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( bold all that apply. italicize leaning or former. )
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( wealth )

$  financial : wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty / ???
✚  medical : fit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged / non applicable
✪  class or caste : upper / middle / working / street trash / slave / unsure 
✔  education : qualified / unqualified / studying / other
✖  criminal record : yes, for major crimes / yes, for minor crimes / no / has committed crimes but not caught yet

( family )

◒  children : has a child or children (the entire prosecutor’s office let’s be honest) / has no children / wants children
◑  relationship with family : close with sibling(s) / not close with sibling(s) / has no siblings(yet) / sibling(s) is deceased
◔  affiliation : orphaned (until mvk adopted him) / adopted / disowned / raised by birth parent / not applicable

( traits and tendencies )

♦  extroverted / introverted / in between
 disorganized / organized / in between
♦  close-minded / open minded / in between
calm / anxious / in between
♦  disagreeable / agreeable / in between
cautious / reckless / in between
patient / impatient / in between
♦  outspoken / reserved / in between
♦  leader / follower / in between
♦  empathetic / unempathetic / in between
♦ optimistic / pessimistic / in between
traditional / modern / in between
hard working / lazy / in between
cultured / uncultured / in between / unknown
♦  loyal / disloyal / unknown
♦  faithful / unfaithful / in between

( beliefs )

★  faith : monotheist / polytheist / atheist / agnostic / it’s complicated
☆  belief in ghosts or spirits : yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
✮  belief in an afterlife : yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
✯  belief in reincarnation : yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
❃  belief in aliens : yes / no / don’t know / don’t care
✧  religious : orthodox / liberal / in between / not religious / protestant
❀  philosophical : yes / no

( sexuality and romance )

❤ sexuality : heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / pansexual / demisexual
❥  sex : sex repulsed / sex neutral / sex favourable / naive and clueless
♥  romance: romance repulsed / romance neutral / romance favourable / naive and clueless
❣  sexually : adventurous / experienced / naive / inexperienced / curious / inhibited
⚧  potential sexual partners : male / female / agender / other / none / all
⚧  potential romantic partners : male / female / agender / other / none / all

( abilities )

☠  combat skills : excellent / good / moderate / poor / none  
≡  literacy skills : excellent / good / moderate / poor / none
✍  artistic skills : excellent / good / moderate / poor / none
✂  technical skills : excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

( habits )

☕  drinking alcohol : never / sometimes / frequently /  to excess
☁  smoking : trying to quit / never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
✿  other narcotics : never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
✌  medicinal drugs : never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
☻  indulgent food : never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
$  splurge spending : never / sometimes / frequently / to excess
♣  gambling : never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

“Gilman Street was the best education I got. Walking through that door the first thing I saw was a sign saying ‘No Sexism, No Racism, No Homophobia’, and I think that’s had an impact on me for the rest of my life,” he recalls. 

“Now when people come to our shows the main thing is I want them to feel like they’re in a safe space. If you’re gay, straight, white, black, brown, transgender, if there’s one place you feel you can go to it’s a Green Day gig.”

(2/2) “The day I graduated high school was the happiest day of my life. My mom had passed away the summer before my senior year and I was living in Baltimore at the time. Nobody knew I was living by myself. I rented a room in a house in Maryland. I was seventeen years old at the time. I was spending all the government money to pay for rent and go to school. My father was part of the PTA, but no one knew that I wasn’t actually living with him. He had kicked me out. It was the best day when I graduated. I’d finally made it. I don’t believe anyone was there in the crowd for me, but I’d done it for myself. It was really hard getting to that point. Graduating high school was the biggest milestone I’ve reached.”

anonymous asked:

My mom thinks being less racist is a privilege of being educated, and that we can't expect poor people to be anything but stupid hate machines. What the hell do I say to that? "People different from us are still people" is like kindergarten, Sesame Street level education material.

