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Steven Moffat surprised at 'fuss' over Doctor Who having gay companion

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was surprised about the “fuss” caused by the reveal that the Time Lord would have the show’s first openly gay companion in the new series.

Actress Pearl Mackie, who plays the Doctor’s latest sidekick Bill Potts, disclosed the detail about the character’s sexuality in an interview with BBC News last week.

LGBT characters have featured in the popular series before, including John Barrowman’s Captain Jack and River Song, but Bill will be the programme’s first openly gay permanent companion.

Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie (BBC/PA)

Talking at a screening of the first episode at London’s Ham Yard Hotel, Steven said: “When she did that interview we didn’t know there was going to be all of that fuss. And in a way, there shouldn’t be, that’s kind of nonsense.

“So, just to be clear, we are not expecting any kind of round of applause or pat on the back for that, that is the minimum level of representation you should have on television and the correct response should be, ‘What took you so long?’.”

Last April it was announced that Pearl would star alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, replacing Jenna Coleman who played his previous companion Clara Oswald.

Steven chided the media for its reaction to the sexuality reveal as he referenced a group of schoolchildren sitting in the front row of the screening, saying the “fuss stops now”.

Pearl Mackie (Ray Burmiston/BBC/PA)

He said: “It is important we don’t make a big fuss of this in a children’s show that communicates directly with children, you don’t want young kids who regard themselves as normal and happen to fancy their own gender, we don’t want to make them feel as if they are some kind of special case.”

Jokingly, he added: “Because that’s frightening and journalists – it is not your job to frighten children – it is my job.”

The new series of Doctor Who, which is its tenth, will be Peter’s last in the lead role and Steven’s final stint at the helm of the sci-fi spectacular.

Steven took over Doctor Who in 2010 and during his tenure the show has grown into a global success.

He recruited the 11th and 12th Doctors in Matt Smith and Peter and also added Karen Gillan as companion Amy Pond and Jenna as Clara Oswald to the crew.

Steven Moffat, Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith (Chris Radburn/PA )

Steven said it had been an “amazing experience” to run the show, adding: “In terms of childhood wish fulfilment, I may have the record for the human race.”

Peter will make his final appearance as the Doctor in the 2017 Christmas special.

:: Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday April 15, with the first episode of series 10, The Pilot.
New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy in Works With Rian Johnson, TV Series Also Coming to Disney Streaming Service
Disney has just closed a deal with director Rian Johnson to develop a new “Star Wars” trilogy, and it is planning a live-action “Star Wars” TV series to air on its entertain…
By Cynthia Littleton

Disney to Develop Monsters Inc., High School Musical, Marvel and Star Wars Television Shows

In addition to the announcement of a future Rian Johnson-directed Star Wars film trilogy upon the completion of Episode IX, Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger announced several future projects for the company, Variety reports. Johnson is the director of this year’s Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi

The live-action Star Wars TV series is slated for Disney’s announced streaming service, which means the show will arrive no sooner than 2019.

While there is little information so far on the Marvel or High School Musical shows in development, I will not hesitate to assume the Monsters Inc. adaptation will be animated, possibly continuing the “CG-film turned 2D-animated show” trend established lately by Tangled the Series and brand new Big Hero 6 shows. 

Whatever the style of animation, this announcement may be a good step towards giving the people what we really want: an Incredibles prequel series. (OK, maybe that’s just me!)

- Courtney ( harmonicacave )
‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’: Barry Sonnenfeld Was Booted Off the Movie, and Now He’s Saved the Franchise
A director demoted to an executive producer on the 2004 film, Barry Sonnenfeld had to fight for his second chance at "A Series of Unfortunate Events." And he did not waste the opportunity.
By Ben Travers
Peter Capaldi praises ‘fantastic’ choice of Jodie Whittaker as 13th Doctor

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has labelled his successor in the role of Time Lord a “wonderful actress”.

Jodie Whittaker was named the 13th Doctor on Sunday and will take over from Capaldi from this year’s Christmas special.

Jodie as the Doctor (Colin Hutton/BBC)

Reacting to the news, Capaldi said: “Anyone who has seen Jodie Whittaker’s work will know that she is a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm.

“She has above all the huge heart to play this most special part. She’s going to be a fantastic Doctor.”

Whittaker, 35, is the first female to take on the role.

Stranger Things likely to end after four seasons, say creators

The brothers behind Stranger Things have said they envisage the hit series will draw to a close after four seasons.

The Netflix sci-fi returns for its second season in October, but creators Ross and Matt Duffer can already see the end.

“We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out,” Ross said during an interview published in the New York magazine on Monday.

