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What if Jason found a half dead kitten on the street and nursed it back to health?

Jason and a kitten, yessss!!!!! (im on mobile sorry for everything.)

He finds the kitten in an alley while he’s getting some dinner because he’s too tired to cook. He crouches down to look at the tiny, scruffy kitten on the dirty ground, lying on their sides, meowing softly.

Jason stops. Of course he stops. The kitten is thin and obviously hasn’t eaten anything filling in a while and Jason should leave the kitten or find an animal shelter but the kitten purrs and Jason isn’t strong enough to leave them to die.

He gets some towels when he arrives at home so the kitten will be warm and comfortable. Jason goes online and reads some sites how to nurse back a kitten to health because he knows jack shit about how to take care of an animal. He buys everything the kitten might need because his money might go to worse places than this.

It takes weeks before the kitten can walk around more than ten minutes.

Things that definitely happens after Fangs (yes, that’s her name) is up and healthy:

Fangs finding Jason’s chest the most comfortable place to sleep and Jason doesn’t move so he doesn’t wake her up. Damn his good heart.

Fangs snuggling to Jason’s neck when he’s laying down and then walking over him and Jason phones rings and Fangs steps on his face and yes, cat hair in his mouth. Nice.

Fangs hissing when there are strangers in Jason’s apartment. So like the first time Duke comes over, Fangs hisses at him from the table and–

“Wow, dude, why is she looking at me like she wants to kill me?”

“Huh, yeah that sounds pretty serious. Don’t worry I will protect you.”

“Har-har-har. Why do you even have a cat?”

“She blackmailed me to take care of her. She’s dangerous.”

“You’re a dork, oh my god.”

Ok, but Jay waking up from a nightmare and Fangs just snuggling closer and licks his face and “yes okay thank you cat but that’s not comfortable at all.”

Jason trying to let her go after she recovers and he opens his window and everything but she just stays on his bed and meows. “Yeah, I wouldn’t leave either.”


I was ridiculously happy with this outfit ^^

outfit rundown:

skirts, peignoir, blouse (worn as cardigan), headdress, mask, rosette: handmade ~ dress (worn as apron): Hippi chic London ~ pentacle: icing sugar ~ shoes; an*tai*na ~ everything else: high street, vintage or charity shopped!

wonder woman + too much steve trevor?

The question of whether there’s too much Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017) is a good one. The idea is that, yeah, Chris Pine is great and all, but is he too good? Is his character, the designated love interest, having a personality, character arc, and agency unfair given how superhero love interests are perceived to be shunted to the side?

Let’s explore.

#1. Falling in Love with an Equal Makes a Protagonist Stronger

Narratives where the love interest isn’t fleshed out diminish the hero and the hero’s journey. Stardust is a great deconstruction of the pervasive trope of “dude does a hard thing for a pretty girl.” …But like why? If the protagonist’s motivation is shallow, if the reasons for the protagonist to care about the love interest are shallow, the character seems shallow. It’s bad writing, pure and simple. I don’t want my Wonder Woman movie to have bad writing just because most other movies do.

#2. Steve Trevor Isn’t Really Her Equal

Best part is, Diana doesn’t really start to actually fall in love with Steve (I think) until he joins her across No Man’s Land. He isn’t her equal in strength or heroism, but he does the impossible led by her example. She admires that. Better still, Steve recognizes that he isn’t Diana’s equal. “Or maybe not,” the look he gives after Diana tells the boys to stay there, the, “You did this” — Steve Trevor Gets It. They aren’t equals. She’s a thousand miles above him, but, damn it, he’s a pilot, and he’s gotta try to keep up.

Remember, this is the guy who sacrificed his life: “I can save today. You can save the world.” He knows she’s destined for bigger and better things than he is. And he wishes they had more time together, but he knows her place is fighting the good fight.

#3. Steve Trevor is an Example of Efficiency in Writing

There is a lot of Steve in this movie, true. And some part of the creation of Steve as a multilayered character is because this is a male character — but it’s also damned efficient writing. And because there is so much Steve, we get more Diana. Hear me out. Steve is a shortcut. 

The plot calls for characters to be Diana’s: love interest (universal storytelling), McGuffin (reason for leaving the island), guide to the outside world (without falling into the Born Sexy Yesterday Trope), voice of cynicism (is Ares real? suspense!), and morality pet (it’s not about deserve). That’s five characters. Etta is Diana’s backup guide and the boys (the squad?) are her backup cynics and morality pets. But the movie would need far more time to develop these characters if it wanted us to be as emotionally invested in the deliverer of each of these messages. Do I want more Etta Candy? Hell yes! But that’s time taken away from Diana because of the extra character work needed. Steve’s audience goodwill builds on itself. (Although, like I said, I wanted more Etta, drastically more. Same for all the Amazons. And, like, random girls and women on the street. And nurses! More nurses!) 

