street gazing

It won’t hit you until the morning after, when you wake up without them next to you.
It won’t hit you until you’re out with your friends and their name won’t be mentioned even once.
It won’t hit you until it’s three a.m. and you’ve checked your phone’s messages multiple times but nothing is there.
It won’t hit you until you’re at the supermarket and you’ll have nobody to double check what you need with.
It won’t hit you until you’ve got the greatest news and you can’t tell the person you’d always tell first.
It won’t hit you until you’re watching a movie that you’d usually watch with them, and when that scene where the both of you died of laughter plays, you find yourself sitting in silence.
It won’t hit you until you see a couple across the street gazing into each other’s eyes when you’ll miss the familiarity.
It won’t hit you until you’re drunk and lonely, when you’ll miss being held.
It won’t hit you until you’re finally at your best, but they’re not there.

It will hit you then, that you’re doing okay.
That your heart is still beating,
that you can survive without the help of anybody.
That you can be happy on your own,
that when you thought you’d be sad over it forever, you were wrong.
When that happens,
I want you to know
that without you,
their life wouldn’t have been the same
and sometimes they feel lost without you too.

—  Lovers often after they become strangers
. The Game of Life . 8

Full Summary: “You’re new here, so I’ll explain the rules once.  Winners get one lash, losers die.  It’s quite simple.  The last one standing gets no lash.  We do one game a day here and you live as long as you can stand it.  If you somehow miraculously try to get away, I kill you.  It’s quite simple really.”

Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: This really isn’t a fic for sensitive readers.  Mentions of suicide, descriptive gore, the likes.  It’s rated M, my friends.

Gajeel paced up and down the streets, his gaze darting this way and that. He’d been keeping a close eye out for anything from the second that Natsu had gone hours before. His crimson eyes swept the street as he paced through the shadows. He tripped for a moment over something he didn’t see in the dusky light as he crossed the street, swearing wildly under his breath as he did.

Suspecting it to be a stray pet that had slunk off, Gajeel continued up the street. He grumbled, muttering to himself.

He headed over a bridge that crossed the canal, fully intending to continue down the street, simply watching. He couldn’t’ do much else, he supposed. He had to wait for something to happen despite the fact that it wasn’t good if something occurred.

Too busy muttering to himself, Gajeel nearly didn’t hear the soft clattering of something striking cobbled streets.

His head snapped around. His eyes flashed, his gaze darting around as he retraced his steps. Aware of just who their killer was - a nullification mage who was somewhat powerful - Gajeel focused all of his senses on figuring out what the sound had been.

An idea struck him. Natsu had done some kind of little…breath before he’d figured out that the area was where they women were coming from.

So, Gajeel reluctantly forced himself to relax, closing his eyes, tuning everything out. He took a deep breath, sighing heavily, and then slowly opened his eyes.

A shadow in the corner of his eye, a figure silhouetted in the moonlight, knelt over a smaller still one.

Something akin to a roar left his lips as he barreled towards them. The man’s head snapped up and he swore under his breath, shooting to his feet and darting away. Gajeel moved to give chase, taking note of what he could see in the light of the moon and dusk. A thin but toned body, more than likely, styled hair and a low husky voice.

A choked gasp brought him to a stuttering halt.

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Family (Jacob Frye)

*Warning: Very Lengthy! 3144 words. Lengthy…*

London’s usual gray blanket of clouds were replaced with a soothing baby blue sky and the sun’s warm rays gracing your skin. The gentle breeze ruffled your dark admiral gray skirt of your fitted dress. The smell of iron and coal was heavy in the air, making your nose scrunch up in displeasure, yet some part of you did not mind the smell as it was a usual occurrence around the city of London. Your (H/T) (H/C) hair became slightly disheveled as you continued your mid day walk through the crowded, busy streets of London. The throngs of people seemed to be endless as you and Evie, your sister-in-law and close friend, made your way to Henry’s bookshop. It had felt good to leave that fast paced train for once and get some air.

Evie stood near to your side, watching people carefully go around you as you waddled through the streets. Her piercing blue gaze drifting to your bulging abdomen every five minutes, silently checking your bump for any physical damage. You cradled your bump as men, women, and urchins gave you small smiles; your instinct was to return the kind gesture.

“(Y/N), you do not look the slightest bit comfortable. I can fetch us a carriage and when we get to Henry’s bookshop, you can rest inside it while I talk with Henry,” Her hands took a soft grip on your forearm, making you stop walking, “I promise that the conversation will not last long and I can soon get you back on the train to get some more rest, if you would like.” Her voice was filled with concern as she eyed you up and down.

Your feet were swollen and your lower back ached from the constant pressure on your small feet, but you continued to walking. The gentle breeze suddenly started to chill your clothed skin; it only added to what the baby was contributing too. Just a couple minutes ago, you were basking in the warm sunlight, now your whole body was cold to the touch, all because of your baby. You would not admit it out loud, but fetching a carriage sounded delightful, but you barely got use your feet anymore since you had found out you were pregnant due to Jacob’s protective orders.

“Oh Evie, that is very kind of you, but Jacob has me resting way too much and this walk is giving me the fresh air I need. Henry’s bookshop is only a couple more blocks north of here, I think I can survive until then.” You caressed your bump through your clothing as you gave her a gentle smile.

“I am slightly cold. I do not know how you are fairing with this gentle breeze, but may I possibly borrow your coat? This child is turning my body temperature.” She gave you a big grin and quickly took off her long coat and draped on your shoulders. It was warm and her scent of flowers surrounded you. “Thank you”

“You are welcome. Jacob will murder me if he was to hear that you and your child are not being treated kindly,” She let out a slight chuckle as she started to move, “I can tell you that Jacob’s brashness lessened and he has become more meek ever since you had told him that you are expecting his child. I can not tell if it will become a curse or a blessing.” Evie spoke her true thoughts about you and Jacob expecting your first child together.

