street sweeper


anons asking for more canon kind Gladstone hijinks and this one fell into my lap

(couldn’t find the code for this but context: Gladstone is a street sweeper and keeps finding hella cash in lost jewellery, Donald arranges a set up with a bag of Scrooge’s money so he can find it in front of Gladstone and gloat…)


Cobray Street Sweeper

An infamous shotgun known for its portrayal in several movies and video games. The one in the photos has a 12″ barrel; most are usually seen with an 18″ barrel when they were being sold as regular shotguns. The windup drum magazine is fixed and ejection of the spent shells has to be done manually by pulling back on the ejector rod and turning the knob. The Street Sweeper was classified a Class III Destructive Device by the BATFE when it was deemed to have no “sporting purpose”. (GRH)


“I was a street-sweeper, I was sweeping up dead leaves, you see? That’s when I heard a little sound.” / “It was me?” / “It was you.” / “What did you do when you found me?” / “A bit like in real life, I took you out of the garbage can, I tucked you under my coat, nice and warm, and I took you home with me.” / “And then?” / “Then I took care of you. You seemed happy, so I decided to keep you. You made yourself at home and we started living together. And that’s how we met.”