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I’ve been commissioned, yet again, to make a rankings image for Southern Ontario Smash 4′s community. This was pretty fun to make but I had to bust my ass since I only had 2 days to do this while also being swamped with other work.
But it’s done and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Much better than the last one, I think.


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Rule: List ten of your favorite characters in ten different Fandoms and then tag ten people.

I was tagged this by this loser @witchloversanonymous

1. Venom (marvel)

2. Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic)

3. Goku Black (Dragon Ball Super)

4. Trunks (DBZ)

5. Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

6. Juri Han (Street Fighter)

7. Nightwing (DC)

8. Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)

9. Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.)

10. Josuke Higashikata (JJBA)

There was a lot more characters I wanted to choose but I feel this was good enough. Anyways I tag @bippityboppitypumpkaboo @journaloftomfooleryandjapery @pullmyhoodieup @friskibitz @ryadical @bitt3rman @hungee-boy @yungbrocialist @raven-senpai @nightcrawler-fan

You guys don’t have to do it but it’d be fun to see your favorites.

airacudafaq  asked:

When companies are running active and evolving games with large numbers of direct player options like classes with lots of talents or hero selections that all interact with each other, how do you decide you've reached an acceptable state of "balance"? Even with early Street Fighter that only had 8 characters, people argued that wasn't perfectly balanced. But games these days have 100s of characters or thousands of talents. Is there some magic minimum point like half the classes are viable?

Perfect balance isn’t really the end goal. It’s almost impossible to achieve perfect balance and, even if we could achieve it, having it doesn’t guarantee that the result will be fun. What developers tend to care about is that there’s an interesting and sustainable metagame that rises from the choices we provide. If the metagame isn’t interesting or sustainable, then we try making changes to it in order to move towards those goals.

If you’re not familiar with the term, metagame refers to the choices you make about playing the game. The metagame breaks down into the choices the player base makes - we keep track of what percentage of players choose Guile, Dhalsim, Chun Li, and so on, and then we also track their win rates against each other. We know that not all characters (or builds or whatever) are going to have the same chance at victory but, as long as there are enough viable choices and play styles at each skill echelon to keep things interesting, it’s generally considered “good enough”. Usually the absolute minimum number of viable options is three.

We tend to watch the analytics for the metagame pretty closely. A healthy metagame will have a breakdown that ebbs and flows over time as players figure out initially dominant strategies to start with, and then create more complicated counter-strategies to deal with the initial strategies, and then create even more counter-strategies to those counter-strategies. The important thing to watch is the number of players who are playing. There are usually two key signs to a bad metagame - higher than usual player attrition and mass migration of the remaining players to the dominant strategy. Of course, no game is immune to player attrition, but a competitive game that has a stale or bad metagame will bleed players much faster than usual - usually because the matches aren’t very interesting to play or watch. Those who get sick of it will leave. Those who still want to win will pick the winning strategy. In these situations, it is almost certain that balance patches will be inbound.

There’s an important thing to note here - class/character/etc. changes are not made solely for balancing purposes. Sometimes the character or build just doesn’t play all that well and isn’t fun, even if they do well in competition. We always want to improve the play experience for the players as much as we can, which often leads to changes. Also, even if the metagame is varied enough, players will get bored and leave if we don’t periodically introduce something new to keep interest (be it a new character or new ways to play old characters). We have to walk the line between keeping things interesting and making so many changes that the players give up on experimenting and researching the game mechanics altogether.

Overall, the goal of balance isn’t to make sure every choice is viable. There’s a number of reasons why we wouldn’t want to make every choice viable, perfect balance being only one of them. What we want is to have enough interesting choices (at least three, preferably more) that most players can find one that they can enjoy.

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