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Installation video of:
“Albert Oehlen: Elevator Paintings: Trees”
February 28–April 15, 2016
Gagosian West 21st Street, New York
Artworks © Albert Oehlen

Video by Granny Cart Productions

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Spring is in the air and Seoul is ready once again for its annual Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival! This is the festival’s 12th year and is always popular with local and international tourists, as it is considered the best place to view cherry blossoms in the city. This comes as no surprise since there are over 1,500 cherry blossom trees along the Hangang River in Yeouido Park, where the festival mostly occurs.

Quite a variety of events are scheduled to take place during the week-long festival. It first starts off with a parade full of lovable cartoon characters, horse drawn carriage rides, and of course tours around the many pathways that wind around the blossom trees. Along with basking in the fragrances of the flowers and just enjoying their unmatched beauty, there will also be karaoke singing contests, picnics in the park, long walks beside Hangang River, and free portrait painting being offered.

At night, the cherry blossoms are lit up with various colored lights, and a wide range of dancing street performances and art exhibitions are hosted and showcased for the public’s appreciation. There will as well be many samplings and food stands from restaurants around the area.

This is the perfect opportunity to fall in love, reconnect, or just remind yourself that life is beautiful and short.


  • Hello and officially welcome to 24/7′s eleventh event!
  • This festival will last in character for one week, OOC it will last for two weeks from March 20th to April 3rd midnight, EST.
  • For this event, we would love to see some people involving their muse’s job into the festival: things such as AOMG Records, KS Star Ent., or IN STEP! Studio dancers putting on some dance performances, Edge Art Gallery hosting the art exhibition, and restaurants such as Gosang Restaurant, Geomsohan Bakery, and Sweet Kisses having food stands or samplings.
  • If anyone would like to also be a part of the festival in some way, either painting portraits or leading tours, or anything else you can think of, go ahead and do it!
  • Spring is all about releasing your inhibitions, but remember: Gossip Girl and her minions are still watching.
  • Don’t forget to tag your posts as #247: spring flower festival
  • Have fun and happy roleplaying!