“Jacob has become more meek, I can not argue that, but it must certainly benefit you both when it comes to more cautious missions. He has expressed his fears of becoming a father to me and I can understand them completely; they are no different than my fears of becoming a mother. He has told me that he wants to give our child every little thing in the world that he never had.” Your voice grew quiet as you felt slight pressure on the crown of your belly, making you stop.

“What is wrong? Is it the baby? Are you alright?” Evie’s blue eyes grew wide as you rubbed the area.

“The baby was just moving around to get comfortable. The space inside is no doubtingly getting smaller and It should be any day that we will get to meet them,” You smiled as you started to walk again, “Just curious, Where is Jacob? I thought he would be accompanying us?” You pulled the coat tighter against your frame, trying to capture any heat radiating off your body.

“He will meet us at the bookshop with Henry, from what i have been told they had some other important matters to attend to. They might be waiting for us.” She smiled at you as you returned it.

“You Know, I have never thought much of it at first but do you and Jacob have some names picked out?” Evie was curious to see how you and Jacob would name your first child.

“Well now that you brought it up, we did decide on a selective group of names for both parties. I wanted to use your name if you do not mind. I think your name is so beautiful. For the boy’s name, we decided it would be Daniel, but it might change due to my undeceive mind.” You shrugged your shoulders as you looked at Evie with a grin.

“Of course you can use my name! I thought I was going to have to convince you with chocolates and trips to the theater. I also adore the name Daniel, how did you come up with that one?” She questioned as you both turned the corner.

“Well I had this friend - ” A single gunshot rang through your ears and pain erupted throughout your baby bump. Your hand quickly ran over the area; your hands felt warm and sticky as you saw your crimson blood cover your small hands. People nearby screamed with terror as the fled from the scene while other stayed in their spot due to shock. You became unbalanced and you legs had given out under you; Evie caught you just in time before you made impact of the cobble stone street. She quickly laid you out with your head placed gently in her lap as you cradled your bleeding bump.

You saw the culprit. He was younger man, maybe in his late twenties, standing a couple feet in front of you with a sliver revolver in his left hand. He wore blighter’s colors and bore the Templar insignia on a band on his right arm. His dull gray eyes made contact with your pain-stricken (E/C) eyes and terror was evident in both of your eyes. He dropped his revolver and slowly back away in fear as he had realized what he had done.

“I-I thought it was the assassin. I-I did not mean to.” He stared at the two of you on the wet, cold stone street and right before he was going to run for his life, Evie quickly took it from him with one quick flick of her wrist; The man had collapsed backwards into a small puddle, motionless. She let out a fretful cry as she turned her attention back to you. You let out your first cry of pain.

“Eve - Evie. Help… Help me…” You rasped out as you did your best to apply pressure to your wound and stop the blood from flowing out. Your body grew stiff as you felt your baby’s rapid movements inside you; it only added to the physical pain your were experiencing at the moment.

“(Y/N), you are going to be alright, you hear me? Just hand in there for me and Jacob, okay? Tell me more about what you think about your baby.” She applied pressure to your belly, but blood kept oozing from it. You could hear her heart thumping in her chest as she slightly leaned over you. You were trying your best to keep calm, but nothing was working.

“Well I-I can picture Jacob playing wi-with our baby - I think it will be a girl, but Jacob hopes for a boy - wearing his top hat. Oh I just know J-Jacob will be a great father, despite his fears… Oh lord!” You grabbed Evie’s forearms and squeezed as hard as you could, you just wanted to get rid of the pain you were feeling. Evie’s eyes met yours and she momentarily froze. You wanted your baby to be okay and if that means that you would have to die, then so be it.

“Please (Y/N), just hold still. Try not to move as much.” She looked down at your face and then at her bloodied hands on your bump. Your blood stained her hands and your dress. Evie looked into the small crowd that had formed around the two of you. She spotted to urchins and called them over quickly.

“You boy, run to a bookshop at least three blocks north from here and look for two men: Jacob Frye and Henry Green. You are to deliver the news of his wife and child and bring them here immediately,” She quickly ushered him away and turned to the girl that stood quietly, “I need you to help me keep her calm.” Evie hugged your upper body closer to hers.

“(Y/N), Jacob is soon going to be here, do not worry.”

“My baby, Evie, My baby!”

“I know (Y/N), I know.”

“(Y/N) is your name, am i right miss?” The urchin girl spoke up as she studied your facial expressions. She scanned your belly seeing your deep crimson blood being soaked up in the fabric of your dress and Evie’s coat.

“Yes… that is my name. Wh-what is yours, child?” You tried your best to mask your pain with a half-hearted smile.

“Audrey. I must say that your name is quiet pretty.” She grabbed your bloody hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Thank you.” You groaned out as you were beginning to feel tired. Your vision was fading black at the edges as you did your best to fight it.

“(Y/N), please stay with us. What are you planning on naming your child? I am sure it is a fancy name.” The urchin girl stared up at Evie with a worried expression. Evie looked down to see your eyes barely open.

“I am… I am trying… Jacob… Tell him…” You did your best to stay awake, but you couldn’t. You didn’t find the strength to finish your sentence before everything went black. ________________________________________________

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”

You did what the voice asked and you squeezed as hard as you possibly could. Pain lingered on your abdomen, but it wasn’t as severe as it was when you were shot. Your body ached all over and was cold to the touch, but that was from the blood loss. Blankets covered your body to keep you warm. You fluttered your eyes open to see Jacob’s hazel irises staring right at you.