Imagine if it weren’t Steve Diana thinks Ares has corrupted. If it weren’t Steve supplicating himself and begging Diana, a goddess, for help. Imagine if it weren’t Steve sacrificing himself at the end. Do we care? Yeah, sure, a little. But chances are higher that we care more when these things happen because we have had more time with Steve, so we know he’s not all good or all bad, but he’s doing his best. Like people.

#4. Steve Trevor is a Needed Symbol in the Mortal-God Relationship

In the end, Steve’s most important narrative role is this — he’s a symbol of why humans are worth fighting for, a touchstone for Diana to come back to. Not because Steve, mortal guy she fell in love with over a week or two, is the be-all-and-end-all of her life or the only reason she doesn’t hate humans.

Let’s remember, Diana already denied Ares. He asked her to join him in ridding the planet of these meddling humans, but she “could never be a part of something like that.” That’s when Ares attacked. Sure, grief overtook her when she died, but it’s the loss of Steve and the senselessness of the violence that humans unleash on each other. She goes after the soldiers who put the bomb on that plane and made Steve make that choice. It isn’t blind rage, it’s a (demi)god’s wrath. (See this post for my take on the ending scene). Of course, she realizes she’s playing into Ares’ hand and remembers Steve’s advice. She believes him now because he made the ultimate sacrifice — and how does a mortal prove themselves to any god?. 

Now he belongs to her. She carries his words and his talisman (watch) with her. Part of her, sure, wants ice-cream and breakfasts and to know what it’s like to do what people do when there are no wars to fight. But there are wars to fight. And she’ll fight them. And when she doubts, she’ll think of the one who sacrificed himself believing with all his heart that she could save the world. Love is strength, and he lends her that after death. I get that it’s hard to see past the man-woman dynamic, but the movie is giving us a mortal-god dynamic. We just need to recognize it.

#5. Love Interests Should All Be Feminist Takes

Patty wanted Steve because (a) he’s arguably one of the most consistent things across Wonder Woman’s mythology (b) women should not be denied universal storytelling. The presence of a man does not diminish a woman, amen. Loving-and-losing is a time-tested way of bringing maturity to a character. Usually, this is called “manpain” or “fridging” — the female character is killed off to motivate a male hero. Here, it’s reversed, but Steve at least gets agency in the way he dies. This is a good example for writers who want to kill off a character but can’t think of how to do it without undermining the character. 

In general, Steve is a positive template for every superhero love interest going forward. He’s a feminist love interest because feminism isn’t flipping the script on misogyny. It’s throwing misogyny out the window and building something equal from scratch. I don’t want to watch a movie where it’s back-and-forth “he’s on top, now she’s on top,” spokes on a wheel. I want my movies to break the wheel (ha, sorry, had paraphrase the Mother of Dragons).

#6. Audiences Read More Into Male Characters Than Female

Ask yourself this: is Steve Trevor really that fleshed out? Or does he just have a penis? Sure he gets to do a bunch of stuff, but his character doesn’t change so much as respond to Diana’s evolving character. He’s clearly subordinate to her arc, so why all the hand-wringing?

I swear to Athena, anytime a female character has or is a love interest, suddenly people become blind to all her character nuances and arc and agency — if they even bothered to look in the first place. It’s honestly so frustrating. For all my complaints about the DCEU (and they are legion), it does not sideline female love interests. Lois Lane gets shit done, she’s treated with respect and makes her own decisions. Even Harley goddamn Quinn, the poster-girl for unhealthy relationships, makes small moves toward breaking out of that mold in Suicide Squad. And outside of that, CEO Pepper Potts doesn’t take shit from Tony Stark. The Wasp’s defining trait is that she’s more capable than Ant-Man. Jane Foster may be written out of Thor, but at least she’s getting a Nobel. Etc., etc.

Like, we actually are getting some meaty or at least accomplished female love interests — we need more and they need more screen time, for sure, but let’s stop dismissing female characters as “boring love interests” in favor of plumbing the depths of characterization for “male side character #1453.” That is honestly my biggest pet peeve of fandom. “It’s not our fault we don’t write meta and fic for more (especially POC) female characters! The creators don’t give us interesting ones!” As if most of the “interesting” parts of any of their exclusively (white) male faves aren’t 75% fanon. Half the reason I never jumped on the Pine/Kirk bandwagon was all the shit Uhura got dragged through because she had the audacity to be the love interest for Spock. I see you.

