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The more I think about it, the more I’m confused (and annoyed). I don’t know what broke up James and Kara, but from what I can tell what Kara sees in Monel is less that he’s also a kryptonian, but that he’s got super strength and the same abilities and endurance and thus doesn’t need to be protected? He’s got physical parity. But like literally Kara had to instill in him the desire to be a hero? What does she envision? That their dates and bonding will happen patrolling the streets and fighting villains?

Well, guess who built himself up to that level, who wanted to genuinely pursue means to help people and participate in promoting and defending the greater good because of a personal sense of obligation to help instead of standing on the sidelines, whose shield could actually withstand a kryptonite blast better than Supergirl herself–wouldn’t it have been nice if they had been tag teaming in a fight?–and who has armored himself to be less of a target in situations that might require more than one defender and whose lack of super strength makes him an asset in thinking tactically outside of the box?


James has been working up to parity and to being complementary? He would definitely enjoy working with Kara patrolling the streets at night? Their dates would totally be like that??? And James is always up for giving a pep talk??????? And he’s independently motivated? He doesn’t Kara to tell him what the right thing to do is? He’s not there to kiss her ass but challenges Kara to defend her own positions and can admit when he’s wrong? He also is financially and professionally stable and respected and understands both of Kara’s careers as reporter and superhero???

I don’t get it??????

Competent black man who can talk about his feelings somehow can’t make it work with fresh-faced girl next door white girl lead????

THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE INTERESTING THING? Them processing where they clash and how to balance so many of the intertwined aspects of their lives but to always be rocks for one another? How could Kara reassure James he is just as valuable as a hero in the event he gets injured or puts a rescue operation or fight at risk? James bringing Kara down a notch to recognize punching things aren’t the only solution???? Heck, people would probably question the human dating the alien. METAPHORS. So many narrative opportunities???

I don’t get it?????

Why did you guys tell me to watch this show????? Where is my sisterhood and the female mentorship and the feminist fantasy boyfriend????? Explain!

To Seek a Newer World, Part VIII

Samuel hadn’t bothered to tell him to hurry. He was the most gifted surgeon at Mansion House and he knew how long to make the incision, how deep, what was required. Jed had run the few block from the hospital to the dock, paying attention to his breath, where his feet hit the road, her name Mary Mary Mary driving him, ignoring the darkness that grew deeper regardless of his choice. I would stay with you he had told her when the sun shone and it had made her happy, that the truth was a promise, and now he was breaking it, his promise, her fearful gladness, he would be too late to beg forgiveness.

It was a shock to see her face framed by the plain bonnet, the paisley shawl he’d given her glowing in the torchlight. She had never worn it before for him to see and he could not help the satisfaction that he had been right, how it suited her, how she suited it. Someone passed in front of him and he pushed by, afraid she would not be there, afraid she had not.

“Mary?” he shouted through the crowd. He saw when she realized it was him, the subtle change in the angle of her jaw, the slow way she dropped her gaze, her relief, her exhaustion.

“Mary!” he repeated, at her side now; she was propped up on a makeshift stretcher, half covered by the counterpane that had been on her bed when he left in the morning. Her hands were bare but he saw something dark on her left wrist, carved black beads like unmatched lace cuff. The right hand trembled and he could hardly keep from raising his own to touch her face, to check her pulse, to pull her into his arms so she might lay her head on his shoulder. “Mary, I came as quickly–”

“Sir!” An older woman in a drab bonnet and travelling cloak interrupted, her tone the firm chaperone, a Massachusetts duenna, ready to defend Mary’s honor from the strange officer on his knees beside her.

“Step aside, she’s my patient! He—she was released without my permission, she shouldn’t be out of bed,” he cried. Mary made a low, pained sound and he laid a hand on her cheek without thinking, assessing her fever; it had returned, not dangerous yet, but there was nothing at hand to mitigate it, his black bag left in the carriage. “She’s feverish, she needs—get a moist cloth, some water, and hurry!” Command outweighed anxiety in his tone and the woman left to fetch something he’d asked for.

“I’m here, I’m right here, Mary,” he said and she reached a hand towards him, catching his open coat.

