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Writing a three dimensional villain with personal goals, growth and a intriguing story arc is very important to the success of a story. Would Star Wars be so legendary without Darth Vader? How about Batman, without The Joker? These amazing stories all have incredible antagonists.

The new Netflix Original Castlevania is no different. Before meeting the hero, the first episode is spent introducing the villain of the series. Vlad Dracula. A vulnerable and tragic figure with a heartbreaking backstory that gives his actions meaning. He causes a lot of pain but at the same time you wonder if he is justified in what he’s doing.

The protagonist is a former demon hunter, now drunken drifter named Trevor Belmont. A interesting personality in that he isn’t your typical hero that just wants to do the right thing. In fact, he doesn’t want to help. He doesn’t care. But must act when he finds himself in the middle of the situation.

Heroes are at there best when they have personal demons they must conquer. Nobody wants to watch a perfect goodie two shoes save the world because real life isn’t like that. Real life isn’t black and white. People have problems. The best heroes, like Belmont, are the ones with issues that real people can relate too.

The animation is excellent and the art looks professional. This isn’t a cheap Saturday morning cartoon. It looks beautiful. But the care to the story and characters stand out the most. Castlevania is based on an old Komani video game from the 80s. Video game movies and television series like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider and Super Mario don’t have a great track record. But Castlevania could quite possibly be the greatest video game apdatation of all time.

A twisted and dark fantasy adventure with hints of black comedy from the mind of Warren Ellis, the creator of Red, Transmetropolitan and Iron Man: Extremis.

bibliophilicwitch  asked:

That gif set... is that... Jackie Chan?

Oh dude. It is. 

It’s from a movie called City Hunter and it’s been years since I watched it, but it’s a spy/heist movie taking place on a cruise ship. It’s based on a manga, which I’m sure is less ridiculous, but I mean… come on- Jackie Chan, dudes. 

The scene where he’s dressed like Chun Li is because there was a fight taking place in an arcade, he gets thrown into a game cabinet and hallucinates for a good fifteen minutes that his enemies are character in Street Fighter. 

It is the best scene. 

Jackie Chan… I mean just look at his face. LOOK AT IT. 

You know its like he saw this bit in the script and was like ‘THIS IS THE PART I WAS BORN TO PLAY!’

So anyways, I feel like it is my duty as your weird drunken aunt from the internet to encourage you to watch this cinematic masterpiece of Chinese film. 

Street Fighter Vs. Darkstalkers #0 (Classic Movie Poster Variant)

(Universal Monsters’ Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Movie Poster Homage)

Art by: Joe Vriens



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Master List of ML Crack Posts: #1

 As some of you may know, my memory sucks.  This list is as much for you guys as it is for me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

I’ll be updating this thing periodically.  I’m putting the links under a “read more” so the updates will show up in case someone wants to reblog this.  I love it when something is reblogged (especially when I can read the funny tags), but y’all are random af.  You give me a good laugh on my rough days and I love each and every one of you ^ω^

Have fun down the ML rabbit hole of crazy (after the cut)!:

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request: Hey! I wanted to request something, if you can. Like the reader is a Latina, and she’s in exchange from Argentina (or any other place), and she does speak English, but also likes to interweave English with Spanish, and sometimes when she’s angry speak in her mother language, the losers club don’t understand what she’s saying, but love it so much. Thank you! 💕 by @artizapander

a/n: So… I had a lock at the end of the imagine, so I apologize if it got bad

The girl let out a long sigh, running a hand through her hair. She was exhausted, completely exhausted. But, at time she looked at the tidy house, she felt more relieved. She has never been a fan of changes, because she have to abandone all of her friends and the feel of longing is the worst part of it.

“Y/N, are you ready for your first day?” her mother’s voice broke the kitchen silence.

“No- estoy muy nerviosa, and if it’s not the way it was in Argentina? Did we really have to move here?”

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H2OVanoss: “Insane Chaos”


Real Name : Evan
Symbol : Owl
Color : Red
Weapon : Guns and a dagger (training session only), grenades
Skills : Prefers both long and short range fights/combat, trained by Jonathan at first to become more expert on combat, expert with guns
Likes : guns(has a collection), cars, sweet stuff, pizza, his mom’s spaghetti, video games
Dislikes : horror movies, bitter and spicy food
Background : Evan is a wealthy teenage who became a rebel/villain after a terrorist attack which killed his parents. He wasn’t much of a good fighter at first until the attack happen and Delirious began training him. 


Real Name : Jonathan
Symbol : Raccoon
Color : Blue
Weapon : Knives and a metal bat (street fights only), only prefers a shotgun for guns
Skills : highly-skilled with short range fights/combat (becomes brutal when in rage), good with guns, expert with knives
Likes : knives(has a collection), motorcycles, spicy food, teddy bears, video games, Jason Voorhees, horror movies
Dislikes : sweet food (except chocolates as long as mint flavor)
Background : Jonathan is a “normal” teenager who loves playing video games, and a son of highly-trained soldier of a father and kind mother. He became a rebel/villain when his father killed his mother over an argument in front of him.