#7. We Got a Steve That Made Unimaginative People Uncomfortable

How many articles have been written about Steve being too “woke?” Like, there are people who believe the fact that Steve isn’t a sleazeball who learns some manners is a character flaw. Excuse me while I barf. We have to deal with that storyline all the damn time and it is so tired (*cough* Guardians of the Galaxy *cough*). In Wonder Woman (2009), Steve Trevor is a misogynistic bro who gets a tiny bit better by the end, but you’re still left wondering why the hell Diana would give him the time of day. Loving that version of Steve Trevor makes Diana look weak. The Wonder Woman (2017) version of Steve is selfless and charming. He doesn’t need to be taught that women should be respected because he already knows. You get why Diana cares, you care about him (usually), and caring for him doesn’t cost Diana or the audience anything in terms of dignity.

I don’t want a movie that makes me actively hate Steve Trevor just so Diana gets to spout some overwritten girl power catchphrases. If this were a movie where it’s all “Girl Power, She Sure Showed Him!” or even “Wonder Woman Had to Have a Weakling/Milquetoast Love Interest to Look Strong in Comparison,” then these unimaginative people would get their misogynistic/misandrist movie and feel good about how the world works. Well, screw them. 

Instead, we got Steve Trevor, Feminist Fantasy. And, yeah, it’s obnoxious hearing so much praise heaped on Pine, and it’s agonizing imagining the writers bending over backward to bring him back somehow. But for this movie, I think we got the amount of Steve Trevor we needed to make it work.

wondertrevweek day 6: free choice (so I’m doing meta)

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Heya! Love your blog to bits <3 you have quite a talent! I was just wondering if you had the time or inclination, if you could write a HC for RFA + V + Saeran finding out MC has an incurable disease. Whether it's terminal or not, up to you- but should it be I'd love to see how they'd spend their last months together. If you don't want to write it, it's cool- many thanks for taking the time to read this!!! And many thanks for your work on this blog too!!! <3

~Of course I will make it terminal because I am morbid and also you guys love the angst lololol so here goes!

{Requests Are Closed}

◉ Yoosung

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Yoosung had been so hopeful before he heard those words
  • And now he looked into his wife’s eyes
  • Your eyes
  • And he didn’t know what to say
  • He relied on being the happy one
  • The cheerful one
  • The ‘glass half-full’ husband who kept you going
  • And now he was broken
    • “It’s okay, Yoosung…” you brushed your hand on his face
  • He held it to his cheek before breaking down into a sob
  • He wished he could have been stronger for you in that moment
  • He took you home and laid you in bed
  • You were so tired…
  • And after you fell asleep he moved to the living room and called his mom in tears
    • “Mom…” he clenched his fist, “I don’t know what to do,” he sobbed quietly as to not wake you
    • “Yes, you do, honey…”
  • It was such a small thing to say
  •  But it had a huge impact on his heart
  • Yoosung sniffled and nodded, if only to himself
  • He just had to love you…
  • And be there for you
  • While he still could…
  • Then, he could deal with his emotions
  • He could be angry
  • You woke to Yoosung at your bedside
  • A smile on his face and a large plate of breakfast
    • “You don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry,” he hurried to say
    • “It looks delicious,” you really didn’t have an appetite. But you’d never let him know
  • You picked at the food
    • “We have a big day today,” Yoosung smiled
    • “What do you mean?”
  • He had been planning it all night
  • And making phone calls
  • He knew how much you had always wanted a pet
  • But you never asked, because it wasn’t really his thing
    • “Let me show you, hold on,” he got up from the bed and left for a moment
  • When he returned
  • He had a small corgi puppy in his hands
    • “YOOSUNG!” you flung up from the bed
    • “Don’t scare her!” he laughed
  • She was so tiny
    • “She was found on the streets. I’ve been nursing her back to health at the clinic and she finally has some strength back. What do you want to name her?” Yoosung held her out for you to grab
  • You held her next to your chest
    • “She’s shaking…I think I’ll call her Jello…”
    • “It’s perfect”
  • He kissed the top of your head
    • “Now get back into bed with her and rest”
  • You actually ate your food after that
  • Which Yoosung noticed
  • Your last 2 months held a lot of smiles
  • You couldn’t leave the bed much…
  • And day by day, you had grown weaker
  • But Jello lay by your side
  • Or on your chest
  • Her favorite spot
  • And Yoosung took care of you with a smile
  • Most days, all you could manage to do was walk Jello with Yoosung
  • And then
  • Even that was too much
  • When you passed away, Yoosung shrunk into himself
  • The first night alone was the hardest
  • He sobbed on the bed, clutching one of your shirts
  • Jello crept up and licked his tears
  • Yoosung laughed and stroked her fur
    • “Oh, Jello…what are we…going to do without her…” he cried

