Whoa! Streemerz is becoming a real NES game! Faux Game Company is porting Arthur Lee’s Streemerz, a “remake” of a terrible Action 52 game, to the NES, for release on October 10.

This will be out as a ROM, but it’ll end up on cartridges soon enough because, well, RetroUSB exists. You’ll be able to dump the game to a flash cartridge, and I’m sure RetroUSB will make carts of its own.

Check out the trailer: these are some ADVANCED GRAPPLES.

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[Via @mossmouth]
I Played Streemerz

For as long as platformers have existed, their core mechanic has been the jump. Even in games far distant from their Mario heritage with many new and fascinating means of movement, jumping has always been the first and most fundamental.

Streemerz turns this convention entirely on its ear. It has no mean to jump at all. Instead, its fundamental movement mechanic is a sort of grappling hook that attaches to walls and propels the character through the air. Where jumping operates on the y axis, up and down, grappling operates on the diagonal, which completely changes the way it feels to interact with the game world.

It also does a great job of rolling out mechanics throughout the game. Just as you start to become comfortable enough with the streamer to feel like you can navigate anywhere on the screen, you find un-grapplable surfaces which provide a new dimension of challenge. Once you’ve got those figured out, you run into roaming enemies. Everything comes at just the right moment to keep the game interesting without making it overwhelming.


This game was clearly a passion project, It was a joy to watch and to play. Short but sweet. Player: Calum. Everyone else: Dan, Grant, Jack.