“(Y/N).” His voice was raspy and his eyes were slightly puffy. His top hat sat on the window sill, leaving his deep brown disheveled in the natural light. His big paw-like hand engulfed yours and had a firm grip on it. A gentle smile replaced his frown when he caught a glimpse of your eyes.

“Jacob?” Your voice was hoarse, it was painful to speak. Your mouth dropped open. Jacob’s smile grew as your face stood like that.

“(Y/N), love, please close your mouth. We both don’t want your beautiful face to stay like that, do we?” He chuckled as you closed your mouth and smiled at him. You could tell he had been crying, that was something he never really did. You took your hand to rest it on your stomach, but as you went to rest it, it only felt air. Your eyes looked at your once bulging belly to see it flat with a little hump in it’s place. Worry and fear began to run through your body.

“Our baby. Jacob, d-did our baby make it? Where is our baby?” Your wide eyes scanned the room for any type of proof that your baby made it, but there wasn’t a trace. Jacob’s smile slightly faded and tears formed in his eyes. Your pain faded as your instinct to look for your child made you stronger; you threw the blankets off of your legs and sat up, ignoring the increased pain in your abdomen. Your eyes turned back to Jacob’s as you saw him shed a couple of tears.

“Jacob… o-our baby…” You began to sob and Jacob quickly took you into his warm embrace. His smell of stale alcohol and leather comforted you, but not enough to make you find peace. You buried your face into the crook of his neck, balling up the fabric of his long coat in your fists.

“She’s fine. (Y/N), we have ourselves a baby girl.” He pulled away to look you in the eyes. His smiled returned and a steady stream of tears trailed from his eyes. You smiled through your tears and punched him in the arm.

“That was for not telling me right away! Where is she?” You looked around the room once more - nothing. “Evie and Henry have her. Let me bring them in here.” Jacob rose from his chair and left the room and soon returned with a peach colored blanket in his arms and Evie and Henry trailed behind him.

Your whole body froze as you watched Jacob cradle the little babe in his arms. He gently rocked her back and forth - he looked like a pure natural father to you. A big goofy grin graced his lips as he held out his pinky finger for her to grab. A little chubby hand reached out from the blanket and latched onto his finger. A smile formed on your lips as you turned to Henry and Evie.

“Evie, its nice to see you again. Come here.” You motioned her over and she quickly came to your side, greeting you in a warm tight hug. “Henry, nice to see you too.” You gave Henry the same treatment as you gave Evie.

“Oh, (Y/N), thank god you are alright. I told you were going to be alright.” She smiled at you and rubbed your shoulder.

“May I ask, what exactly happened. An urchin told me that something terrible happened to you.” Jacob spoke slightly above a whisper while he rocked his baby to sleep.

“A bloody Blighter came to kill me and shot (Y/N) thinking it was me. He must have gotten thrown off by my coat. She was wearing it because she was cold.” Evie explained, getting a little angry at herself as she thought more about it.

“Well, what happened to me? And that little urchin girl, Audrey?” You looked between Evie and Jacob, Jacob was half aware of the conversation at hand, he was too busy being marveled at his daughter’s beauty, but he answered,

“Me and Henry reached you and you were unconscious and bleeding out. Me and Henry carried you to a carriage and got you to the nearest doctor. We saved the baby first and closed you up just in time. The doctor said it was a miracle you both survived. That happened two days ago.” He stared at Evie then adverted his gaze to you.

“I was out for two days?” You questioned them as they only nodded in response. You let out a heavy sigh and turned your gaze to the little babe in Jacob’s arms.

“Can I hold her?” You asked shyly as Jacob looked up at you. He looked down at the girl and them back at you. It looked as if he was hesitant to give her up.

“You most certainly can.” He walked over and placed her gently in your arms. You adjusted your arms so that she molded right into them.

Your eyes scanned over her the little babe’s features. Her hair was dark just like Jacob’s; as you looked more closely, you saw more of Jacob than yourself. The only thing that your baby had inherited from you was your pink plump lips and long black eyelashes.

“She looks just like you, Jacob,” Your voice was hushed, “She got her father’s handsome looks.” A smile found its way to your lips as you looked at everyone.

“I know, that’s why she is astonishing; she has my good looks that no one can deny,” He looked down at you, “Don’t frown, love, She does have your breath-taking eyes and long eyelashes, and i shouldn’t forget your plump lips.” His whole demeanor had changed. He looked so upset, but when he saw you hold your daughter, he felt complete.

“I know she will have admirers. I fell prey to your looks as well, but i also fell prey to your rantipole antics, as well.” The baby stirred in her sleep, but never opened up her eyes.

“She’s beautiful.” Tears formed in your (E/C) eyes as you placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“What are we going to name her?” Jacob sat in the chair next to your bed, waiting for your answer.

“Audrey. That’s her name, Audrey Frye.” You turned to Jacob and motioned for him to lean in. You meet Jacob’s lips with your own; it was tender and sweet.

“Evie, Henry, come here. We are all family here.” You spoke to them as the quietly approached you and Jacob. The hugged each other and came down to hug you and Jacob.

“We are family, nothing will ever change us.” Evie spoke as everyone came closer to one another.

You couldn’t believe that these people who surrounded you were in your life to stay and they care for you, and for that you were entirely grateful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am sorry about the length if you read it all! I am also sorry about the lack of updates. I have been swamped with lots of homework, family issues, and massive writers block! I haven’t played Syndicate yet, i don’t even own a PS4. I am also still on the beginning of 3 so I am blindly following what i have observed. I don’t want to spoil the games for myself more than i already have. I promise that i will do my best to at least get 3 updates in a month, just until my writers block actually lets me but something down on paper that i like. I wrote this one right after thanksgiving too! I am not really proud of this work as i am of my others, but feel free to leave comments about what you think of my work. Please no negative comments, i am already my own worst enemy at the moment.