◉ Jumin

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Jumin wouldn’t hear it
  • He squeezed tighter on your hand
    • “No. There’s always something you can do. Get to work, damn it, or I’ll find someone more competent,” Jumin seethed
    • “Jumin, please…don’t do this,” you pleaded
    • “I’m not giving up on you. And neither are they.”
  • He ordered a bunch of new tests to be ran
  • Despite all of the protests from both you and the doctors
  • Until his father showed up and pulled him away to the side
    • “You’ve got to stop this, son.”
    • “I appreciate your concern, but I won’t sit back and watch her die. There has to be something they can-”
    • “Stop,” Jumin’s father cut him off and grabbed his shoulders, “Stop this. I know you’re scared and upset…But there’s nothing more that can be done. Please, take my daughter-in-law home. Make her comfortable. Don’t ruin her last days with tests and needles.”
  • Jumin’s face grew soft and he teared up
  • He cried
    • “It seems I’ve been selfish,” Jumin sighed.
  • He took you home
  • And of course took a leave of absence from work
    to be by your side at all times
  • You had round-the-clock care
  • Jumin made sure you had everything you could want
  • At night he read to you
  • He forced you to eat
  • Some days when you were really sick, he had the chefs make 10 meals if they had to, until there was something you could stomach
    • “She’s not…she can’t eat the salmon today…perhaps a nice soup would be better…”
  • He fed you when you didn’t have the strength
  • And had fresh flowers brought in every day
  • When you passed away
  • He and his father had the most elaborate funeral planned
  • Every year on the day you died, Jumin Han stays in his penthouse instead of going into work
  • He still has two plates set out for dinner
  • And he never sleeps on your side of the bed

◉ Zen

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Zen’s mind was a whirl of questions
  • You were just a little sick…?
  • How did you get here?
  • Why was this happening?
  • He broke down when he saw you crying
  • Kissed you
  • He didn’t know what to say
  • The words were caught in his throat
  • It was quiet between the two of you until you got home
  • The shock was too much
  • And as Zen cooked dinner he found himself looking through his phone at photos of you both
    • “Let’s get out of here,” he brought your plate to the table for you
    • “What do you mean?”
  • Zen sat down across from you
    • “Let’s go. Let’s experience things. I can’t…I don’t want to sit around  and…a-and…”
  • He broke down crying
  • You held his hand
    • “Okay, let’s go,” you said through your own tears
  • The next day you packed
  • He told the director what was going on and no one protested his leave
  • You clung behind him on the bike and got going
  • Riding everywhere and anywhere
  • Each stop was a new photo posted
  • Both of you smiling
  • At a park
  • Or a new restaurant
  • You sleeping in a hotel bed
  • Until you were too weak to ride anymore
  • He felt a furious tapping on his chest and pulled to the side of the road
  • You dismounted and threw off your helmet
  • Vomiting and falling to your knees
    • “Babe!” Zen ran to your side
    • “I’m sorry…I’m just not feeling so great right now…”
  • He held your hair while you puked
  • Took you to the nearest hospital
  • Where you stayed until you passed
  • Zen held your hand the whole time
  • He returned home to a living room full of gifts and flowers and chocolates
  • Sympathy balloons
    • “The landlord must have brought these in for me,” he said as he flicked on the light
  • He sifted through some of the gifts before it was too much to handle
  • It seemed so empty and small in the apartment now
  • It wasn’t until he walked by a photo of you
  • His favorite one that hung in the hallway
  • He felt a knot in his chest
  • He pulled it from the hook and ran his fingers over your face
  • And sobbed

◉ Jaehee

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Jaehee pushed her emotions to the side
  • And held you as you cried
    • “It’s going to be okay,” she whispered to you
  • She wiped your tears
  • From then on she slept in the hospital with you
  • The nurses love her
  • She wrote down everything you were feeling
  • Every day
  • All of the medicines you took and when you were scheduled to take them
  • What you ate
  • They let her bring in food and baked goods for you
  • Of course
  • She brought in treats for the nursing staff and doctors
  • The staff was sick knowing that they couldn’t do anything further to help you two
  • So they tried to make it as comfortable as possible for you and Jaehee
  • She would lay in the hospital bed with you and cuddle while watching a Zen DVD on the hospital TV
  • She loved the way you hummed along with the musical numbers
  • And she would hear it with each one, even after you passed away
  • She wore your apron when cooking
  • Left your toothbrush by the sink
  • And although you had been a closet hog with all of your clothes, she wouldn’t dare removing anything from it

