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Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber: Info. Graph + Transparency

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber has created many disagreements, since the design diverges from the conception of a traditional lightsaber. Consistent with many Dark Force users, Kylo Ren has chosen a red kyber crystal. Unlike his predecessors, Kylo Ren implemented a cracked kyber crystal into his lightsaber design. The cracked crystal presents some difficulties for the user. Since the crystal is damaged, it is difficult to manipulate and control the energy produced. To focus the crystal’s energy into a plasma stream, the crossgaurd – or the quillon vents – are needed. The quillons help to reduce excess energy created by the kyber crystal. However, the angular placement of the quillons may negate the functionality of the vents.

Each plasma stream creates its own force. Plasma is not static, instead it is in constant motion. The plasma stream of a lightsaber cycles through a loop. The plasma moves rapidly and continuously in and out of the kyber crystal located in the hilt. This means the crystal is pulled in each direction in which a plasma stream is present. In turn, this causes tremendous stress on the damaged crystal as well as difficulty wielding the lightsaber.  

The damaged crystal only partially accounts for the ragged and unstable appearance of the plasma blade. The electromagnetic field which surrounds and assists the creation of the plasma stream has been clearly weakened. Indicators of this manipulation are the varying width of the blade as well as the particles of plasma (flying sparks). There are a few reasons why Kylo Ren would want to weaken the electromagnetic field. First, it could reduce the stress on the cracked kyber crystal. Second, it might allow for the formation of the quillons.

Some speculations: As mentioned in the previous post, Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber is based of an ancient design. I personally wonder if the design specifically calls for a cracked kyber crystal or if there another reason behind Kylo Ren’s crystal selection? What if Kylo Ren specifically uses this crystal for sentimental reasons. It is possible that this cracked crystal was originally implemented in the lightsaber of Darth Vader.

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A stream of plasma burst out from the Sun, but since it lacked enough force to break away, most of it fell back into the Sun (May 27, 2014).

The GIF/movie combines two wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, and covers a little over two hours. Minor eruptions like this one occur almost daily, representing the dynamic activity driven by powerful magnetic forces near the Sun’s surface.

Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA

this game is so fucking weird with the wild pokemon having egg moves now like i’m on route 102 outside petalburg trying to catch a nice ralts for my team and i found a level 3 dude in the grass and i’m like ok cool my level 9 dog will probably kill you so let me just switch in my zigzagoon, it could use some experience anyway, maybe tackle a few times and throw a ball at about half health, that sounds nice and comfy, i look away from my ds for one second to check the moves for ralts and when i look back that fucker’s got his hands up in the air like the goddamn messiah of destruction and there’s blobby purple plasma streaming down my screen as he calls down the primordial death energies of the universe itself, everything is swathed in the roiling darkness of the abyss, my level 2 zigzagoon’s stats are harshly falling left and right and the ralts just fucking faints i guess from the exertion of summoning the goddamn rain of perdition

this wild level 3 ralts knows memento

An aurora, as seen from the International Space Station, glows in green and red waves over the polar regions of Earth. These lights are the result of interactions between the solar wind–a stream of hot, rarefied plasma from the sun–and our planet’s magnetic field. A bow shock forms where they meet, about 12,000-15,000 km from Earth. The planet’s magnetic field deflects much of the solar wind, but some plasma gets drawn in along field lines near the poles. When these energetic particles interact with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the upper atmosphere, it can excite the atoms and generate photon emissions, creating the distinctive glow. Similar auroras have been observed on several other planets and moons in our solar system. (Photo credit: NASA)

I like the idea that if you could suddenly read a dog’s thoughts, the thoughts would all be weird complete sentences like:

“Overhead the sky is busy, streaming, a living plasma.”