Sagittarius is a free spirited soul that longs for adventure and freedom. They gaze at the blue sky and daydream of strolling down rainy streets in England, or staring in awe at the Pyramids of Giza. They never truly feel at home and must travel, whether through mind or body, to find out that they are truly at home within themselves no matter where their feet take them. Sagittarius are philosophical thinkers and love to pose questions and debate interesting and out-there subjects. They are the teachers of the zodiac and love to share their knowledge with others. Sagittarius always has an itch to go on random adventures, big or small. They have a restless nature and a restless mind. They love to learn as much as they love to travel. They are friendly and optimistic people that can have a rather blunt way of talking, which can rub people the wrong way. They are full of inner wisdom and may seem serious even through their extremely playful personality. Sagittarius loves to laugh and play games. They are very social people and can be big spenders. They like to live life while they are able to enjoy it. Life is one big adventure to a Sagittarius and they plan on experiencing it fully. They can be impulsive and opinionated at times yet through all of their fire lies a peaceful calm, at least in a more evolved, wiser Sagittarian. A Sagittarius wishes that everyone could get along and just enjoy life. They don’t like drama or negativity. They want a partner that can give them the space and freedom that they crave. Someone who can join them in adventures would be ideal. Sagittarius needs a fellow explorer, both physically and mentally. They are fun and loyal friends that like to party and things are usually never dull or boring around a Sagittarius. They can add life or fun to any situation. They are the wanderers of the soul, spirit, and physical plane. 

“Not all those who wander are lost.” - J.R.R. Tolkien

DATE: January 25, 2017

LOCATION: The Castelvecchio Bridge

TIME: 2:45 AM

  If one were to take a walk on the bridge, one might think gaily of the serenity of their settings – the stars kissing the dark dome of the sky, a romantic detail often missed because of the warm, yellow light that engulfed Verona at this hour. A person would coo over the chill that made their breath puff in the air, they would sigh over the sound of their shoes clipping against the aged cobblestone streets. Their gaze would linger on the scenes that played out in the windows. Looking to the left, one would see the darkness of a bar set to close, the tender wearily wiping away the assortment of liquors that no doubt stained the counter-top as she made shy conversation with the woman who gazed at her, their fingers glancing upon each other occasionally. When looking right, one would find a baker and her husband, eyes red and movements bumbling, getting ready to make the embellishments of an opulent wedding cake fit for a queen. It is difficult not to be swept away by the romance of Verona, its beauty and its brilliant wonder that calls all lovers like a lark to its mate.

  Just as it is difficult not to be swept away by the blood that runs through its streets.

  A wayfarer going through Verona would not notice the man on the bridge who wears no coat, no jacket. No, all he wears is a dress shirt and black pants, both so fine in threading that one could make no mistake that it was made for a king. He certainly looked the part too, what with his gold-plated cufflinks, embellished with rubies glinted so brightly one might have thought them for drops of blood, and his golden ring that gleamed with the crest revered by all in the western city. The cold may bite at his skin; the fog may kiss it, but he does not seem to notice with his gaze that looks eastward across the river, calculating and covetous in the way that he stares. A romantic would think that he was a scorned lover, the city being the object of his affections. What else would such a man be doing at the ungodly hours of the night, but concocting a plan that would surely win his lover’s adoration? But the city had been scourged of such romantics mere weeks ago by the hand of none other than the jacketless man who stood atop the bridge.

 After a couple of minutes he checked his watch, looking up to glance around, eyes narrowed as if he could pierce the darkness that lay between the yellow lamplight. At this time of night, one would have expected fear, apprehension even, to lace the man’s mannerisms. A twitch of the fingers, a blink of the eye. But such things were lacking, instead a person would only find impatience in the way that he smoothed his shirt ( impeccable, save for the slight, almost imperceptible, wrinkle of the fabric ) and dragged from his cigarette, smoke curling in the air as if it could not wait to dissipate.


 The cadence of syllables broke the silence that hung on the bridge, catching the attention of the Montague boss as he crushed the cigarette underfoot. His lips curled into a smile, less sincere than one that might have been found on his son’s features. Perhaps it was because sincerity was no longer part of his vocabulary – unless it meant sincerely wishing vengeance upon those who dared to defy him.

 “Cosimo,” the Montague boss greeted.

 And so emerged the Capulet boss from the shadows, hands held behind his back as he strolled towards his adversary. An adversary declared by Fate. An adversary confirmed by deeds. An adversary made dangerous by the ruthlessness that was demonstrated on a day that was once considered sacred. Taking one slow, clipped step after the other, he made his way from the shadows until he stood face-to-face with Damiano, one face as unreadable as the other.

 They both were quiet as a pair of lovers, emerging from the darkness of the alley, made their way down the bridge, oblivious in their heady affection to the gods that stood mere feet away. (Look closer and see how the Montague boss glances at them for a mere second longer than the Capulet boss does, eyes reminiscent and longing. Were not gods merely humans deified?)

 “Cigarette?” Damiano offered, a roguish smile painting across his face as he held up the carton. “I always like to have a smoke before I begin negotiations.”

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Bast stares into the mirror through slitted pupils
and finishes applying her lipstick.
red outlines a carnivore mouth, teeth wicked sharp.
she wears a leather jacket with high heels, eye liner sharp enough to kill,
and carries a 9 mm pistol in her purse, right next to vanilla-scented perfume.
prowling the streets, her gaze pierces the darkness,
taking up a role of protector to those who fall vulnerable to the night.