◉ Saeyoung 

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • He couldn’t stop the stream of tears down his face
  • Sure, he had watched you become weaker over the last few weeks…
  • But he thought you’d make a comeback
  • That it would pass
  • He pressed his forehead onto you as you both cried and held each other
  • And he treated you like a piece of fragile glass from then on
  • He drove so slowly on the way home
  • And carried you inside before putting you in bed
  • Silently he sobbed while preparing dinner
  • But he made sure to compose himself before bringing you the food
  • He was wearing your apron
    • “The chef’s special for my extra special lady,” he placed the bowl on the bed tray for you, “be careful, it’s hot! I can blow on it for you.”
    • “Saeyoung…aren’t you going to eat?”
    • “I already ate some in the kitchen,” he lied, “okay now, open up.”
  • He stopped caring for himself
  • He was only focused on you
  • And making you smile and laugh
  • Your room was now full of small toys and robots
  • Each one doing something different
  • Saeyoung stayed up late at night while you slept and made them for you
  • It was an obsession that kept him from thinking about reality
  • And the fact that he was going to lose you
  • And although he was nothing but goofy and cheerful with you
  • One night you heard him praying at his desk when he thought you were asleep
    • “Please don’t take her from me, God…you can’t…s-she’s all that I have…I can’t do this without her,” he spoke through quick breaths and tears
  • You laid there in silence while your tears soaked your pillow
  • When you passed he closed himself off from the world again for a while
  • He found himself talking to you as much as God
  • Maybe even more
  • It comfort him to tell you about his day
  • With the thought that maybe you could hear him
  • He imagined your smiling face when he closed his eyes

◉ V

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • He held you close
  • And stroked your hair
  • He was shaking a little as he was crying
    • “I love you so much…we can get through this,” he whispered.
  • He hated that he couldn’t be the only one to take care of you
  • Since his sight was almost non-existent
  • He hired a caregiver to come to the apartment every day and help you both
  • Jumin often stopped by to check on you both as well
  • He was worried, he could tell his friend was broken
  • When you slept, V stay up late pacing and smoking to try and calm himself
  • But not for long
  • He’d crawl into bed and hold you close
  • Smell your hair
  • And feel your warm skin
  • He never wanted to forget it
  • When you were near the end
  • V never left your side for a second
  • He placed cool rags on your head
  • And held your hand in his own as you cried in pain
    • “I’m right here…don’t worry…it’s going to be okay, my love…I’m here…”
  • He broke down at the bed side when your hand went limp and there was silence
  • The caregiver pat him on the back
    • “She knows how much you loved her. You did good…”

◉ Saeran

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Saeran clenched his fists
  • This couldn’t be happening…
  • You were the one person who understood him
  • And now…
  • He struggled to understand it all
  • But he pulled himself together when he saw how afraid you were
  • He held you crying face in his hands
    • “Hey, stop that,” he almost cried, himself, “I love you…” he kissed you
  • Inside he was broken
  • But he would pull it together just for you
  • He called his brother to help
    • “Let’s get all of this…hospital-type shit out of here…I want it to be more like home for her…” he told Saeyoung
  • So you lay in bed while they rearranged and brought stuff back from your apartment
  • Your favorite blanket
  • And books
  • Saeran read to you often
  • And pestered you when you stopped eating
  • He knew it was a bad sign
  • He took a lot of photos with you
  • The first time it happened you were shocked
  • He lay up on the bed and held the phone above you both
    • “Smile,” he said.
    • “What are you doing? You hate pictures,” you laughed.
    • “Well I changed my mind, alright? Now will you please smile?”
  • He took some goofy face ones, ones where he was kissing your cheek, he was always snapping pictures of you two
  • Even when you said you looked and felt terrible
  • He always told you that you were being dumb, you looked gorgeous
  • He was out shopping for some snacks for you two when he got the call on his cell phone
  • He dropped his basket and ran
  • He was panting when he got to your hospital room
    • “You made it just in time…I think she was hanging on for you,” the nurse said to him.
  • He started to cry and ran to your side
  • Your eyes were closed
    • “I’m…so sorry,” you managed to speak
    • Shhh, don’t say that,” he kissed your lips, “you’re the love of my life…I don’t think I can make it without you,” he cried.
  • His hands were shaking and he pressed the back of your hand to his cheek
    • “I will always love you, Saeran,” you whispered.
  • He wouldn’t let them take you away for a long while
  • He laid there in silence with you
  • And after you passed, Saeyoung moved in with him for a while
  • Despite his protests, he was glad
  • And every night he flipped through the photos of you two, until he couldn’t stay awake any longer

I have a headcanon that Kanan has himself a few children from the days when he was traveling around the galaxy and having too much fun while drinking too much.

