street light

“Unwelcoming Invitation”

I’ve passed this barn many times now, and I always wonder what it looks like inside. From what I can see in the windows, it looks like some kind of thrift store, or maybe a storage place for a thrift store.
It’s much creepier looking at night, and this night was foggy, which we all know is a key ingredient of any good horror film.
I think this was the first time I saw the fence open, and since it no longer obstructed the view of the barn, I decided to get it in frame as well. (it also brings the creep factor up a notch, with bonus points for the barbed wire)

“Light vs Dark, Hot vs Cold”

I drove down to the point to get some photos of the fog, and once I saw this street light and the shadows cast from the tree branches, I decided to add some more light by pulling my car up to the trees, just behind the little hill they’re on. It helped balance out the scene and added a complementary colour. (and this happens to be my favorite pair of complementary colours, which is why you’ll find them in most of my drawings and paintings, perhaps you’ll see them more in my photography, at least in light painting type shots where I have that kind of control)