street art puerto rico

“Este es el barrio donde yo nací

El rinconcito donde yo viví”


Mural en la Calle del Tren, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico dedicado a Raphy Leavitt con parte del tema “Mi barrio”  de Raphy Leavitt y La Selecta

Rafael Ángel Leavitt Rey, más conocido como Raphy Leavitt, (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 17 de septiembre de 1948 - Miami, Florida, 5 de agosto de 2015) fue un compositor puertorriqueño y fundador de la orquesta de música salsa “La Selecta”.

El lema “Aquí vive gente” fue hecho por los residentes del barrio que se sienten que el gobierno desea destruir el barrio.

“This is the neighborhood where I grew up

The Little corner where I lived.”


Wall painting located at Calle del Tren, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico dedicated to Puerto Rican composer and founder of the salsa orchestra “La Selecta”.  Raphy Leavitt (September 17, 1948 – August 5, 2015) using lyrics from his song titled “Mi Barrio”

“PEOPLE LIVE HERE” Is the slogan made by the residents of the neighborhood because they feel that the government doesn’t listen to them and wants them out of there.


Creating Murals of Imagined Creatures the Whole World Can See with @alexis_diaz

To dive into the colorful, imaginary world of Alexis’ mural art, follow @alexis_diaz on Instagram.

“There was a moment when I realized that canvases were a limit, that the message couldn’t reach everybody,” remembers Puerto Rico-born artist Alexis Diaz (@alexis_diaz). “Only a few people could get access to contemplate them in a gallery or in a museum, because in Puerto Rico, there’s a small percentage of people who get access to art education.”

Seeking another way to express himself, Alexis turned to mural art and began creating his works in public spaces, to reach out to a broad audience regardless of social status. Using a small brush and a lot of patience, Alexis creates most of his meticulous compositions freehand, line-by-line as he goes along. “I feel like having an intimate conversation between the wall, the surrounding space and me,” says Alexis. “I put elements together like in a puzzle until the moment of mutual understanding.”

Looking back, Alexis still can’t believe how art changed his life. “I quit my job and everything I was doing at the moment and for a year and a half I painted the streets of Puerto Rico without gaining a penny,” he remembers. Now over 40 of his surreal murals can be found in more than two-dozen cities worldwide. And he keeps adding to the list: “This year I’ll be painting in New York, Budapest, Cozumel, Rome, Berlin, San Diego, Denver, Paris and Sydney,” he says.

¿Un tanque de agua? ¿Algún tanque de desperdicios sólidos?  Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico.  (2015)

A water tank? Some kind of Solid waste tank?   Located in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico.