street hunting

(Updated Version)Well, if you ever wondered what the other half of this Famous Photo from the Muppet Shows Season One looked like, Now you know. I found the other half and even though it was an entire different shot, still managed to make it look good enough. I find myself having to do this to alot of Photos, People should never cut Pictures in half.

I've cleansed my tumblr

I deleted my two NSFW blogs and started a new one (that currently has no content, but in due time), I was following about 1,500 blogs and now follow less than 100 in attempt to clear my dash of all the negativity and problematic content.

So now I’m looking for new blogs to follow if anyone can suggest some! Every blog I follow must be trans and all over queer friendly.
What I’m interested in:

• witchcraft (mainly garden and kitchen)
• Otayuri
• Klance
• study blogs
• aesthetic blogs (cool/soft colors)
• raccoons
• street goth
• bones
• art tips
• cosplay tips
• pluviophile blogs
• landscape photography
• house hunting blogs(I’m not sure if they’re actually called something but I enjoy them)


Context: So we took a trip to the town because the DM didn’t have anything planned that night, long story short we ended up in the bazaar and we also happen to be doing the session in the middle of Dennys. Player 1’s big bipedal Hyena character has a creepy thing for mine, the human solider, and during this all I have been forcing myself to learn the art of Leroy Jenkins..

DM: Okay so this poor kid looks at his father, setting the helmet down-running. 

Player 1: I have a chase instinct, I chase down the kid!

DM: Okay you two, you turn the corner to the bazaar and you witness this kid just booking it toward you for some reason-then (Player 1) appears, flying over a stall, doing a barrel roll across the street and full on hunting this kid down. 

Player 2 (Me): Uhhhh….I have to preserve the human race, gotta stop them, I have to save this kid. I UH…

Player 3 (The Alien): What the fudge 


Player 3: Cringing I am cringing and not looking. No. 

DM: Player 3, you question why she’s taking her clothes off. It’s not bath day. 

*Insert 5-10 minute break to their catch breath for entire group who is dying at this point*

DM: *Sighing with great reluctance, questioning me, pointing at me, hoping to god the rest of the restaurant hasn’t heard this, triple checks this is what I want to do* Okay..So this is what happens. As you pull up your..You.. this kid gets the first inkling of puberty, and runs straight in to a door open on the street. Smack, he’s on the ground and Player 1 isn’t stopping.. Player 1, as you’re running on the hunt with blood lust, and you happen to glance over and see this run straight through the door. Boom, it bursts in to splinters and you have a bloody nose for other reasons. 

Player 2: Oh no, he got run over!

The DM didn’t appreciate that I inquired if the my character’s rack was worthy enough either. 

| Margot Robbie Gif Pack |

Underneath the cut you’ll find #202 gifs of Margot Robbie as Naomi in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, all of which were made by me. Feel free to use these in crackships, edit for gif icons, for roleplaying purposes, etc. Unless you use them in a rp conversation, please credit me if you end up editing or reposting them! I worked very hard on these so please respect what I made.

PS: If you know this movie at all then you know it’s very very VERY NSFW so be warned

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