strech music

Stay With Me Forever

GDYB, One Shot, Angst, 5137 Words

“Taeyang doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t act out loud, but he’s a friend that brings a lot of feeling when he’s next to you. I can feel his naïve honesty. If there could be one friend next to me when I die, I hope it’s Taeyang.” - G-Dragon (2014)

It happened in an instant.

The January night was crystal clear and a layer of soft white snow covered the ground in a thin blanket from last weekend’s winter storm, making everything glow and sparkle in the headlights. Youngbae was sitting in the passenger seat of Jiyong’s car as he drove them both home from the studio at twelve past three in the morning and he was still full of energy from their recording session, bouncing around in his seat and tapping his hand on his knee to the rythym of the song playing rather loudly through the speakers. Jiyong was smiling and bobbing his head along to the beat too as he drove, with both hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road.

But neither saw the black ice.

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