(have you learned your lesson?)

god forbid
you end up on her bad side, because goddesses aren’t afraid to bleed,
and Bast of all will eat your heart out,
then use your blood to color her lips.
she beats her knuckles in on the jawbones of anyone who dares do harm to innocents within her line of sight. she is fierce and relentless, with a voice that carries like a gunshot.
she’s motherly instincts armed with brass knuckles and a devil-may-care attitude.

(have you learned your lesson yet?)

(god, i hope so)

—  a.r. - “Streetsmarts”
Bite (Part 8)

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader
Appearances by all of BTS
Vampire Smut/AU
Word Count: IDK its kinda short

Panic rose in my chest in a flash, one minute I was laughing with Taehyung and the next second, I felt like my chest would explode from how hard I was hyperventilating. Blips of her fear would surge into me, knocking me onto the ground, on my hands and knees, staring at the white tile floor until it dissolved from underneath me and I was seeing exactly what she saw. Her eyes darted to the rearview mirror before they turned and focused on the large black car revving up behind them as they flew down a familiar street. Namjoon passed her gaze as he shoved her straight into her seat, yelling at her about ‘breaking her neck’ while her gaze settled on the road ahead of them, blinking rapidly.

As quickly as the vision came, it passed, falling from my sight as I blinked in time with (Y/N). Stumbling into a standing position, I didn’t even respond to Taehyung’s questions before I was running at full speed from my house and towards the pull that I knew would lead me to (Y/N).


When I woke, I didn’t open my eyes for a moment. I laid there and felt the pain that pulsed through every cell as flashes of the car wreck shot through my mind. My head was the worst of it, the intense throb forcing my eyes glued shut even if I had wanted to open them. My throat was dry and scratchy and the taste of salty blood coated the inside as I attempted to swallow the pain. Breathing was difficult as well, lungs pressing against bruised ribs and every rattling intake shook my painful hips, no doubt also bruised from the tight seatbelt that Namjoon had carefully secured around me. I knew to take my movements slow, beginning with the toes and fingers, flexing them and wiggling my extremities lethargically, sharply breathing in as I remembered the broken finger on my left hand.

“Don’t move, (Y/N)”

Yoongi’s voice ordered above me, a caring edge to his otherwise sharp tone.

I headed his command, focusing on my breathing while I slowly peeled my eyes open and blinked at the blinding sun directly above me. no, not the sun, a bright white light that burned into my retinas.

“What…happened…” I croaked out, my voice crackly and strained. My body began to tingle slightly as if my limbs had gone numb.

“You and Namjoon were in a car wreck. he pretty pissed about his totaled care, but you’re both fine, the other guys…. Well, they are definetly not.” He said, a tiny smirk on his lips for a moment before he looked at me and frowned slightly.

“That’s weird…”

His eyebrows knit together and his face came closer to mine.

“W-What? What’s weird?” I asked, slightly alarmed.

A number of possibilities flooded my mind; did I have a huge gash on my face, did I knock a tooth out, was my nose broken? I didn’t feel any severe pain in my face at the moment and I ran my tongue over my teeth. Nope, all perfectly fine.

“It’s just, I thought you had a long cut on your cheek but now there isn’t anything there. And your Pupils are dilated as fuck. Did you snort any cocaine recently or are you just happy to see me?” he said, showing a little bit of his personality for the first time.

“Ha ha, very funny, the pupils can also dilate in extreme stress too, you know. Not just because of drug use or attraction.”

I gingerly sat up, slowly pushing my back off the cushions beneath me and looked around the unfamiliar room. Yoongi sat next to me, legs kicked out and crossed in a comfortable position while he kept watch over me. I was currently sitting on a cushy bed, the covers underneath me a pattern of black and red that reminded me of Jungkook. The walls held various drawings, mostly of people; Namjoon, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jin, Jimin, but no Jungkook. There were also several drawings of a girl I recognized immediately. Yureum. And on the wall nearest to the pillow, there hung a sketch of me, my hair messy and wavy around my face as I slept, eyes closed and face peaceful as tears dampened my cheeks and clung to my eyelashes.

“How are you sitting up right now? You should be in extreme pain, you were scrambled in that car like an egg.” He commented, one hand on my shoulder just in case I fainted or fell back.

“Well, I am in pain….”

And I was, but not as much as before it seemed. My finger, which I swore was broken, now just felt badly sprained and fragile, the splitting migraine was just a headache, and I could breathe without wincing this time.

“… but I guess not as much as I thought.” I finished.

“Maybe Jungkook’s blood is still in my system?” I suggested, thinking that could be the explanation for my recovery.

Yoongi grabbed my hand and gave my bloody, scratched knuckles a long lick and drew the crusty substance back into his mouth, savoring the taste as it settled onto his tongue.

“Hey!” I said as I yanked my hand away from him. How rude.

“Noo, it’s not his blood that’s healing you…”

His eyes widened and I was about to ask what he meant until he looked to the right, drawing my attention towards the opening door.


Jungkook stood in the door frame, a peculiar look on his face. Something between a mix of apprehension and excitement and a slight sadness lingered in the dark depths of his eyes as he looked at me.

“(Y/N), now that you’re awake, we have something to tell you.”


Fast forward a few minutes and I’m sitting in the living room shared by seven Vampyre’s, as they think I’m no longer safe in my own apartment, and they’re probably right. Hoseok, Jin, Jazmin, and Jimin are all present and have been informed on the current status of my situation, provided by a stressed Namjoon. This time, I know they are going to ask me questions about my kidnapping to try and piece together why I am suddenly a Vampyre target. Or at least I thought so.

