street fighter the legend of chun li


This is one of the better Transformers crossovers I’ve seen.
Generations/Legends Arcee as Chun-Li
Titans Return/Legends Hot Rod as Ken Masters
Titans Return/Legends Optimus Prime/Black Convoy as Ryu
Titans Return/Legends Megatron/G2 Megatron as M. Bison

Kinda disappointed that TakOMY didn’t use the Titans Return mold for Chun-Li. Guess they wanted to keep her thunder thighs.

Celebrate the holiday season with the entire Women of Guy Fieri as Video Game Characters 2014 lineup including all your favorite ladies in gaming. You’ve got Poison, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Cooking Mama, Bayonetta, and Chun-Li all assembled in one place. Each Fieri lady has her own signature style so be sure to collect them all.

The Super Mario Bros movie, The Last Airbender, Dragonball Evolution, the Dungeons and Dragons movie, Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li, Netflix Death Note, and every Uwe Boll video game-to-movie adaptation are from the same alternate dimension and somehow they made it into our own.

Favorite Fictional Fandom Females, Frankly

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List 10 of your favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 of your followers.

I tried to pick fandoms that had more than one female character, and only chose a favorite if I do indeed have a clear favorite (sorry, X-Men), so these aren’t necessarily my preferred fandoms.

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Chinese Female Protagonists in Video Games (it’s depressing how many of these ladies are from Beat-Em-Ups.

  • Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (Shao Jun)
  • Civilisation V (Empress Wu Zetian)
  • Dead or Alive  (Lei Fang)
  • Street Fighter (Chun Li)
  • Tekken (Lin Xiayu)
  • Virtua Fighter (Eileen)
  • Disney’s Mulan
  • Legend of Mulan
  • Mighty Mulan
  • Soul Calibur (Leixia, Xianghua)
  • Dynasty Warriors (Bao Sanniang and too many others to fit)
Last night was bad movie night

We watched a decent movie in between but one of our picks was this:

Our list also had “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” and “DOA: Dead or Alive” so we exactly knew what we were getting into: abysmal performances, characters that have nothing to do with their videogame counterparts, awful special effects. Our body was ready.

As a side note I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of KoF because I was raised more as a Capcom fighting boy but growing up I began to discover and love other SNK fighting games too, so I have a huge respect for them.

Well, as expected it started bad, Mai Shiranui and Iori Yagami are going to a exhibition after a introduction fight but hey they put a little effort in the plot talking about the Three Sacred Treasures, Orochi and the Yagami/Kusanagi clan, only to completely wreck it (it hasn’t passed even 5 minutes) with the appeareance of the main antagonist. Rugal.

No, seriously. Rugal.




You can’t imagine the amounts of suffering and grief that it brought to me when this guy appeared and they said it was Rugal.
After stealing the sacred treasures he transported to the alternate dimension where the tournament was held and he became a strange being who manipulated the place at his will and basically became a stupid and evil version of The Mask. He only missed the green face.
He changed over and over from one stupid outfit into another stupid outfit until he reaches his ultimate form: The Edgylord (it’s that one with the couple of girls, who by the way are Mature and Vice).

And here we have the third protagonist, a whiter than ever Kyo Kusanagi (the guy featuring his father was Japanese, even Kyo himself shown as a boy was Japanese come the fuck on) appearing after some terrible dialogues and a insurmountably boring plot development.

You can imagine how the rest of the movie goes, its the usual. The gang goes to fight the bad guy using their fighting outfits that resemble just a little to the original ones and after irrelevant fights against a lot of extras they arrive to the final boss chamber where after a battle against a Plot-armored Edgylord Rugal, Kyo unleashes the power of his swords and wins with an ugly amount of 3DCG, bleh.

But there’s something I didn’t mention and wanted to keep to the end. The fourth member of the team against Rugal. CIA Agent Terry Bogard, ladies and gentlemen.

He appears several times along the movie as the typical fed guy in suit so you couldn’t even tell who he was until he drops the bomb: “Terry Bogard, CIA” and even better, he reveals Mai Shiranui was working as an undercover CIA agent (Here’s when I went to the kitchen and brought back some food to continue watching while drowning my anger in a bowl of oatmeal).

And look at his clothes for fuck’s sake. When everyone traveled to fight Rugal he used that silly red jacket and after fighting some extras he took from one that cap to complete the full Truck Driver look. I mean, ok his look is meant to resemble a truck driver just a bit but DAMN. The colors of his cap are wrong, they didn’t even try! In my country you can get a well-made Terry Bogard cap even on the streets, here, in Chile, the fucking corner of the world.

It was a hell of a ride, from start to end. If it wasn’t because I was with my friend making jokes continuously I wouldn’t have been able to withstand it. I’m going to finish putting the only thing that made me smile sincerely, and perhaps they did it by accident.


Is this our SUICIDE SQUAD?

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ryan Gosling was being courted to star in Suicide Squad, according to sources. THR also reported that Warner Bros. has made overtures to Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Miss Margot Robbie regarding the film. [The studio has not yet commented on the casting rumors.]

David Ayer [End of Watch, Training Day *awesome director, by the way] will direct the DC Comics supervillain team film from a script by Justin Marks [Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.] Suicide Squad is set to be released in 2016. [x]