The first season focused on a band of young friends trying to get their pal back after he disappeared into a mysterious alternate reality during which they forged a bond with hero Eleven, played by British actress Millie Bobby Brown.

“We just have to keep adjusting the story,” Matt added. “Though I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.”

Despite her sacrifice at the end of the first season, Eleven will return for series two, which will premiere on the streaming service on October 27.

Just in time for the movie release, check out the latest article from JSTOR Daily, “Choose Your Own Adventure: The Marvel Universe and Our Cultural Values” 

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron premieres this week and is poised to become one of the biggest movies of the year, in addition to occupying a pivotal place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)—the shared universe that comprises the Marvel movies, television shows, DVD shorts, and comic tie-ins.

Age of Ultron is the sequel to The Avengers, the eleventh movie in the Marvel Studios franchise. Its release comes amid a stream of Marvel-related TV news: Netflix just ordered season two of the show Daredevil, and AKA Jessica Jones is currently filming for the online streaming service. ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recently announced a spin-off, and Marvel’s Agent Carter is primed for a second season renewal.

The continued expansion of the MCU in both TV and movies continues the spirit of the Marvel comics universe, long established as an environment where the reader has control over what stories to read and how to read them. In a 1995 issue of Studies in Popular Culture, Carl Silvio wrote that a founding principle of the Marvel comics universe is the postmodern notion that “contests the idea of center as an organizing and totalizing principle” within a narrative.

For example, each Marvel comic title constitutes its own narrative core, but can be enriched by reading other titles in the universe and participating in crossover events. Expanding this concept to movies and television has been phenomenally successful for Marvel Studios. Viewers can choose to watch only the Iron Man movies, or only stick to the TV shows. Alternatively, a viewer can choose to watch all of the movies and shows, forming a richer understanding of the characters and relationships within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Superheroes in movies and comics are “culturally valuable because they help us better understand our society,” writes Jon Hogan in 2009. Age of Ultron, the latest cinematic addition to the MCU, demonstrates this by continuing to address themes established in 2008 with the release of Iron Man—the intersection of humanity and technology, and how good intentions and technological progress can lead to terrible outcomes. In the new Avengers movie, Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) create Ultron—a sentient robot who becomes obsessed with destroying the human race—as a global defense system after the alien invasion in The Avengers.

The technology is just as much of a star in Iron Man as the man beneath the armor,” writes Hogan. “It is interesting to note that Stark has no special powers: he is a superhero because he knows how to build things.” Genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist Tony Stark reflects the moral ambiguity that surrounds society’s relationship with modern technology.

The expansion of the MCU with Age of Ultron, as well as its continued focus on technology and humanity, indicate that Marvel is upholding the values established by the comics over the last 40 years, and that our superheroes will continue to reflect those values and concerns back at us from the big and small screens.”

Zoe Wanamaker, Miranda Richardson and Phyllis Logan join cast for new Girlfriends

Zoe Wanamaker, Miranda Richardson and Phyllis Logan will confront life for the modern woman “of a certain age” in new drama, Girlfriends.

They will play three childhood friends who find themselves reunited as they deal with divorce, age discrimination, death and grandchildren.

It is created by Bafta-winning writer Kay Mellor, who described the ITV series as a “passion project.”

“I’m aware that there are a lot of women of a certain age who feel like they are invisible and unheard,” she said, “so I’m proud to have the chance to shine a light on their lives and give them a voice.

Miranda Richardson (Anthony Devlin/PA)

“The series is not just a platform for their voices though – there is a big, bold, dark story at its heart, which is shot through with humour.”

Girlfriends will see Linda (Phyllis, 61), Sue (Miranda, 59) and Gail (Zoe, 67) come together after the sudden and unexpected death of Linda’s husband Micky.

But while they already have their own troubles to deal with, secrets and doubts emerge that threaten to tear apart their friendship.

“I’m looking forward to working on this exciting new series with such a stellar cast,” Harry Potter star Zoe commented.

Phyllis plays widowed Linda (John Stillwell/PA)

“I have long been a fan of Kay’s work and am relishing the opportunity to work alongside Miranda and Phyllis.”

Churchill actress Miranda said: “A whole summer spent working on a women-driven script, written and directed by a woman who has proved herself many times over as a force of nature in TV drama alongside some of our most gifted female actors – what’s not to like?”

Downton Abbey’s Phyllis added: “It’s a hugely exciting project and I feel enormously fortunate to be involved in it. I can’t wait to get started.”

The six-part drama will begin filming next month.