“(Y/N), what do you know about witches?” Namjoon asks me from where he sits opposite me, his arms resting on his knees as he leans forward.

The question surprises and confuses me as I thought they would for sure try and dig up my past. My eyebrows rise and fall as my features settle into a pinched state, dubious to their question.

“Um, I’m not sure what you mean. I know about as much as the next person. Are you implying that witches actually exist?” I question.

Each of their faces are trained on me, except for Jungkook who seems to be gazing at my shoulder from his place to my left. His hand found its way into mine and fingers stroked my palm absentmindedly, tickling the skin until my hand reflexively closed around his.

“Yes, witches and warlocks do exist, but not like in Harry Potter, you don’t wield around wands or fly on broomsticks. Witches are the result of a demon and a human mixing blood, therefore witches are in the same category as Vampyres, except witches are born traditionally.”

“I’m not exactly surprised, since I’m sitting in front of seven Vampyres right now, but why are you telling me this? What does this have to do with me?”

My insides turned uncomfortably with an anxious feeling that had my cold palms sweating inside Jungkook’s hand and my breathing became shallow. I sensed his form stiffen beside me and he sat straighter, ready for whatever reaction I would have at Namjoon’s next words, which just made me feel even more anxious.

“I’m not sure how to say this, other than to put it bluntly so I’m just gonna say it. You’re a witch, (Y/N).”

I could hear the clock tick as it hung on the wall, it was so quiet. No one seemed to be breathing as they studied me, waiting for a reaction. I burst out laughing. The idea of me being a witch was so ridiculous, so absurd, surely they were mis-informed, confused, because I was definitely not a witch.

“That’s funny, guys. What next? Is Hagrid going to come bursting through that door and give me a cake? Come on, I’m definitely not a witch. I think I would know if I was witch, right? I mean, I would be able to do magical things, right? Trust me, I’ve never made things move or talked to snakes.”

“Were serious, noona. You’re a witch, I’ve known witches before. You have a witches mark.” Said Jungkook, as he pulled down the edge of my tank top to reveal the birthmark sitting below my shoulder blade.

At that moment the room seemed to turn and fold in on itself, making me very dizzy and sick until my vision went white and hazy, a new picture forming behind my eyelids. It was similar to my Jungkook dreams, except I was awake and I saw the scene from someone else’s eye’s this time. I stood in a field outside on a cool summer day, grass tickling at my bare ankles. I even felt the breeze blowing my black strands of hair around my face and shoulders as I focused on the wilted white daisy in my palm that seemed to be floating in thin air. My hands tingled and pricked, a sensation comparable to when your limbs fall asleep, however, this wasn’t at all unpleasant, enjoyable even. I looked up and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Jungkook’s face bathed in sun, his eyes backlit until they were chocolate brown and sparkling with delight as I closed the flower between my two hands. When I lifted my palm away again, the same daisy remained, completely restored as if it was newly bloomed that morning. I smiled widely, mirroring the grin spread across his breathtaking features as he looked deeply into my eyes.

“You’re amazing, Yureum…”

As fast as the vision came, it receded, leaving me gasping for breath and shaky as I blinked away the milky clouds from the edges of my vision, my hearing slowly returning to the present. I could faintly feel my hands tingling and looked down to see multi-colored sparks pricking around my fingertips were tiny sparklers on the 4th of July. I jumped at the sight, confused and afraid at what I was seeing. It was then I noticed the small object floating around all of us; a cup half filled with tea floated in front of Hoseok, slowly tipping over and spilling, the necklace around Yoongi’s neck rose from his skin and hovered weightlessly in front of his nose.

“Did you mean magical things like this?” Taehyung teased with a smirk.

His voice broke through my shock and I panicked, trying to shake the sparks from my fingers like they were tiny spiders. That seemed to only make things worse as the teacup flew across the room and smashed against the wall, Yoongi’s necklace attacked his annoyed face in a way that was almost comical, pens, keys, and books flew around, assaulting the supernaturally tough boys, making them shield their faces as they yelled at me to stop.

“AHH! Make it stop, (Y/N)”

“I don’t know how!” I screamed.

Namjoon tried to stand but immediately slipped and fell on the book that knocked him from his feet, to which Jimin laughed hysterically. Yoongi cursed loudly, grabbing his necklace and holding onto it as he blocked the TV remoted that almost hit him.

“Just try and breathe and calm down and it should stop.”

 Jungkook grabbed my face and made me focus on him as he talked. I tried to breathe but I couldn’t seem to calm myself enough to stop whatever I was doing.

“Help me, Jungkook!” I begged.

Lips slammed against mine and I closed my eyes as I he kissed me for the first time in three days. Oh how I missed that sweet cinnamon taste burning against my tongue. I brought my hands to his face, accidentally shocking him and he grunted at the sharp electric shock as his tongue wrapped around mine. I couldn’t help but melt into him, slowly steeping myself into him like tea in hot water, breathing through my nose so I didn’t break from him.

“Okay, guys. You can stop now…” said Jin.

“Yeah, come on. It’s over now, stop making out!” Taehyung whined, nudging me away from Jungkook’s lips until we finally parted.

“I thought I was going to die!” exclaimed Hoseok, his palm dramatically over his heart, eyes wide.

Namjoon rose from the floor, a pink tint to his cheeks as he tossed his book back onto the coffee table in front of me. The room was a mess, random things fallen to the floor around us and thrown against the walls.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” I said, embarrassed and still in shock.

I was a witch. The evidence was right in front of me, on the ground and tingling under the skin in my hands, my toes, lips and ears. Everything felt charged like I had been shocked by a live wire and it felt right, in a way I didn’t understand. In fact, I didn’t understand anything. How had I lived all these years and never known about what I supposedly was. So many questions swam in my mind until I couldn’t think straight, sitting, staring into my hands that I didn’t seem to recognize anymore; who am I? But most importantly,

“What the fuck is going on?”

