street art*


Found this incredible street art whilst looking for brunch. Some beautiful handling of spraypaint and subtle translucent colour all at the hands of Shok-1, an artist I stumbled upon first in real life and then online.
Fuckin love bones.


[18.06.2017 - Marseille, France]

MAKE MARSEILLE QUEER AGAIN! Proud steps to the Cours Julien.

Nazi Pig on the Loose
…100 Days and Counting

Trump: “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”…“Grab them by the pussy”

American voters knew Trump was a racist and a misogynist with authoritarian leanings and they still elected him. Further proof the United States is an empire in decline.

Seen on the streets of Cholula, Puebla. Foto by Pepe Zarate. Art by Yukarte.