“I thought I might not see you again, too late—he made me go, I didn’t want to, he didn’t care,” she replied, nearly rambling, her eyes bright with tears. Jed felt anger towards McBurney that was so vast, so encompassing that it blotted out everything. He understood what the men meant when they talked about a battle lust, a frenzy for murder as he never had before. Then Mary’s hand slipped from his coat and the fury was overlaid with an overwhelming urge to protect her, a potent, compelling gentleness he hadn’t known he was capable of.

“If I’d know, oh! I never would have left you, never, I’d move heaven and earth to keep you with me,” he exclaimed urgently but softly, surprised to see her old amused smile for a moment as she murmured,

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The Signs as Villains

Aries: Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

Taurus: Gordon Gecko (Wall Street)

Gemini: The Joker (Batman)

Cancer: Darth Vadar (Star Wars)

Leo: Loki (Thor)

Virgo: Hannibal Lector (Silence of The Lambs)

Libra: Norman Bates (Psycho)

Scorpio: Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange)

Sagittarius: The Alien (Alien)

Capricorn: Voldemort (Harry Potter)

Aquarius: Agent Smith (The Matrix)

Pisces: Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Meet the Vilified Mogul Who Even Donald Trump Calls “A Spoiled Brat”

Photograph by Nigel Parry 

Even before his arrest this week on securities fraud allegations, Wall Street’s most visible villain was infamous for gouging AIDS patients and pregnant women, buying a very overpriced Wu-Tang Clan album, and trolling the world on Twitter. He says his real friends know he is “not that guy.” In a series of revealing interviews, BETHANY MCLEAN gets the inside story.

10 Spoiler Free Reasons to Watch Marvel’s Daredevil
  1. Fabulous acting.  There’s not an actor in the bunch that I haven’t enjoyed, but Charlie Cox is a standout.  Knowing him only from movies like Stardust and a brief appearance in Downton Abbey I was dubious when I heard the casting choice.  I am eating every word of doubt because he’s stand out as Matt Murdock.
  2. Complex and compelling villains.  From street level Russian thugs all the way up to Wilson Fisk himself, I couldn’t help but feel for them.
  3. Badass ladies.  We have in Karen Paige and Claire Temple two ace leading ladies and a supporting cast featuring all sorts of sharp women on both sides.  My favorite has to be the chilling Triad leader working with Fisk.  She may be a little old lady with a cane, but watching her banter Fisk is delightful. 
  4. Predominant characters of color.  Not only is Fisk dealing with a refreshingly international crime syndicate, Claire Temple, a black nurse in the comics and Ben Urich, who gets an incredibly effective racebend, feature heavily in the main plot.  Plus Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is fabulous as Vanessa, Fisk’s romantic flame.
  5. Subtle connections to the wider MCU.  I was worried it was going to be over the top, but if you miss a few ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ references to rebuilding after the battle of New York and jokes about billionaire superheroes, you could almost forget.
  6. Great action.  It’s gritty and violent and very bloody, but it’s avoidance of high wire stunts in favor of focusing on Matt’s boxing and martial arts training is a great grounding in a universe often dealing with over-the-top superpowers and aliens.
  7. The writing is incredibly tight.  With the exception of a couple of episodes in the middle that are a bit flashback heavy (one for Matt, one for Fisk), the pace hurtles along.  Let’s just say I’m glad this show isn’t airing weekly because there are some doozies at the end of a few episodes.
  8. Levity among the seriousness.  This is very much a gritty realism approach to Daredevil, but with his character it’s really effective.  The show allows for lighter moments, especially between Foggy and Matt and it cuts through a lot of the oppressiveness without feeling heavy handed.
  9. The cinematography is stunning.  The combat is great, the atmosphere is great, and it’s really just arresting to look at.
  10. It is an effective homage to some of the best Daredevil writing while requiring no previous knowledge from it’s viewers.  It so obvious to me as a long-time Daredevil fan that the creators and cast, but it also does a very good job of not being super referential.  Sometimes adaptations rely far too heavily on knowing the source material, but this is not guilty of it. It’s exciting to think that such a good show is going to be many people’s first exposure to one of my favorite heroes.