I love us

the way we all scatter down streets 

gaze in the quiet

talk closely in the dark.

Daisy girl,

everyone knows you as quiet

I know you as caring

I know you as wanting to know you more.

You frame the world beautifully

and I’ll never get enough of listening

to you talking about what you love.

Rain girl,

I’ve known you since the start

I’ll always see you in my shelves

and the quiet of firelight. 

You are always too hard on yourself,

and so gentle on others 

I’ve been so grateful for your words

more times than I could count.

Feeling girl,

We’ve fought

and we’ve loved

I’ve laughed so much.

I know you as everything real

the things I think I live for.

You hold beauty so close

and sometimes I wish

you’d hold yourself as close

you are just as beautiful

as all those other things.

Smoke girl,

I have learned more from you

than I’d ever have anticipated 

I’ll know you as the tops of clouds

hanging our feet out of windowsills 

you’re the strongest person I know

thank you for being strong for all of us.

Gemstone girl, 

I’m sure you’d be surprised to know

how much I admire you

you’re so true to what you are

I ache for that originality. 

Thank you for reading my words

talking me through my worries

you know so much more

than you give yourself credit.

Moonlight girl,

you know so many

and I’ve always wanted that 

you’re effortless in the way

you walk center stage.

Teach me that decisiveness

tell me that confidence 

and let me thank you for

standing up for me when I couldn’t.

Even though there will come a time

we’ll say our last goodbyes,

we can stay here for awhile 

meet another day.

I love you all,

and I hope you know.

Maddening Full Moon || Solace-Within-Sinners-Arms

Mae was sitting at a café in the gloomy British morning, a perfect weather for a vampire to come out in the day light. She had used the excuse that the full moon was the next night as a chance to go out and have some shopping before she’ll have to suffer from it.

Every full moon was hard to cope through, her instincts were sharpened than ever at that time. Her talent to read thoughts was uncontrollable, she could hear every person’s or supernatural creature’s thoughts in a large radius and there was no way to stop it. Her telekinesis though was controlled just fine, seemed like her mind knew that if she’d loose control over it she’d be dead in seconds.

She looked up from her coffee cup and saw something strange to another’s eyes. She saw a street artist gazing at her as he painted, their eyes locking shortly after her look fixated on him completely. She blushed very faint and bit her lip. He was handsome to say the least, his eyes told her that he was a vampire like her, he must have noticed her eyes as well after a while. She refrained from reading his mind, thinking it was rude to do so. A soft smile came on her face and she sipped her coffee slowly.


whoknowswheremylifeis  asked:

Issssyyyyyyy I neeeeed some fluffy MariChat headcanons, like when Chat visits Marinette in her room

Ok ok, have a Marichat headcanon (not sure if this counts as a headcanon or a short story…)

Chat Noir’s heart soared as he flung himself over the Parisian rooftops. Nothing helped calm him down more than letting off steam through his night patrol. He felt so cooped up when he was in the Agreste mansion that it felt like the walls were pressing into him, despite how large his room was. He simply couldn’t stand to spend so much time alone in his room, a place in which he had spent almost the entirety of his childhood, excluding any business such as photoshoots or formal dinners he was required to attend. He finally had freedom, and he wasn’t going to waste it.

Chat carried on with no particular destination in mind until he caught sight of a very familiar rooftop. He stopped on the roof across the street as he gazed at the patisserie. His gaze wondered up from the dark shop front to the window on the top floor. Light seeped around the curtain shielding the room from his sight, only lending him glimpses of shadows from within.

He paused for a moment to consider what he was about to do, but he quickly leapt over to the rooftop balcony, landing with a gentle tap as he completed the jump that he was quickly becoming accustomed to. Chat crept over to the hatch leading into the room, pawsing (XD) to check that the owner didn’t have any company. He smiled as he heard a quiet humming coming through the cracks, and he recognised the tune as Ragged Stone’s latest single. He lifted a gloved hand to rap at the hatch as purr (;D) his usual routine, but a deviant grin worked it’s way onto his face as instead he began to lift the hatch, praying that the hinges would continue to stay silent. He peeked through the slither of an opening he had created and was happy to find the girl inside slumped over her desk with her back facing him. Good, this would be even easier than he had expected.

The boy finished opening the hatch and slid silently to the floor of the bedroom, his grin widening at the obliviousness of his target. He slinked forward, paying careful attention to his surroundings (his tail had a habit of swaying when he was excited and he didn’t want to ruin the element of surprise now). The girl continued to hum, her fingers lightly tapping out the beat beside her open sketch book.

Surprisingly he managed to make it across the entire room without attracting her attention and he held his breath as he leaned over her back, moving his mouth until it was beside her ear.

“Nice song, princess.” He jumped backwards as his target let out a shriek and shot around to face him. Upon seeing his face she placed her hand over her chest, letting out a large sigh of relief. However, her expression quickly morphed into an unimpressed look.

“What did I say about sneaking up on me, Chat?!” He couldn’t answer as he chewed his lips in an attempt to keep himself from laughing. “You need to knock before you come in! What if I had been getting changed?!” His eyes bulged, the thought had never crossed his mind and he could feel his cheeks inflame at the thought. God, that would’ve been awkward…

“Marinette, honey, is everything alright?” The call from downstairs made them both jump.

“I’m fine, maman! Sorry for shouting!” Marinette turned her head back to him, one eyebrow pointedly raised.

