Philomène Napoléon (alias Agnes Crumplebottom by @napoleonfrost)

Since children can now play musical instruments without being streched, my town was needing a new character… the dreadful piano teacher! I couldn’t think to anyone else by Napoleonfrost‘s Agnes. I changed her name as I have already an Agnès (but Ladentelle, s’il vous plait), but they’re vaguely parented. Philomène is a kind of great-aunt to Agnès (Ophélie will be delighted! ;))
I changed her “dislike art” into “unflirty”.
I gave her 10 points in piano and also 10 in logics, so she can really teaches piano. Sims pay her with Ani’s moneybags.

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I honestly doubt that dan and Phil are gonna put out another book. Especially since they've been on tour. Where did rumor even come from? Lmao it's interesting though

if anything i think it’s less of another full blown book and more of a tatinof memorial type of thing like dan suggested they might do in their liveshow, although i doubt they would release it until the tour was completely over (they still have australia, probably europe, and most likely a variety of other places) so it’s fishy that websites supposedly know about this when it probably isn’t even in development yet

This is all just a bad dream…


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Sanstale belongs to @sans–tale

Haze sighed, sitting in the nature filled backyard. He had just been sitting there bordly ever since Kepler had left, quietly practicing his magic, making plants grow around the yard at random. He probably shoudln’t have been wasting his magic and energy on that, but, eh, whatever. Wasn’t like he’d be needing to use it anytime soon, right!
The fact that he had just been sitting there practicing his ability was rather notciable to anyone who knew what his ability was, as there was green plant life everywhere. Probably a bit to much. But in haze’s opinion, there could never be too much plant life.

After awhile, of just sitting there, happily watching as a butterfly flew around the backyard, Haze stood, streching. He should really visit Kepler! It probably hadn’t been as long as it felt like it had been since they had left, but he wanted to visit his friend, and he didn’t see why he shouldn’t!

Haze hummed softly to himself as he walked from outside into his room, walking in and throwing his sunglasses, before walking out, and to the door leading out. Haze smilied as he walked out of the house…
And after walking for a bit the smile slowly slipped off his face, as he saw Kepler with…With, well someone, from a distance. They had there arms drapped over Keplers shoulders, and kepler was blushing….Why did that annoy haze so much?

Haze wasn’t sure why, but at that sight, he glared from a distance, before walking off to a spot to the side where he knew they wouldn’t see him, and watched. He didn’t relise how creepy this may be, intell he was already standing there. But as he watched, he just got more confused and annoyed. He couldn’t hear them from here, and all he saw where there actions. Just the fact that Kepler had blushed so much…it…angered him? Yeah. But why? Kepler was just a good friend. Haze slowly shook his head, before he relized this other skeleton, who had made Kepler blush so much, was walking away from kepler, and sightly towards Haze.

Haze, being a bit dumb, stepped forward, kinda outta no where, and walked up to Baku. As he neared, he saw what they were wearing. Pretty cool for some random guy. “yo. nice shorts” Was the first thing he said.

((this turned out way longer than i meant woops @technologicdreams 
Sorry we both know im not good with starters so this is kinda bleh :P))

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Okay, but I'm in love with Razzaflapraptor, especially after their plants vs zombies play through. Just imagine them barely awake enough to write down times and turn off the equipment before just crashing, cuddling really close together. Suzy is in the middle of her boys, somehow managing to cuddle up to both of them when they're all pretty much passing out.

UH YES? Barry and Arin are already mostly asleep, cuddled up against each other, but they’re awake enough to open their arms up to Suzy and pull her down into the middle of their cuddle pile. Two strong arms drape over her, and she streches to kiss Barry on the corner of the mouth and Arin on the bridge of his nose. They’re warm and their rythmic breathing on either side of her lull her to sleep.

im basically dying


With all the talk about “vintage little dancers” I thought I would post one of my favorite and possibly the first dance I remember watching!

Brianna Haire- The Bee (2010)


CosplaySky; Disney Zootopia Judy Costume | Review

Cosplay Link | Wig LinkStore 

Good NEWS guys! You can have 30% off in all your orders with the code “AngelaB” All items in can use that code!

First of all I want to thank to CosplaySky for this opportunity, It’s my first time making a review like this so let’s see!
I had the chance to choose one costume from the store and I picked Judy from Zootopia!

I’ll use the costume this weekend in a convention so I still owe you the full body pictures but in the meantime you can check the actual pics I recently took with my phone.

Blouse and pants: really basic pieces that I think there’s not much to talk. The fabric is not strech so it feels a little rough under the arms and in the knees when you bend them, I had to fix both pieces to make them smaller because I’m too thin even if I asked for an “S” size. 3/5

The wig: Loved it! It’s really long and you can brush it easily, the material is pure love, excelent quality! and the color is perfect for Judy, it has a combination of grey, black and white hairs that make it more natural. 5/5
(I will use a short wig this time for a less cuter look)

Ears and Tail: I’m not in love with these ears but it’s my personal opinion, the material looks more from another animal different to rabbit. I liked the way they’re done but the hair is too long for this character. I think I’ll make a different pair to use this weekend. The Tail looks pretty good even if it’s the same material of the ears, this piece looks cool with that long hair. 3/5

Vest and Badge: This one was my favourite part of the whole costume! The fabric is strech and looks really cool in person and in photos, you can change the size easily because it has velcro and buckles that make it simple to wear even if you are busty, or flat like me! The badge is perfect! 5/5

Kneepads: I didn’t like the way they look but the material is interesting. I think I’ll make an extra pair to change these though. 2/5

Bracelets, Belt and Pockets: Loved them! I didn’t have to do anything to them and you can actually use the pockets. The material is great and looks really cool in pictures! 5/5

Time: They say the making time is about 7 to 12 working days and shipping time is about 12 to 15 days, but for me, the timing was not that good, it tooked almost 2 months to get the parcel once I made my order, but I think is not their fault. I bet it was something out of their control. 3/5

Service: The person who talked to me was really kind and quick to respond, they always respond to all your questions in 24 hours. 5/5

I will gladly use another cosplay from them, you can find lots of options in the internet but they give you a good service and the final product it’s really good compared to other sites.

I’m really happy with my new costume after all!

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I'm all for body positivity...but strech marks don't suit you at all. Ruins the illusion that you actually have a decent body.

Hold one while I go fetch that fuck I give. No. wait. It’s fucked off too far m'dear 💕