So here are very simple write ups of 3 I have from youngest to oldest.

Achaia (18), and “Star” only to her mother, is from a one time encounter after her mum offered Kanan help after finding him on the street nursing a black eye. The event later between them was logged away as “youthful fun”, though she did have hopes that one day he would return once she’d had her baby. Wanting him to be able to see their child.

Kay (21) is the son of Kanan and “The Bar Owner’s Daughter”. Though life was rough for a while, things improved once his mother became a Rebel pilot, and they were able to live on one of the ships when he was 10. It was then that he first met his father. Extra fact: His favourite food is Jogans.

Unlike Kay and Achaia, “Havoc”‘‘s (21) background is far more strained. Having lost the family she had in an Imperial attack, she dropped the name she’d been given by her family that no longer existed and used the skills she had to get what little she needed from those around her. Not shy about killing when needed, she has no loyalties to anyone. She blames the Rebel up risers for the loss of her family just as much as she blames the Empire. Her successes have been enhanced by her uncanny ability to read people when watching and interacting with them, as well as having a heightened sense of self and the environment and situations around her.

Houston BLM supporters that are going to the Saturday rally to protest in favor of removing confederate monuments.

Be careful this weekend.

White supremacist like “This Is Texas Freedom Force” have announced they will be at BLM’s protest this Saturday. White supremacist have posted videos that they will be at the event counter protesting and will be armed. These white supremacist are telling their non-combative members and supporters to stay home, because they do expect violence to occur.

They are spreading lies and trying to rally up more racists to support them. From there video they are also trying to use their so called contacts within HPD. They have reached out to the three Percenters and other militias.

This Is Texas Freedom Force and their supporters will be there, but they will not be flying their organizations banners.

They are encouraging members to show up, but don’t want their organization to be tied to the violence. I don’t see how they can do this when they are telling their members to prepare for a fight and stating some will be armed. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Once again I state white supremacist are encouraging their members to show up to this weekend’s rally and come prepared for violence.

Black Lives Matter is taking to non-violence route.

Here are some words from BLM Houston Facebook page:

Street medics (trained)
Video/streaming (in the name of BLMHOU)
Black people: We have seen what these people will and can do. We are no stranger to this racism. This is the same America. We need to be prepared.

Allies: You are just awakening to the oppressive life Black people have always endured. We are the targets. Anyone who is not white, Protestant and racist is a target. DO NOT STRIKE FIRST. Do not put any marginalized person in danger.
If there are people that can fill these needs please send us an email at

Racist people will use anything to hurt you and your rights. So be careful!!

I shouldn’t have to add this, but for those that will reblog this and ask if BLM is asking its nonwhite members to be nonviolent they have.
That is why they are saying they are going to hold a non-violent protest.

They are not trying to tear down the monument. They want to show political officials that the majority of Houston citizens want confederate images removed.

– We can read about them in history books –

Medical Ableism & the Disability Hierarchy & the Intersection of Race and Disability

So this all happened three years ago. But the memory of it just resurfaced a few days ago.

At the very start of 2014, I had to go to the hospital for days of intravenous antibiotics for sores on my feet I thought had cleared up, but had actually just gone under the surface.

Anyway, after I was well enough to be released from the hospital, I still needed to have the dressings changed several times a day, which I could not do for myself. So I was moved across the street to a nursing home / rehab facility.

Because I have Cerebral Palsy, and that’s often assumed to come with “mental retardation” [sic – the official medical term that’s still in use through inertia in some places], the first few days I was there, I pushed myself to be snarky and clever and “witty” in response to almost everything anyone said to me, just prove I wasn’t intellectually disabled.  Not because I believe being intellectually disabled is bad, but because if people assumed that about me, I knew they’d be more likely to abuse me, and disregard my needs.* Even though I felt like c~@p, and didn’t want to spend the energy.

And the thing is, this strategy worked because I have White Privilege, so my jokes were taken as jokes (even if they were ultimately unfunny). If I had had the audacity to be brown or black while also having a “Developmental Disability,” I most likely would have been labeled “Uncooperative,” even if I were doing everything I was told to do with a smile.

That’s why we need to a) dismantle the disability hierarchy, and b) recognize our privilege even while fighting our own oppression (yes, Virginia, you can be oppressed and privileged at the same time).