“Ok, ok I’m sorry! I only wanted to surprise you…” he rushed quietly, his arms flailing in front of him. Another sigh escaped the girl and afterwards she was wearing a smile. Albeit a noticeably small one.

“I know, sorry. It’s nice to see you, though I’m beginning to wonder if this is going to become a weekly occurrence…” He huffed quietly in amusement, unable to excuse the frequency with which he visited his princess. “It’s a good thing I’m always prepared!” He watched curiously as she made her way across the room to a jar which she brought over to him, revealing the sugary treats inside. Model diet be damned. He would NOT refuse one of the Dupain-Cheng’s chocolate chip cookies!

After he had finished licking any crumbs from his hands, he looked back up as he gave his thanks, glad to see a brighter smile on her face. That didn’t mean he could forget her previous expression, though.

“Is everything alright?” he asked seriously, his tone obviously shocking Marinette. He could see the polite refusal of his worry rising to the surface, but his face must’ve shown his disapproval since she quickly let out a tired sigh. “You don’t have to tell me what’s up, but I’m willing to listen if you’d like…”

“Thanks, Chat.” He warmed slightly under the look of gratitude that she sent his way. “It’s stupid, really. There’s a guy in my class who means a lot to me, but I just can’t face him properly. I want to be able to find out what has been bothering him lately, but I’m just too awkward to start a normal conversation with him…” Adrien’s eyes widened before he looked down, realising that she must be referring to his low mood recently. His father had been piling even more jobs and responsibilities on him over the last month, meaning that the precious little time when he could normally hang out with his friends had become virtually nonexistent, and the fact he hadn’t managed to spend time with Ladybug as well just worsened his mood further. He hadn’t realised that Marinette had noticed his sour mood, but felt so dense to not have noticed her own slightly sullen expressions in class.

Gently he placed both of his hands on her shoulders, ensuring that he had Marinette’s full attention before he continued.

“You don’t need to beat yourself up over something like that. It’s not always easy to talk to people, but you should just give it a shot. I’m sure he’ll appreciate knowing that you’re worried for him!” It was admittedly weird to give Marinette a pep talk so that she could speak with him. He couldn’t imagine what her reaction would be if she ever found out. He held eye contact with her as her bluebell eyes scanned both of his, searching for something. Whatever she saw seemed to please her as she smiled brightly at him.

“You’re right. I’ll go ask him tomorrow!” He smiled at her determination. He honestly couldn’t understand how her personality could be so different depending on whether he approached her as himself or as his alter ego. He treasured her friendship all the same, finding comfort from being around her cheerful and adorably goofy self.

He was suddenly tugged towards the chaise lounge, Marinette pulling him along as she began to chat about trivial occurrences in her life, before questioning him about his patrol. She never asked about his personal life, and he appreciated the unspoken promise to never pry. That didn’t mean he never divulged anything. Using Marinette as a speaking board had helped him a couple of times in the past when he felt low or unsure, and just being in her home made him feel ten times more comfortable and relaxed than usual.

Still, as he sat with her, laughing over the latest happenings in Paris (honestly some of the villains he faced were truly bizarre), he couldn’t help but wonder if this easy relationship would disappear if she ever found out. Would she hate that he kept it from her? Would she no longer allow him to visit her, to see her whenever he wished? Would she stop speaking to him…?

“Chaat~!” He jumped slightly, not noticing that Marinette had been calling him.

“Sorry, purrincess, my mind wondered off fur a bit there. What did you say?” He laughed at her long-suffering groan.

“I was reminding you to be careful on the rooves. It’s getting cold enough for ice to form, and I’d prefer not having to test whether you’d land on your feet or not after falling two storeys.” He giggled as his heart warmed at her concern. He would tell her. One day, but first he wanted to enjoy more of their time together. Both in and out of his disguise.


I hope you like it and sorry if the writing’s not great but I’m a little tired…

But like, there’s something to be said here in the implicit connection between ‘prettiness’ and ‘passability’ that works its way even into cis people’s (esp cis women’s) ally behavior with trans women.

Like, whenever I get read and yelled at by dudes, it is almost always because the person was checking me out, clocked me, and got mad. Like, most of the threats of transphobic violence I’ve faced is due to having been seen as attractive, and ‘tricking’ the dude.

But when cis women try to be reassuring to me, both when they are present and when I talk about it later, it is almost always done with the refrain ‘you are beautiful’ or another appeal to my physical attractiveness. Beyond the fact that that’s basically the same perspective on trans women that objectified us generally, it doesn’t really get at the point.

I know I’m attractive to people, because men keep on street harassing me. I don’t need reassurance there. And really, it’s precisely because I’m ‘beautiful’ in a conventional sense that I am dealing with the difficulty that these cis women allies are comforting me from.

So for cis women, they think a dude clocking me and calling me an abomination or a tranny is upsetting to me because it’s him calling me ugly (because not passing=ugliness) and that I’m upset about being seen as ugly. But really, it’s because he doesn’t see that I’m a human, or is misgendering me and not respecting my autonomy or humanity. Which is a huge difference that can’t be papered over with ‘you’re so pretty’.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries ~ Outsider

“How long have they been in love?”

Poor Dot’s eyes widened in shocked surprise.  “I really don’t think that’s-”

“Look at them,” the older woman insisted, gesturing across the street.

Dot followed her gaze to the two familiar figures.  Miss Phryne’s palm was pressed against his chest.  Then her fingers began to play innocently with the lapel of his overcoat.

“Their hands.”

Jack’s rose to take possession of hers.  A moment later, he opened the driver’s side door and helped her in.

“Their eyes.”

Never once did they stray.

“They may not know it yet but it’s plain to see.”

(100 words.  OneWord prompt: Outsider.)