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Where do you get your New England inspiration from?

Hi Anon! Oh gosh, I’ve been collecting pics of New England (mostly houses and little villages) since before Sims 3 came out, and most of it came from just googling “new england village” and the like. I’ve never actually been to New England, so I have a very romanticized view of it that comes from movies, art, and scenery pics. ;) 

I’ve also done a few virtual “tours” of towns like Bar Harbor and Kennebunkport (both in Maine) via Google Maps. If I see a building I like while in Street View, I take a screenshot and save it to my inspiration folder. Although I do those virtual tours sparingly because all of that zooming around in Google Maps can make me a little motion-sick. ;-p

When I first started researching the area, I found a lovely website called Visiting New England. It’s one of those sites that has so much info, you can get lost exploring for hours. It has photo essays galore and gave me ideas of places I could Google to get even more pictures. If you’re at all interested in New England (whether the rolling hills of the countryside or quaint coastal towns), I recommend it highly!

I hope that helps, Anon! Let me know if you want more detail or even just some posts of inspiration pics.


The way we document the surroundings change together with the face of the cities we live in. Halley Docherty has taken 18th and 19th-century well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world and superimposed them on to present-day Google Street View screenshots. Take a look at more collages of cities then and now! 

Photo credits (do not remove if you reblog!) : Halley Docherty.

Via The Guardian


Halley Docherty aka Shystone (UK) - 18th-century London paintings meet Google Street View

In a fine example of the changing faces of a city and the ways we document our surroundings, Halley Docherty aka Shystone has taken 18th and 19th-century paintings of London and superimposed them on to present-day Google Street View screenshots, making a collage of London then and now. Originally commissioned by Guardian Cities, artist’s latest collages remixed some well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world, from Istanbul to Saint Petersburg and Tokyo to New York, superimposed on to Google Street View. Shystone’s work offers a fascinating reminder that we are always living among the past. (src. Guardian Cities & My Modern Metropolis)

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