*(And don’t you dare say: “But you don’t know that! Not everyone’s a bigot!” Listen, Sugarlump, I grew up in the medical industrial complex, I’ve seen how doctors, nurses, and therapists treat kids they assume are I.D. all my life – they were in the beds next to mine, sitting next to me at the table in the camp dining hall, a couple feet away on another exercise mat in the therapy room.  Just because you saw one feel-good human interest story on the news/Facebook about that PT who treats her clients with respect, doesn’t mean your anecdotal evidence has more credibility than mine).

A Need - Game of Thrones

Heya can i ask 12,19 for Baelish from GoT? Romantic(if it’s even possible duh)

12. Would I ever lie to you?

19. I need you more than you need me

AN: Part of my mini-shot event. You can find the info and prompt list here

Mini-Shot requests will be taken until Midnight (MST) August 15th.

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Snap!-- John Laurens

Request!: Hi! Can I get 100 and 95 (in that order) with Laurens bc the reader got him a turtle for their anniversary or something? THANKS

Paring: John Laurens X Reader
{Guest Starring: Brother! Lafeyette}

Prompts: 95. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”,
100. “I got you a present.”

TW: None just FLUFF! FLUFF! FLUFF! So much fluff I love this!!

A/N- This is my first imagine so I’m kinda freaking out! Wish me luck!!

F/F- Favorite flavor of cake.
M/N- Middle name

Word Count: 2070


“Babe! I’m home!” You said while looking around for any sign out John. When you heard music blasting and no answer back, you quickly coaxed in the three friends you and John both shared. They all shuffled through the door with their hands full. After they all got in, you closed the door behind you with your foot, your own hands full with a box.

You heard footsteps walking towards you and all four of you panicked. Your brother, Lafayette, quickly opened the door to the coat closet, shooing Alex and Herc inside, taking the box from your hands and going in himself. You shut the door quickly.

John whipped his head towards the sound of your voice, his face gaining a wide smile. “Y/N, How long have you been standing there!”

“Long enough…” You looked at his appearance and smiled. “Merde, Laurens, you clean up good.” You laughed and leaned against the door frame. You heard a gag from inside the closet, and your cheeks flushed.

“Ready for our anniversary date tonight?” John asked you as his hair settled on the shoulders of his suit.

“Can’t wait for it.” You smiled.

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It helps me if I see myself through his eyes sometimes: PART ONE: THE BLOG

This is not a meta where I’ll be theorizing or analysing some deep buried subtext, or what Sherlock is trying to solve exactly, my point is so bring to the surface some themes that explicitly tell us that season four takes place in Sherlock’s mind, because without it, it’s impossible to solve the previous problems. Let’s say his trance/dream/EMP/whatever starts in TAB, not because I think so but because the previous seasons are irrelevant here, this is tightly focused on TAB+S4.

Okay, let’s get started. I’m going to reference TAB a lot  because it gives us all the answers. (In the next parts though, instead doing a huge meta I decided to break it into a few parts).

This here is the key to understanding why S4 is the way it is. Keep it in mind at all times when thinking about season four, as it’s just a continuation of TAB.

Sherlock Holmes 28 March 13:08 : Also, please note that sentences can also end in full stops. The exclamation mark can be overused.

Sherlock Holmes 7 November:  I see you haven’t spent the last two years working on your writing technique.

Boop! And they were fine. Here’s the answer to all the Bond/horror movie vibes and even the unfired Chekov’s gun - in Sherlock’s opinion, John is a lousy writer (although I’m sure he just teases most of the time).

More examples of John’s blog coming to life:

The Great Game:  This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Lestrade described Sherlock as a child and, in many ways, that’s what he is. = The Six Thatchers

The Great Game:  As is my sudden use of phrases like “regular readers of my blog”. It seems I’m starting to enjoy writing up my life. It helps, though, when I discover that half of Scotland Yard are reading it. = Lestrade in The Six Thatchers

The Great Game: He was an assassin known as the Golem. He killed people by squeezing the air out of their body with his bare hands!  The Golem was there and it killed her. Then, it attacked Sherlock. I don’t think I’ve actually seen him scared before. Me, I was bricking it! I’d seen horror in Afghanistan. But this man was barely human. He really was a monster! = The Lying Detective (Golem = Culverton, the hospital scene. Sherlock’s line ‘This monster must be ended’)

The Blind Banker: It was all very James Bond. = The Final Problem

Tilly Briggs Cruise of Terror: I’ve had to take this post down for a while as the ship’s owners are launching an appeal. = The Final Problem

The Geek Interpreter:  Three young men came to Baker St claiming that events in recent issues of a comic had started happening in real life.