Sherlock’s Andrew Scott to play Charles Dickens in new Victorian medical comedy

Sherlock’s Andrew Scott will star as Charles Dickens in a new comedy about the medical revolution in Victorian London.

BBC Two’s Quacks sees the actor swapping his role as the detective’s conniving and chilling nemesis Jim Moriarty for one of the most famous writers in history.

Scott guest stars alongside previously announced cast Rory Kinnear, Rupert Everett, Mathew Baynton, Lydia Leonard and Tom Basden.

Andrew Scott (Anthony Devlin/PA)

Quacks is set in the 1840s, at a time when Dickens was a celebrity both for his literary prowess and as an influential social campaigner.

But when one of his admirers, campaigner Caroline (Leonard) – the wife of leading surgeon Robert (Kinnear) – meets him at his house, Dickens is far from how she expects him to be.

The comedy follows the lives of four pioneers who are fighting to make their mark on the world with their medical advances and daring techniques, all the while saving lives and defying their rivals.

Quacks, starring Mathew Baynton as William, Rory Kinnear as Robert, Lydia Leonard as Caroline and Tom Basden as John (Todd Antony/BBC)

Quacks will also focus on the spectacle that saw doctors flaunting their medical skills as entertainment in a theatre in front of an audience, with operations such as amputations up for viewing.

James Bond and Black Mirror star Kinnear said: “The surgeon would do one show a week, so there would be one public showing, and they would usually try and get the goriest or the most pioneering or the most exciting.

“Obviously when the big crowds were in, you wanted to do your best job, and you wanted to make sure they didn’t die.

“And there is an element of playing to a crowd, sometimes introducing the type of surgery, what the patient is, what the problem is, and Robert loves it.”

Rory Kinnear as Robert (Todd Antony/BBC/Lucky Giant)

Kinnear said his pompous surgeon character is the “biggest arse anybody’s ever played”, but that he is “justified” in his arrogance, due to his status as one of the top surgeons in London.

Away from the medical shocks and horrors, the comedy sees Caroline and psychiatrist William – played by The Wrong Mans and Horrible Histories star Baynton – engage in an affair behind Robert’s back.

Plebs star Basden plays dentist turned anaesthetist John and film and TV mainstay Everett plays Dr Hendrick, in the series penned by James Wood, who co-created Bafta winning TV comedy Rev.

Wood said: “(The surgeons) were the rock stars of their day. They could take a leg off in less than a minute, and they had to because there was no anaesthesia.

Rupert Everett as Dr Hendrick (Todd Antony/BBC)

“It was before they found out about germs so people used to pay to go into the operating theatre to see operations.

“In fact, we call it an operating theatre because you could go and watch. People would smoke during it, eat pies and watch someone go and have their leg sawn off by a rock-and-roll surgeon.”

Quacks begins on Tuesday August 15 on BBC Two at 10pm, and the whole series will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer after the first episode has aired.

Doctor Who fans relish punch for racist character

Doctor Who fans are cheering on the Time Lord for attacking a racist character in Saturday night’s episode.

The episode entitled Thin Ice saw Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and his sidekick Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, travel to 1814 London where they tackled the issues of racism and child slavery.

The Doctor and Bill confront a racist (BBC)

At the beginning of the programme, Bill said: “Regency England – bit more black than I realised.”

The Doctor replied: “So was Jesus. History’s a whitewash.”

That white wash exposé though. #DoctorWho

— devon (@lgbtbillpotts) April 29, 2017

The Twelfth Doctor wearing a top hat AND calling out historical racism is my favourite thing. #DoctorWho

— Tia Owen (@BlazingOptimist) April 29, 2017

Later in the episode, the time-travelling pair visited the house of a rich businessman who insulted Bill and shouted at her for not standing up when he entered the room, telling her that she should “respect her betters”.

The 12th Time Lord, who had been trying to verify whether the man was human or alien, punched him to the ground for the comment.

Bill commented: “Pretty convincing racism for an extra-terrestrial,” and the Doctor replied: “My thoughts exactly.”

twelve punched a racist, will honestly never ask for anything ever again #DoctorWho

— ellie (@bernieswolfes) April 29, 2017

I really love that the real monster of the ep was the white privileged racist man and not the sea serpent #DoctorWho

— luke 🏳️‍🌈 (@gallifreyboi) April 29, 2017

wouldn’t necessarily say it was the best *story* but it definitely had quite a few punch in the air (& one in the face) moments #DoctorWho

— Maj (@1outside) April 29, 2017

#DoctorWho was incredible. Brought up some important issues regarding racism and representation. + racist human as villain? Spoke volumes

— Moneer Elmasseek (@MoneerElmasseek) April 29, 2017

:: Doctor Who continues on May 6 at 7.20pm on BBC One.