Yeah, the idea that not being a complete piece if shit requires, like, education or something is ducking ridiculous and offensive, especially to the many, many, many poor folks who manage this INCREDIBLY EASY task.


Walker Art Center in Minneapolis  

In 1984 from March 12 to 16, Keith Haring was an artist-in-residence at the Walker, where he created the giant mural. Now existing only through photographic and video documentation, the orange and green wall piece was created to commemorate the completion of the Walker’s then-new underground education center, and remained on view through December 1985. 

(½) “My mom had breast cancer and she beat it, but then she came down with bone cancer. That’s when she decided to let go. We all had to get on the same page with her. In a weird way, it’s kind of fine though. I was with her the whole time. She was herself up until when she started dying. If anything, she taught me how to die gracefully. She taught me how to transition out. That was her last lesson for me. I told her that I loved her everyday. I miss her all the time, but I don’t regret not being there or not saying anything when I had the chance. After she passed away, the government gave my family all this money. My brother and sisters were trippin’, but I just wanted to come back to DC to finish high school and I did.”

Greenwood, Tulsa Oklahoma

The history we learn in school here in America is so full of holes. I wish I could say it was unintentional, except for how specific they seem to be. I wonder what would happen if we didn’t teach our kids such a redacted narrative, if we let them see our history as it was and how it got us to where we are. But PM, you might say, they’re just kids. They aren’t able to handle knowing all the bad stuff.

Here’s what I have to say to you, hypothetical straw person. Kids are resilient. They can handle it just fine, and probably a good deal better than most adults. Adults, being as they are, tend to get defensive about their culture in a way that kids don’t. Here’s why you don’t want to tell them. It’s because they might decide you’re evil if they have all the facts.

Case in point. Unless you’re black in America, you probably haven’t heard about Greenwood. Even then maybe you haven’t, I don’t know, but I bet black culture remembers. Greenwood is sometimes called black wall street. This was some time before desegregation. So this portion of Tulsa was the black district, and they had solidarity. They also had prosperity. These were some well-to-do folks, because they had business sense and were good at keeping money in the community. So what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. The good, upstanding white citizens of Tulsa, with the backing of the police, firebombed the whole district. This was 1921, so I don’t expect there are any survivors left, but what do you think this does to a culture? Cultures are alive, you know. They learn. What do you learn when you’re playing a rigged game and you start winning, only to have your teeth kicked in for it?

Some of you might remember the Cold War. If you do, you might remember how terrified people were that the cccp might radicalize the African American population, and you might remember that the cccp was interested in doing this to destabilize our capitalist system. This wouldn’t have been nearly the concern it was if America hadn’t fucked over its black population at every turn.

So here we are, continuing our proud tradition of police brutality, murder, and cultural undermining. Why try in a system that is only interested in crushing you? And yet people do. Teach your kids history, blemishes and all. And hey, if you’re coming from a place of privilege, put some extra focus on them. Your kids deserve it and the world needs people that won’t overlook the crimes of the past, and, you know, the present. Know your country’s crimes. Remember friends, burn your flags and kill your heroes.

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I'll admit, when I first saw the prom pic, my first thought was "well f***", but then as I looked at it again, prom came to mind. She looks like she's clinging desperately to him, and Sam looks like he wants to die. Isn't it interesting that we all had the same reaction? It's things like this that keep me confident in SC, the fact that so many different personalities can see and come to the same conclusion.

True this. I might be delusional. So might you, anon, and one or two others who come to mind. But thousands of women from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor, educated and street smart, experience-rich? We haven’t all been having a shared delirium these past three years. I know what I see and nothing has changed. Wedding Schmedding. I’m shipping.


Statist and Anarchist #026: Statism

Government is the oldest (and most successful) pyramid scheme ever. Just convince people that the best way to run society is to give total power and control to a select few individuals, and voila, instant profit! It’s a scam so blatant it’s any wonder that people haven’t caught onto it by now.