street breakfast


Johnny Depp, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ (‘84)

Breakfast in under a minute!

My friend Snowing recorded the quick and easy creation of our morning meal, the savory street snack known as dan bing here in Shanghai, or more commonly called jianbing guozi. It’s basically a crepe filled with egg, scallions, sauce, chili and crispy wonton skins. The ingredients vary based on where you are in China and/or what your vendor is known for.

Grab and go for 75 cents!!

River Phoenix/Chris Chambers, ‘Stand By Me’ (‘86)


Another day, another dan bing!

This is a famous street stall here in Shanghai located at 585 Nanchang Lu, right behind the iaPM mall. The auntie working here cranks these Chinese stuffed crepes out at a rate of about one per minute, wrapping them a little tighter than a few of the other locals do. Got mine with a little more spice this time as well!

Video by Snowing Dong