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Why Him? || Jughead Jones


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As you drove the short distance to Betty’s house, container of hot chicken noodle soup resting on the floor on the passenger’s side, you wondered what illness the blonde could’ve had.

Betty had gone home immediately after school, saying that she felt sick. You knew Betty rarely got sick and you wanted to help her out. She was one of your closest friends. You told her everything and vice versa. So what kind of friend were you if you didn’t take care of her?

You parked the car in the Coopers’ driveway and walked up to the front door, knocking on it gently. When you didn’t get an answer, you knocked again. No response.

Huh. Weird.

You decided to try and see if the door was unlocked. It was. With a creak, the door opened and you stepped inside the house. It wasn’t unusual for you to let yourself into the Coopers’ house and vice versa. Your two families were basically… well… one big family. Betty was like your sister. You placed the container soup on the counter and and began the trek upstairs.

Thinking Betty was up in her room resting, you quietly walked up the stairs, hoping you weren’t disturbing her. You got to her door and opened it without knocking.

“Hey, I know you’re sick and—” you began but stopped when you saw Betty heavily making out with someone on her bed.

The two of them sprung apart and you covered your eyes with your hand before you could see who was kissing the blonde.

“Oh, God, sorry!” you exclaimed, blushing furiously. “I didn’t realize you had company.”

Who was it? Archie? Veronica?

You heard a chuckle and you froze.

You knew that laugh.

You removed your hand from your eyes and your heart sank at what you saw. Betty and Jughead sitting on the her bed together. They had obviously been making out. If you catching them in the act wasn’t proof enough, both of their lips were swollen.

“Great timing, Y/N.” Jughead joked, smiling cheekily.

You knew he meant no harm by the comment, but it stung just the same. You turned your attention to Betty, who wasn’t smiling. She was looking down guiltily, avoiding eye contact with you. Jughead’s smile faded as he realized you weren’t laughing.

“You knew,” you said softly to Betty, and she looked up at you.

Tears welled up in your eyes.

“For ten years. You knew. And you still…” you trailed off, knowing if you continued you would start crying.

Jughead looked back and forth at you and Betty, confused. He got up.

“Y/N, what’s the matter?” he asked, walking towards you.

You quickly shook your head, backing away. Jughead stopped, hurt at the fact you were trying to get away from him.

“N-Nothing, I-I was just shocked to see you two together, that’s all.” you said, surprised you were able to keep your voice steady.

Jughead rose his eyebrow at you.

“I don’t think—” he began but was cut off by you shaking your head again.

“No, it’s fine, Jughead, don’t worry about it. Trust me. Um, I’ll see you guys at school, alright?” you said, your voice cracking on the last word.

You dashed out of the room and down the stairs, grabbing your keys from your pocket. You heard fast footsteps behind you.

“Y/N, wait!” Betty exclaimed.

You ran faster as you rushed out of the door, quickly unlocking your car door, getting in. You heard shouts of your name but they were nearly deafened by the sound of your heartbeat. You shakily put the key in the ignition before the car roared to life. A bang on the passenger side’s window was the last thing you heard before you backed out of the driveway and onto the street, tires screeching hideously as you sped away.

You drove home, tears streaming down your face as the loud music blared with one question on your mind for your “soul sister.”

Why him? Why Jughead?


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Walking home. At this point, even the photographs are tired.
March 2016, London.

Who wants to hop in?

the first time sana opens herself up to even it’s late at night and she has been crying for longer than she’d like to admit. she’s had the most awful day and nothing was able to cheer her up, the girls asked if something was wrong because they knew sana was not ok, but she just didn’t feel confortable talking about that with any of them, she never feels like she can talk about her feelings with someone, she has to be strong, has to be tough.

 but tonight sana feels more hopelless than she has felt for a while. even just texted her, with one of his ridiculous memes that he’s always sending everyone and she will never admit that some of them are actually funny. they’ve been best friends for a while now, it’s being so amazing hanging out with even and isak, sana has seen even at his best, but also at some pretty bad moments. she’s always trying to help both even and isak, always trying to be there for them. 

the only thing even did was ask if she was ok, just a simple question and sana doesn’t know why but she has to talk with someone and, for some reason, she feels like she can talk to even about everything so she just started telling him. she tells him about how she feels afraid but will never let it show, how she always feels like an outsider in the country that’s supposed to be her home, how she is always trying to prove herself, prove she’s strong, prove she knows how to deal with everything, prove she does not care about the looks she receives from people on the street, how she’s tired of pretending everything is fine when she actually has a lot of struggles. sana just tells even about everything and when she finishes it, it’s like she can finally breath pure air, like a huge and heavy stone was lifted from her back, and as she awaits for an answer she doesn’t allow herself to feel regret. so even responds. and sana is crying harder now. she’s crying because even is telling her things she didn’t expect to hear from anyone. “You don’t have to be strong all the time” he says, “You are allowed to be weak and you don’t have to hide it. You are allowed to be human.” and sana cries because deeply in herself she knows all that, but no one ever said this to her. “You are the smartest, greatest, strongest girl I’ve ever met and I’m so sorry that you feel like this” even’s words are sweet, sana thinks he’s the sweetest. “I know what it’s like to be in a stereotype, but I’m not gonna pretend I know what you go through, because I don’t.” and then she cries even harder: “But I know what it’s like to feel alone, to feel like you have to deal with everything by yourself because it is your own problem and your own battle, but let me tell you something: you are not alone, Sana. Me and Isak and the girls and all your friends, we care so much about you, we just want to see you happy. And we are here for you, we are by your side, supporting you. Always. You’re only a human ok? And you are never alone. Please, don’t forget that.” and sana is still crying but she feels so much better. you’re not alone. she thinks about even’s words and how nice he is and she feels so much better now. things aren’t always gonna be ok, but she’s not alone –she repeats to herself– she is not alone.

The Friday night stars light up this cold town as my breath freezes mid air, I’m walking somewhere; but nowhere in particular. I just came out to smoke half a pack until my lungs get sore and I finally feel something again. Kicking cans breaks the stark silence of these tired streets, they’ve seen some things; terrible things - but they just stay quiet about it and bare the burdens of time. Neighbourhood dogs bark at my juvenile disruptions and it doesn’t feel so lonely when I hear them so I keep on kicking, Pepsi cola tin rattling - waking up all the sleeping drones locked away snug in their homes; I bet they think I’m a jerk, pulling them from their endless slumber. I’m sorry but I don’t know what else there is to do and I’ve got to keep my mind off it somehow. The streetlights are looming over my head looking like giants; flickering on and off like strobes - I pretend like I’m in a club and the beats are pumping, but it only makes me wish I had someone to dance with. I think this winter will be the longest one yet; there’s no one to light a fire for, and I don’t even feel like staying warm anymore.
—  Winter walks // © @rarasworldbro