The Geek Interpreter:  They’d been using Chris as a form of advertising. = The Lying Detective

The Aluminium Crutch: The play itself was mediocre but there was a murder! Live on stage! = The Lying Detective, Culverton

The Six Thatchers: We went to visit the people who’d been burgled and it turns out that they’d all bought one of the Thatcher figures. Nothing else had been taken during the break-ins which, again, was what Sherlock had expected to hear. We found the addresses of the people who owned the remaining two figures and contacted them. That night, I took one address and Sherlock the other.

I sat there, in the dark and waited. Then, hearing the sound of a window breaking, I hid. I watched as Beppo broke in and found the figure on the mantlepiece. I followed him outside and called Sherlock who joined me. We followed him to a bridge and watched as he smashed the figure to the ground. Something was inside it which he picked up, ready to throw in the river. Before he could, we stopped him and found that he was holding a penknife with his initials on it.

Knowing that it was all over, he confessed immediately. He and Pietro had had an argument and, in a struggle, Beppo had stabbed him. He’d seen the figures were about to go into the oven and had pushed the knife into the clay. He’d then smashed a window to make it look like there’d been a break-in. = The Six Thatchers and the greenhouse scene in The Abominable Bride

The Hounds of Baskerville: Doctor Louise Mortimer, had suggested he revisit the location of the attack in order to put old ghosts to rest […]  And so, Sherlock took the case and off we went into deepest, darkest Devon = The Final Problem

The Hounds of Baskerville:  There was one thing that had bothered Sherlock from the start and that was Henry’s use of the word ‘hound’. It was an odd word, old-fashioned. He wondered whether it was another piece of his memory trying to break through and whether it was actually an acronym he’d seen. = The Lying Detective, Faith’s one word name

The Hounds of Baskerville: I’ve ever seen him do - he made Henry look at the dog’s body. He didn’t need to, he’d solved the case but it was as if he knew that the truly important thing was showing Henry what was real and what wasn’t. = The Final Problem, Sherlock comforting Eurus/open your eyes, you’re not lost anymore

The Hounds of Baskerville:  His mind just couldn’t cope with all the conflicting information - what he remembered, what he thought he remembered, everything. = Sherlock’s flashbacks in S4

The Inexplicable Matchbox: I’m afraid I can’t say anything else about the case other than it was probably the maddest adventure we ever had. I mean, Sherlock had to dress up as a clown! Mrs Hudson was pushed out of a helicopter! And me? Well, I had to do something I never thought I’d ever do. = The Final Problem and The Lying Detective (Mrs Hudson, the car scene)

Many Happy Returns:  But then there was this DVD. It was a video of Sherlock recording a message for my birthday dinner. = Mary’s DVDs

The Empty Hearse:  And all I could hear were children! Singing and laughing like they were in a horror movie. = The Final Problem, ‘Eurus’ and Mycroft

The Empty Hearse:  It was probably Sherlock himself. Set it all up just so he could save my life so I’d forgive him about what he did. = The Lying Detective, but John saving Sherlock

Happily Ever After: That night, the three of us (Mary insisted on coming along) broke into Chris’s office searching for signs of an affair. = Mary joining them in The Six Thatchers

The Bloody Guardsman: He’d nicked a hat, disguised himself as a guard and entered the building. = The Final Problem, Sherlock entering Sherrinford

The Hollow Client:  We’d been drugged on the way in and taken to an exact replica of 221B Baker Street where a camera was projecting the suit into the chair. = all the projectors and drugs in S4, 221B is different, as well.

The Hollow Client: Jack was dressed up in the same fabric as the chair... = The Six Thatchers, car seat case

The Hollow Client:  I think he [Sherlock] preferred the idea of it being some elaborate plot involving ninjas and a complex set of mirrors. = TAB+S4

The Mayfly Man:  We’d just returned from a quiet, civilised evening in the pub when our latest client arrived at Baker Street. She was a nurse. And, apparently, she’d been out for dinner. With a ghost. […]  Sherlock went onto the website and found a number of other women he believed had met the same man.  = The Lying Detective, Sherlock and Eurus as Faith

The Mayfly Man:  They’d swapped numbers but, when he hadn’t got in touch, she’d gone to his flat to see if he was okay. And it turns out, he wasn’t. Because according to his landlord, the guy who’d been in the flat had died over a week before. = The Six Thatchers, kid in the car dead for a week

The Mayfly Man: He’d found single recently-deceased men who had lived alone - and he’d taken the women back to their homes. = The Lying Detective, Eurus as John’s therapist

The Mayfly Man: Sherlock Holmes can really miss the bloody obvious. I pointed out that it was just a tiny bit possible that possibly there was a man out there who just, possibly, maybe wanted a few one-night stands. = John texting Eurus