street glider

Tears of Joy

Request: Leaving Charming because you’re pregnant and you don’t think Happy wants the baby.

Pairing: HappyxReader

Warning: None

   You stared at Tara in shock as she said the two words you were praying you wouldn’t hear during this doctor’s visit.
   “(y/n), you’re pregnant.’ she said with a smile on her face.
   Your jaw dropped open and you started to panic.
   “No Tara, you have to be wrong. I can’t be pregnant.” you said staring at her with wide eyes.
   She handed you the pregnancy test and the expression melted off of her face as she saw your reaction.
   “(y/n), what’s wrong?” she asked placing a hand on your shoulder.
   You stared down at the pregnancy  test and you found yourself mumbling “He won’t want this.”
   “Who won’t want what (y/n)?” she asked seeming a bit frightened.
   By now you had passed being in shock and you were scared shitless.
   “Happy, he won’t want this baby.” you said starting to panic.
   She opened her mouth to say something but you fled the room, running through the halls until you got to your car.
   You got in and slammed the door, starting it and flooring out of the parking lot.
   You were shaking so hard that you could barely drive straight and tears were blurring this vision so you pulled over in front of the park downtown.
   Happy called you his Old Lady, yes, and he  loved you, but he wasn’t the type of guy to want a baby. You always wanted kids but you knew Happy didn’t and you accepted that until now.
   You couldn’t explain it but you already had a feeling of love and protectiveness for something that barely existed yet.
   That was when you knew that you had to leave, if you chose to stay then things would only get messy and awkward and that was the last thing you wanted.
   You wiped your tears and turned the car back on before heading to your’s and Happy’s shared house.
   When you got there you doubled checked that Happy wasn’t home before you went into the bedroom and grabbed your duffel, stuffing clothes and toiletries into it before zipping it closed.
   You took a moment to look around and observe what you were leaving behind.
   You stared at the bed, smiling sadly, remembering all of the late night talks you’d had with Happy and all of the sweet nothings he’d whispered in your ear.
   Everyone saw Happy as this big scary guy who rarely showed emotion, but when he was with you he was different. He laughed and smiled and joked and was the best Old Man you could ever ask for.
   It was killing you inside to do this but you knew it was the right thing to do so you zipped up your duffel and put your kutt on the bed before you walked out of the house.
   You didn’t know where you were going so you  just drove until it got dark and stopped at a motel about 30 minutes outside of Charming so that you could rest and try and figure out what  you were going to do.
   Happy’s p.o.v
   After what I considered was the world’s worst day, all I wanted to do was see (y/n) and ask her how her doctor’s appointment went.
   I’d been pretty damn worried about her because she’d been throwing up all week and was having a lot of aches and pains.
   Considering how stubborn she was, it was a miracle that I had gotten her to  the doctor’s in the first place.
   I walked into the house and flopped down on the couch, my aching muscles finally having a chance to relax.
   I kept waiting for (y/n) to come in and kiss me but after a few minutes I noticed that the house was silent.
   I got up and walked through the house, checking every room for any sign of her.

I was just about to give up and go looking for her when I noticed her kutt laying on the bed.
   My heart stopped as I ran in and picked it up off of the bed. I looked around the room for any other sign of her and that was when I noticed half of the closet was empty and all of her stuff off of the dresser was gone.
   I ran out of the house trying to call her phone but having it go straight to voicemail. After the 3rd time of it going to voicemail I threw it back in my pocket and got on my bike, heading for Jax’s house.
   When I got there he was out in the driveway talking to Tara.
   I pulled into the driveway and got off of the bike before running over to Jax.
   “Man, it’s (y/n), all of her shit is gone from the house and she’s not answering her phone.” I said, noticing an exchange of looks between Jax and Tara.
   “Happy, there’s something Tara needs to tell you.” Jax said not meeting my eye.
   I looks towards Tara for enlightenment, wondering what this had to do with (y/n).
   “Happy, (y/n) came to the hospital today, as you know, and as a precaution I gave her a pregnancy test. The test came back positive and when I told her she said the you wouldn’t want the baby and then she ran out of the hospital before I could talk to her.” she told me.    
   My eyes widened.
   “(y/n) is pregnant and she doesn’t think I want it?” I asked exasperated.
   Tara nodded her head before Jax spoke.
   “Hap, I think that’s maybe why she left.” Jax said, looking at me with pity.
   I shook my head angrily.
   “Jax, man we gotta find her. I want this baby and I want her. We need to get to her before she’s out of here for good.” I said in a pleading tone.
   Jax must’ve noticed the panic in my voice because he kissed Tara goodbye and told me he was going to run into the house to grab his phone and call Juice to see if he could track her before we went to the clubhouse.
   I went and got on my bike and waited for Jax to come out.
   When he finally came out  he gave me a nod indicating that Juice was on the task, so we set out towards the clubhouse. Finding my pregnant Old Lady was now the only thing on my mind.
   Normal p.o.v (2 days later)
   It had been two days since I left Charming and I was still in the same shitty motel. I had tried calling every family member to see if I could stay with them but I had severed a lot of ties when I had joined the Sons and that was now coming back to haunt me.
   I knew the club was looking for me by now and Happy kept calling me but I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone and face the music.
   My biggest fear was that I  would pick up one of his calls only to hear him say that I had forgotten some of the things at the house that I needed to come get and that he didn’t want this baby.
   I had gotten around and was getting ready to go out and get food when I heard the sound of the oh so familiar Dyna Street Gliders that I had ridden just 3 days ago.
   My eyes widened and I looked out the window to see the whole crew sitting on their bikes in front of my car.
   ‘Shit! They know i’m here.’ you thought as Happy got off of his bike and walked into the main office.
   Oh Happy, how you had missed him over the past few days. He looked worn out and thin when  he got off of his bike and you couldn’t help but feel bad.

   You heard voices growing closer to your door so you booked it to the bathroom and shut the door, hoping that they would pass by when they thought the room was empty.
   You wishes were not granted however, when  you heard the main door open and the voices of Happy, Tig , and Chibs filled the room.
   It was at this point that you decided that you were tired of hiding.
   You opened the door and walked out in the main room only to be met with the backs of all 3 men.
   You took a deep breath and cleared your throat.
   All of them snapped around and their eyes widened when they landed on you.
   “Hi” you squeaked out.
   You saw Happy step forward and you expected him to start yelling but instead he pulled you into a deep kiss.
   You were so shocked that it took you a minute to start kissing back.
   When you two pulled away from each other Happy turned around and asked the boys for a minute alone.
   Tig and Chibs nodded at him and shot a smile your way before they exited the room, closing the door.
   Happy took a seat on the bed and pulled you down with him before speaking.
   “(y/n) I know about the baby.” he said in a soft tone.
   You nodded your head and felt the tears gathering in your eyes, you knew what was coming next.
   He softly grabbed your chin and pulled your head to look at him.
   “I want this baby.” he said, never breaking eye contact.
   Your mouth  opened and closed in shock.
   “B-but you said you don’t want kids.” you said still in shock.
   “I said that before I knew how exciting it was to have the woman I love be carrying my baby.” he said smiling at you and placing a hand on your cheek.
   You were so relieved that you started crying.
   “No baby, don’t cry.” he chuckled, pulling you into a hug.
   You pulled away and gave him a watery smile.
   “They’re tears of joy.” you said leaning up and giving him a kiss.
   “I’m just glad to have you back.” he said placing a light kiss on your forehead.
   “I’m glad to be back baby.” you told him, now so excited to be going through this pregnancy with you wonderful Old Man Happy.