street climb


Jerome x Reader

Jerome frowned down at the mess he’d made. He was getting bored with Theo, he’d asked if he could leave for a while if he found something more fun to do until Theo ha d plan for him. Theo agreed but he had yet to think of something fun.

At least until he spotted a girl wear something that look awfully like his old jumper. He watched her all the way down the street, climbing dangerously over the roof so he could keep sight of her.

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how many times do you think anne and aramis’ hearts stopped when they were told everything that happened with little louis in 3x09


rhcp on yonge st, toronto, july 22nd 1999

Icarus | Taehyung (m)

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Summary: An innocent game of truth or dare plus two broken hearts turns into a very eventful night.

Word Count: 7,314

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: This turned out very long but I’m kinda proud of it idk ??? Also, I have no idea where this Greek mythology came from but ya

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Queen of the Water (11)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 1.7k+

Warnings: swearing, protective!bucky, FLUFF, cliffhanger 


CATCH UP HERE Part 9 Part 10 Part 12

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Her heart pounds against her chest as the car inches closer towards dangerous territory. Bucky had left the house two days ago to return the car he stole from her father and send her a plane for her to take to Romania. Her new life is nearly ten miles away. She swallows hard and rubs her hands against her floral skirt. She tugs on her cardigan and puffs a strand of hair out of her face. The car stops a few minutes later and she glances out the window. The first thing she notes is that the gate is too intimidating to climb over. It’s dangerously sharp at the ends and pokes at anyone who dares to attempt to enter the castle grounds. The seconds thing she notes is that the area surrounding the Palace is ginormous. There’s acres and acres of land and it’s beautiful against the orange sun setting in the horizon. The sky is painted with a beautiful sea of lavender, indigo, and fuchsia. She makes a mental note for Bucky to take her on top of the largest hill in the grounds and have an uninterrupted date.

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Addicted - Jughead x Reader

Request: Could you please write a jughead x reader where the reader is addicted to drugs and takes pills and smokes weed

Warnings: Drugs, drinking, smoking, violence, swearing, angst

Word count: 1400

A/N: I was thinking about ideas for this request and I decided it has too much potential for just one part, so if it gets requested a fair amount I’ll write a part two :) So let me know if you want one :) Part two

As you sat smoking on the fire escape of your small apartment, you imagined what your first day of school would be like; you got a text on your phone, it was FP Jones, he needed you to pick him up from the bar he was drinking at. You groaned as you flicked your cigarette out onto the street and climbed back through your window.

Your father had died fairly recently, you two weren’t that close, you hadn’t been since long before your mother had left, she had had enough of your father’s antics, the gangs, the drugs and the drinking, so one night she left him. You just woke up one morning and it was like she had never existed. When he died, you were still in high school, so he left you under the supervision of his oldest friend, Forsythe Pendleton the second.

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Family — Wonho AU | Part One

A/N: Can I just start with that I was not AT ALL expecting the reaction I got for the prologue and I’m so thankful that so many of you read it and enjoyed it. Here is the next part, and hopefully you all can enjoy this one just as much :) Also sorry if there’s any mistakes, I did a few quick proofreads but will do another in the morning. I’m just excited to get this out to you all!

Characters: Single father Wonho, Reader, Female OC

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length: 2273 words

Parts: Prologue | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six


 -Present Day-

Sitting in the driver’s seat of your car, you rest your head back and shut your eyes. The radio is playing some popular song you’ve never actually heard before. You decide you’re not a big fan and reach for the dial, turning down the volume so it’s a lull in the background. When you hear the distant chime of the final school bell, you hit the unlock button on the car doors and sit patiently. Soon enough the passenger door opens.

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Missing Scenes, Chapter 2


You free, preppy? It’s Joaquin.

Kevin was pretty convinced his heart had skipped a beat. It had been a week since their epic make out session at the Drive-In. What with just hook ups in his sexual history and a lack of boyfriend material in this town, he wasn’t sure what the proper wait time was. A week felt like forever, though, and he was just starting to worry it had been a one-sided interest.

I can be. Meet me at my house in an hour?

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the man in the moon stayed up too late

summary: it didn’t go according to plan, but gon wouldn’t have it any other way. (a morning of firsts)

notes: @canzie-gumm I’m so so sorry this is STUPIDLY LATE so I wrote an extra long ficlet that is not at all influenced by me rewatching the chimera ant arc with a friend and dying slowly from everything going on /sweats. title’s a song from fellowship of the ring because sap knows no boundaries. aged-up killugon, (fluff warning), 1100 words

“What was this all supposed to be?” Killua demands, gesturing widely against the sunny dawn sky.

Gon smiles, relishing how little resistance Killua has to their hands tangled and their bodies leaning against each other. They’ve been out all night, running through quiet streets and climbing in and through closed up amusement parks, getting terrible pizza at 2am from a half awake uni student and fighting over who got the last slice. Now it’s morning, finally, the first donuts of the day still warm as they sit on the roof of Killua’s hotel and watch the sun come up. The dawn streaks Killua’s white hair with molten gold and pale pink, shining and soft and strong.

Gon rests his head against Killua’s shoulder. He’s missed this in their time apart, having Killua close enough to lean on. It shouldn’t be comfortable, not when Killua’s all edges, but it is better than any pillow. “What was what supposed to be?” he asks.

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Petition for a Batman series that treats Batman like a cryptid. That nobody thinks it’s just a guy dressed in a Batsuit. People legitimately think he’s a monster, some kind of Vampire. Gordon speaks to him on the rooftop and he hides in the shadows. Even he isn’t sure Batman is human. The Batmobile never sets foot on streets and climbs along the side of buildings, made out of a lightweight material with holes through it so it sounds constantly like a shriek or a wail from some kind of unholy beast. Nobody is ever even sure he’s real and police treat sightings of Batman like bigfoot sightings. 

And of course the DC Universe version of tumblr replaces all memes of Mothman with Batman. 

“Excuse you, but Batman is my girlfriend and she gave me head out behind the Planet Krypton on Brubaker Street.”