Call The Midwife's Laura Main: 'I'm now single'

Call The Midwife star Laura Main has revealed that she has split from her partner.

The 36-year-old, who plays Shelagh Turner in the hit BBC period drama, had been with theatre actor Stephen McGlynn for five years.

She told the Sunday Post: “If anyone were to look on the internet they would think I was still in a relationship, but let’s just say I am now single.”

Laura Main (Ian West/PA)

In the last series of Call The Midwife, Main’s character gave birth to her much longed-for baby.

And the actress said she could not wait to start filming series seven “with baby Teddy”.

“I am looking forward to lots of cuddles on set and being reunited with little Angela, my character’s adopted daughter and stepson Timothy,” the Scottish star said.

Asked about having children herself, she added: “Yes, I would like to have a family – if the right person comes along.”

My greatest hope for the Beliebers, is that they all grow up one day and have children of their own, let real life take it’s course… as he fades into obscurity (or, given his prevalence for illicit substances and dangerous activities, it would not be unreasonable to hypothesise that he might actually go too far one day doing this or that, and lose his life over it).

In anycase, I wish the Beliebers a long and happy life…


Because one day, there will rise to fame and fortune another like Bieber (there is always at least one or two per generation) -with the same attitude, the same ideals, the same disregard for their own lives and those of their fans because fame and celebrity status apparently warps reality so that rules do not apply to them specifically.

And they will watch, in cold-blooded horror as their own children fall under their sway; watch them parrot horrible things that flow directly from the Idol of Millions’ mouth…
‘If ______(star) has sex with you, even if you don’t want it… it’s not rape, because they’re a celebrity!’, they say casually over dinner, and their eyes are full of sincerity, they actually believe the words.

And the Beliebers will remember a time when the same expression was levelled at friends and family as they parroted, “Rape happens for a Reason” to all who would listen, because Justin said so. And if he had said so, it must be nothing but truth? You do not question the words of your idol, after all…


The new-comer celebrity rises to infamy at break-neck speeds -the name is now world-renowned for various reasons and some countries have closed them out for bad behaviour.

They tend to do dangerous, cruel, reckless and honestly, just plain stupid things; they experiment with drugs, have little disregard for their fans who love them despite it, they say crude things, endanger others’ lives by taking risks while intoxicated, and still… their child(ren) watch in awe. Taking it it, modelling their behaviour after them, as children are wont to do (see Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development), and at times they will not believe the things coming from their offspring’s mouths.

They rationalise it, say there were reasons why they did it; defend them when others question what the hell the celebrity could possibly have been thinking, with a mindless passionate fury that scares the former-Belieber parents more than even the prospect of french-kissing the offspring of Voldemort and Umbridge. Some of the actions are indefensible however, and so they resort to angry screaming, or ranting on social sites…


There are now days that they sit by the phone in terrified anticipation of what will happen, one eye on the television streaming the news, and the other one the screen of their mobile, just in case… 

Perhaps today is the day they get the call from the school that their child has attacked another student for daring to say something against this new Star; or maybe it will be a call to the office to discuss suspension for hacking off another student’s hair for the same reason…

Maybe they’ve defaced something with the Star’s name…

Or perhaps something on the internet about their Star, hoax or otherwise, has tricked them into hurting themselves and you will find bloody, sharp objects stashed in their room somewhere… or tomorrow morning they will arrive at the kitchen table hairless, or with their 'idol’s name carved into their arm in bloody gashes…

Then, their Star finally gets caught to the everlasting relief of these former Beliebers, finally they will get a wake-up call… and their children/fans, too.


Wrong… all over the world, their children included, people rally to defend their indefensible and illegal actions; loudly and violently abusing all who raise an opposing opinion such as (shock, horror) that perhaps breaking the law is wrong and therefore they need to be punished.

They will see horrifying things on their children’s social media sites, Hashtags on Twitter or it’s modern equivalent about supporting them through this tough time, how their fans love their New Celebrity and would die/kill/hurt others for them. How they would support them even if they started raping children (pedophilia) [x]…

And they are horrified.

A cold weight drops from their chest into the pit of their stomach as they realise exactly what is happening here, and the circuitous nature of the world. How ironic it is that this should come to pass… and then they will understand.


But until that day, until that very moment… or until someone seriously injures/kills another person for Bieber, they will not get it.

So, until that revelation, until that very MILLISECOND between one heartbeat and the next when the epiphany strikes an entire fandom of kids…


I wish the Beliebers a long and happy life.