Both living a different world, the two met during a terrorist attack when a raging Jonathan stumbled upon a mourning Evan over his dead parents’s bodies. Jonathan hesitantly helped Evan escape from more terrorists coming towards them and decided to stick together and started knowing each other’s life. They decided to team up and kill as much as terrorists as they can. Even after the attack, they keep killing people that commit crimes in Los Santos.

Goro Akechi Headcanons

Alright so it’s been awhile that I’ve been wanting to do this so LE TS DO IT


  • Goro always has one pen or pencil on him that he uses. Always.
  • Like someone will offer him a pen but he just whips one out of his pocket and smile like “nah I’m good but thanks”
  • Anxiety is his middle name
  • Honestly that “Detective Prince” persona gives him a little bit of confidence but he’s just walking anxiety.
  • Gets nervous saying anything at all when he’s alone in public
  • Just tries to make it though the day so he can be alone in peace
  • He likes to talk to people face to face sometimes, but honesty texting them is so much easier for him because he can actually think of what he’s saying
  • Wants more friends but is scared to talk to anyone me too
  • Tried to make a friend once but they used him for personal gain and has had lots of trouble opening up since
  • Very good at listening
  • Like too good
  • He likes letting other people talk because he not only gets to know more about them but he doesn’t want to seem cocky if he talks about himself
  • Uses a high pitched voice than his actual voice when in he’s in public.
  • Someone told him his voice was too deep so he decided to never use it.
  • Actually swears a lot, just not around people. He tries to keep his reputation clean.
  • When he gets home he just gets angry and sad and like seventy different feelings at once.
  • “Oh thank you Karen I’m glad you hated my report” *karen walks away* “Fucking bitch ass Karen”
  • I’m sorry Karen
  • Tells nobody what he likes.
  • He’s not even sure what he likes tbh. He’s confused about everything because he’s gotta be the detective prince but he wants to be himself and it’s just “?????”
  • He does like Law & Order
  • Listen I know it sounds basic but listen if there’s a Law & Order marathon on you bet your ass he’s gonna watch it even if he’s seen every season
  • “Sae-san I can’t come into work” “Why?” “I’m sick I’m really sorry plustheresalawandordermarathonbye-”
  • If there’s honestly nothing good to watch he’ll just put on some random movie in the background while he’s doing something else.
  • He’s too busy to watch TV.
  • He does like video games though.
  • This fckin nerd
  • He can’t play them all the time but he really likes Sony and Nintendo.
  • Isn’t too good at fighting games but loves the soundtrack of Street Fighter and Tekken
  • He likes DanganRonpa a lot- y'all knew it was coming
  • He’ll think of cases with the trial music in the background and gets super excited.
  • He also enjoys Fire Emblem and The Last of Us. He just really likes the music and style in those games.
  • Sometimes watches anime.
  • Sometimes.
  • He’ll try to watch some popular ones to keep up with trends.
  • He’s honestly rather watch older anime.
  • He just doesn’t watch a lot of stuff in general. Even getting him to go to the movies is a tiny bit of a stretch.
  • Watches online videos because they cure the soul.
  • Yes he memes
  • Don’t lie to me on this he has a stash of memes on his phone.
  • Will probably send one in the middle of the day or at 1 am
  • “Same” and “me” are what he usually replies with
  • “Dude I wanna mcdie” “same”
  • He’s always cold. Always freezing always cold
  • For some reason though he radiates heat and he ends up sweating a lot maybe you shouldn’t wear suits in the summer you dork
  • Eating is one of the many forgetful things he forgets
  • He’s a little scared that his fans of anyone might say something about his weight but it’s only a light concern. He honestly just forgets to eat the yusuke effect
  • If he does eat though it’s usually a sandwich or some can of soup. He can make some stuff but never has enough time or effort to plan a actual meal
  • He kinda likes ramen but doesn’t like the steam getting in his eyes.
  • Hell yeah he loves sushi
  • He’s with fine spicy sushi. Sometimes. sweats
  • Probably might die from food poisoning honestly because he gets a lot of raw ones.
  • Once ate so much sushi to the point where he got sick
  • God help him
  • He’s a sucker for sweets.
  • If he’s in a bad mood he’ll go to the store and buy himself a bag full of candy stars or chocolate covered espresso beans.
  • Listen he really likes those espresso beans and they’re in stock for a short time so he immediately rushes to the store after work when he hears they’re available
  • Listens to music or random soundtracks all the time.
  • Music makes him feel more relaxed so he always carries a pair of earbuds with him at all times. Plus if he wants to ignore anyone he’ll just quietly put them on while trying to be nice.
  • He listens to a lot of soft piano covers and violin covers if he’s sleepy. But if he wants to wake up he’ll blast techno music.
  • Secretly likes idol groups. Has a playlist full of it.
  • He actually likes music in English
  • He can’t understand anything they’re saying except for like two words but he likes the beat of it.
  • You would not believe your eyes