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Games that are no longer allowed to be played at Wayne Manor over Christmas

Twister - Dick playing Twister is both distracting and yet somehow unnerving as he bends in ways that people are not really supposed to bend.. It’s not technically cheating to have had a trained contortionist as a babysitter during ones early life, but the general consensus is that it should be.

Monopoly - Following the Tim/Damian war of ‘15/16, the sort of days long feud match that came this close to being covered by both Wall Street Journal and Modern Warfare

Snap - Jason takes it VERY seriously. Tim and Duke had bruises

Charades - Bruce takes it VERY seriously (and not just because Cassie and Steph are basically unbeatable as a team, honestly)

Connect-4 - Babs sulks for days if someone beats her, which admittedly is rare, but why take chances.

Poker - Alfred remains the only person on Earth who can outbluff every single member of the family, at the same time if necessary.

Clue - For reasons too obvious to mention

Alfred considers that these examples say more about the outlook of his master and family than any number of psychological evaluations ever could

Repulsion (Part Four)


Requested by @suiren1:

angst I.M scenario where he used to be a gang leader but left because of you, then his former gang members threaten if you don’t break up with I.M and bring him back, they’ll hurt people close to you (and you), the ending can be up to you

Vibes: numbed pain, mention of gunfire
Word Count: 990

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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About a week or so had passed since your break up with Changkyun. You weren’t counting the days … you were barely resolving your inner turmoils from that day and just somehow managed to continue on with your life (albeit in a very painfully numbed manner).

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Not shit rich college kids say, but I think relevant to the theme of your blog. Figured I would share my experience being homeless because of my mental health.

As soon as I turned 18 I moved in with a guy I knew in Wisconsin (Florida native) to escape my abusive home situation. I got a very well paying job in customer service and was doing well for myself. At one point my mental health deteriorated as a delayed reaction to abuse, and after several breakdowns sending me home early from work, I lost my job.

My mental health got worse and worse as I stayed home all day filling out application after application, eventually I got to where I needed to go to the hospital. This choice resulted in my boyfriend packing up my things and dropping them off at the hospital several days after I was checked in, as an unceremonious message that I was dumped.

So now I can’t focus on recovery or health or my paranoia or delusions or stress because I know as soon as they release me, I’ll be homeless. I started focusing less on my health and more on seeming as unstable as possible so my stay is extended.

Once I found myself homeless, they assigned me a social worker. My doctor told me my social worker could give me all sorts of resources to contact and numbers to call so I have access to somewhere safe when I get out. My social worker then sat down with me and told me they could get me a ride to the salvation army in a taxi. That’s it. I remember breaking down and begging and pleading for help, but she just shook her head and left.

I assumed this was the standard treatment until I noticed that another girl assigned a different social worker was provided applications for many low and no income housing programs, and actually was accepted and had a home to go to when she left. When I asked this person’s social worker for help she just said “I’m not assigned to you, we all have this.”

I never got any help. When I asked my doctor for computer access to research such myself, I was informed that would be “inappropriate” and that I need to “focus on recovery.”

It was quite the wakeup call. The system abandoned me as an abused child, and there it went, abandoning me again as a new adult escaping the pain they left me to suffer in. Unfortunately this story has no happy ending as of yet, as I ended up spending 2 months homeless, applying to every available job, and getting assaulted by most of the people I attempted to trust.

Now I’m back in this household and. I truly hate capitalism more than ever. My experiences left me even more emotionally wrecked, and I barely have the stability to work (despite desperately searching for a job anyway). So yeah. The system is broken, and if you’re neurodivergent they don’t care if you die. They’ll just tranq you when you start to panic over being left on the street to die.


Paul Ryan Admits That He’s Launching A War On The Poor In 2018‬

The spineless Greedy Old Party finally shows their true colors with their Ponzi tax scam for the rich.

Relevant 100 years ago. Relevant even today now that Trump and the spineless/corrupt politicians in congress since they’re robbing us to pay for the Tax Scam that favors the rich.