Dex and they got on pretty well and seemed to like each other a lot.

An argument can be made that Gat was Playa’s bestie since SR1, but I always got a younger-sibling-admiring-their-reckless-and-badass-older-bro vibe from their interactions. It isn’t until SR2 that the two become besties for life.

As for Troy, I think Playa saw him as the cool gang veteran who saved his life and showed him the ropes. Troy was all around innofensive for Playa.

I imagine when Playa found out Troy was chief of police they were already planning on just storming the police station and kill him after saving Gat from his trial, but had to rethink that after Gat tells them that Troy saved Playa’s life again when they were in a coma and also protected Gat in prison.

After seeing Troy try to deny or cover up the Saints’ involvement in the Poseidon’s Palace heist, that convinced the Boss that Troy, despite being chief of police and working for Ultor, was still a Saint. It’s why they were more surprised that cops were arresting the Saints rather than the fact that the Brotherhood was tearing up their territory

It also helps that Troy just wanted the Saints to drop their flags so he wouldn’t have to arrest them and was pissed at Julius’ boat explosion plan. There was no way the Boss could hate or be vengeful towards Troy with all this evidence staring them in the face.

Dex on the other hand is a whole different story. With Dex it’s a lot more personal, a lot more close to home. These two were close during SR1 and even though Dex works for Ultor, the Boss has no reason to antagonize him since Dex did nothing to warrant it. The first thing the Boss says when they think Dex entered the church was “The fuck took you so long?” even though the Boss had just entered the church themselves.

They say it in an almost I-missed-this-son-of-a-bitch way. It mirrors the first thing Gat says to the Boss when they show up at the trial. “Shit, bout time your burnt ass woke up.”

When they see it’s actually Julius standing in front of them, the Boss goes into full on rage mode and forgets all about Dex until Julius mentions him again. Then the Masako show up.

This was the knife in the back. One of their closest friends tricked them and was trying to kill them for absolutely no reason (as far as Boss was concerned anyway). During the events of Corporate Warfare, Dex made no attempts to justify himself or apologize or anything. In fact, he was downright condescending towards the Boss the entire time. This must have been such a slap in the face to the Boss.

I don’t know if the other voices have different lines for this, but when Dex tries to get the Boss to back away by saying Gryphon is not who they think he is, my Boss replied with “He’s not you and that’s good enough for me.

That tells me how much Dex’ betrayal hurt the Boss.

Basically what I’m trying to say with all this incoherent rambling is that there’s a damn good reason the Boss wanted to kill Dex and not Troy. It’s a shame we never found out exactly WHY Dex tried to off the Boss and Julius.

Man, the writing was so good in the first two games. There’s so many layers and interpretations there.


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