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Magic Kingdom by Ryan

“Cinderella’s Castle” Elmer Plummer, 1967

It’s always a pleasure to imagine what could-have-been in the theme park world, and today’s piece is a fun look at how Magic Kingdom’s crowning icon could have turned out a bit differently. This concept from artist Elmer Plummer features a Cinderella’s Castle that sports a chunkier build and more towers, certainly more along the lines of the castle seen in the 1950 animated film. Also of note: the grander second floor entrance, flanked on either side by sweeping staircases. However, the art also shows clear early views of the final version, with the tallest tower and, of course, the clock.

Art ©️Disney


Main Street USA by DreGGs


Disney continues to learn that trash can merch is a good thing. Oddly, that means they are selling hand sanitizer with a Disneyland trash can image on one side, while WDW’s Cinderella Castle sits on the other. I don’t blame them.

Would you really buy something with WDW’s unthemed cans on them?

Didn’t think so.

// Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Main Street, U.S.A., Emporium, 2017

[Source: Gary Lindros . Used by permission.]


If you could change your fate, would you? by Jordan Hall

Main Street Hotel” Dorothea Redmond, 1968

Early on in development of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Imagineers were exploring the idea of having an in-park hotel for guests to stay at. The Main Street Hotel was planned to be a luxury Victorian hotel where guests could stay overnight at rooms above the shops of Main Street U.S.A. Considering that so much after-hours maintenance, cleaning, and more occurs every night, the logistical complexities proved too much to allow this concept to come to fruition. However, when Tokyo DisneySea was built in 2001, it featured Disney’s first, (and as of 2017, only) in-park hotel, which borders the entry land of Mediterranean Harbor.

Art ©️ Disney


Main Street USA by Jordan Hall


Pumpkin Street, U.S.A by Trevor Aydelotte