street peacocks

Marilyn, Princess Julia and George O’Dowd at Billy’s, 1978 ca. © Nicola Tyson

«This must be really early on: it’s Peter Robinson (Marilyn), Julia Fodor (Princess Julia) and George O’Dowd (Boy George). The DJ at Billy’s would either be Rusty Egan or a girl who was the house DJ. When it was Rusty, the music would be Kraftwerk, the Normal, Bowie, Roxy Music, Giorgio Moroder soundtracks, all sorts. Bowie was a strong influence – even during punk – so the younger generation weren’t finished with that; we wanted to have our own go at him. And with the house DJ we’d all be dancing to Sylvester and the disco hits of the day. There wasn’t any snobbery, all of that music was loved.»

Nicola Tyson

T. Lewis, ‘The birth of the London club scene’: Bowie Nights at Billy’s Club – in pictures, «The Guardian», 25 January 2013,