street in an italian village

The Girls guide to hanging out with your ex:

Get a fabulous red gown. According to locations director Suk Yi Mar, Amarcord is the vintage boutique that Charlie takes Marnie to in “The Panic in Central Park.” It also happens to be a shop that costume designer Jenn Rogien frequents to source many of the girls’ outfits on the show.

Bring “Brooklyn edge” to a glamorous event. Charlie and Marnie head to a party at The Plaza, where Marnie is able to swindle a guest into giving her $600.

Italian food. Period. Marn chose the “old school Italian” spot John’s on 12th street in the East Village for Charlie and Marnie’s feast.

Go for a Central Park swim. No New York City park would actually allow Christopher Abbott (Charlie) or Allison Williams (Marnie) to dive into any body of water, so the underwater shots were captured in a pool.—Eleanor Laurence