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How Fighting Game Characters Play Fighting Games


Super Famicom (and Famicom) Collection as of April 22, 2015

This was the second system I picked up while living in Kyoto. I remember biking to the countryside after work that morning to pick up my Super Famicom. During my hour bike ride home, the rain started to come down something furious and made the trip quite memorable. Luckily I had planned ahead that day and brought a cardboard box along with extra plastic bags and such to protect it while it was strapped to the back of my bike. That day I also picked up the Lethal Enforcers set (which I have talked about before) F-Zero and Gradius 3, which was all strapped to my back. Not a bad way to start a collection…and I’d only spent 68 USD to get everything boxed and complete. Not bad at all.

A lot of the titles I picked up afterwards ranged from only a few yen to a couple hundred yen (50 cents - 2 USD). I decided to go only boxed games for the system just due to the prices I found in the country side over there. It just so happens that no one bought Super Famicom titles at that particular Hard-Off so everything SF was a hundred yen (or 1 USD)…boxed or I went boxed and strayed from loose carts to restrain from over spending.

Also included above is my small Famicom collection that consists of 2 games. That collection is too small to get its own update for now so I just decided to include it here. Thanks for looking!

More Super Famicom』

I am about to start re-taking the pictures for the games above!

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Stagno thinks the more involved one gets in fighting for animals, the farther away one feels from the rest of society. “When you travel the aisles of the supermarket, you don’t see ‘food,’ you see the end product of factory farming and slaughterhouses. When everyone else is cooing over a box of kittens that a co-worker brings to work, you see the millions dying on the streets or receiving lethal injections of sodium pentobarbital in the shelters.” She says it’s as if you’ve acquired a kind of “x-ray vision.”
—  eternal treblinka - charles patterson

Racer X - Street Lethal (1986)