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Calling on the Divine Feminine

The steady pace at which we are forced to move, the competitive nature of employment, the endless stream of adverts and judgement on our bodies, the ache inside as we move from one task to the next without acknowledgement. These ceaseless demands made on us sap our strength and exhaust our reserves. We need to pause and to renew our strength. To cleanse us of this rush and to act as a balm on our flagging spirits we call on the Divine Feminine to restore us.

You Will Need

  1. Carnation flowers
  2. A small bowl or dish


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


Sit before your altar, or a safe area to leave your bowl and flowers, with your bowl in front of you and your flowers held loosely in both hands. Keep the stems close to your heart with the blossoms pointing up and out toward your altar. The flowers are your offering to the Divine Feminine. As you hold them, think positive thoughts and gratitudes. Reflect on the ways the Divine Feminine has inspired you, sustained you, and healed you in the past. Either in your mind or aloud, offer genuine thanks for the gifts that have been granted to you: friends, chosen family, moments of peace, strength in times of weakness, surety when you felt doubt.

Extend your arms, lift the flowers up and speak the following while allowing your gratitude to extend out:

Abide with me, let me know rest
Relieve the sorrow in my breast
Let not my strength or joy recede
Mother-healer, abide with me

Place the flowers on your altar.

Lift the bowl and hold it in front of you. The bowl represents your spirit, open and ready to receive. Speak the following:

Light my way in the darkest hour
No foe’s aggression robs my power
Let fear and doubt and anguish flee
Mother-healer, abide with me.

Place the bowl on your altar near the flowers. As She receives your gratitude and accepts your offering, so She redoubles that joy and strength and sends it back to you.


Calling on the Divine: Many traditions have prayers and rituals asking for healing and strength. Whether the Wiccan Drawing Down the Moon or the Catholic Ave Maria, we draw strength from our beliefs.

Carnations: associated with femininity and used in rituals of strength, restoration of magical powers, and healing; these flowers bear a strong connection to motherhood, Diana, and the Virgin Mary.

The Pushing Plan (Baekhyun- Angst/Fluff)

Anonymous: Hello, finally request are open!! I hope you don’t stress yourself with the request. Scenario where Baekhyun has a crush but he doesn’t want to confess bc fear and Chen and Chanyeol make a plan to make him confess, like one pretends to like his crush? This is really cliche but I’m a all about jealousy drama

Band Member: Baekhyun (Exo)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Summary: Chanyeol and Chen decide to do something about Baekhyun’s hopeless crush


“Good morning.” Baekhyun jumped slightly, almost spilling the dark coffee all over his pristine white shirt as he hurried to smile and return the greeting. His smooth lips were outstretched in a large grin that revealed his shiny white teeth and his dark eyes were gleaming with happiness as he watched you walk confidently. A small sigh left him as he observed the way you gracefully strode in the large heels, your presence leaving that beautiful fragrance and the way your neat trench coat billowed behind you. A chuckle left Baekhyun’s lips as your strands of hair fell into your face like a curtain as you seated yourself down and began to organise your desk on the other side of the desk-filled office floor.

A subtle cough caught Baekhyun’s attention and he turned his head away from you and to the desk beside him. Seated next to him at a messy, cluttered desk was a tall man with clear porcelain skin, tousled dyed hair and dark eyes that were slightly rounded. The gangly man held a smirk, and he raised an eyebrow enquiringly.
“Two words- that’s a new record.” He teased. Baekhyun blushed, glancing at you before turning back to his best friend and colleague.
“Be quiet, Chanyeol.” He snapped irritably even though he was smiling. “It’s not my fault she’s so breathtakingly stunning.” Chanyeol laughed.
“Well, why don’t you tell her?” He urged. Baekhyun hesitated, taking a few moments to admire your beauty and grace, before he shook his head.
“I can’t,” he mumbled sadly as he shuffled the papers piled on his messy desk. “Someone like her would never like someone like me.”

A loud laugh emitted from the other side of the office and Baekhyun looked up. His heart sped up and his stomach tightened at the sight of seeing you laugh, your head thrown back and your mouth agape and your eyes scrunched up adorably. His lips twitched till Baekhyun caught what had made you laugh. He clenched his jaw, his throat tightening and Chanyeol followed his gaze. The tall man laughed uneasily.
“Come on, Baek; Jongdae knows you like Y/N. I’m sure he’s not even flirting or anything.” Baekhyun scoffed.
“Jongdae is charming and handsome- he doesn’t even have to try!” He narrowed his eyes with envy at the muscular, good-looking man that was dressed in a handsome fitted suit. He was stood by Y/N, smiling as he said something which made you laugh even harder and hold onto his arm for support.

Baekhyun watched bitterly as Jongdae stepped away from you and began to approach the two desks of his friends. He was smiling brightly and he sighed as he collapsed into a chair opposite Baekhyun’s.
“Want to watch the basket game tonight at mine?” Jongdae asked. Chanyeol smiled, nodding but Baekhyun sniffed.
“I don’t know.” He said moodily. Jongdae frowned, leaning forward and peering at his friend with concern.
“What, why? We agreed to it last week.” Baekhyun shrugged, avoiding his friend’s eyes as Chanyeol sighed heavily.
“Come on,” he encouraged. “You have to come.”


Bottles of alcohol and bowls of food littered the coffee table that sat in the middle of Jongdae’s living room. The owner of the cosy apartment has settled himself in his favourite armchair whilst on his large sofa, Chanyeol and Baekhyun had seated themselves. Excitement bubbles in their stomachs as they waited for the long stream adverts to finish playing so they could finally watch their two favourite teams play against each other in basketball.

Jongdae glanced at the table and sighed heavily.
“I forgot the tissues; the missus will go crazy at me again for all the stains.” He turned to Baekhyun, smiling sweetly. “Be a mate and go get them from the kitchen.” Baekhyun exhaled, narrowing his eyes at the traitor but he obediently got up and walked to the kitchen.

Just as he was about to return the living room he stopped dead. He hadn’t heard right, had he? They weren’t talking about you surely?
“I think I might confess tomorrow to Y/N.” Jongdae was saying quietly.
“But Baekhyun likes her.” There was a pause.
“I know but he’s had ages to do something about it and he hasn’t. This should mean it’s my turn right?” Not wanting to hear his best friend’s reply, Baekhyun happily bounded into the room, grinning to hide the heart-wrenching he felt inside.

That night Baekhyun slept awfully. All night he thought of you as he tossed and turned into the early hours of the morning. The little sleep he did have consisted of nightmare after nightmare of you rejecting him and falling for Jongdae instead.

Morning came. Dull and dreary-eyed which were hooded with eyebags, Baekhyun slouched into work. A feeling of lethargy and melancholy had filled him, and he could think of was you and Jongdae. Perhaps you had said no. Most likely you had said yes, and suddenly felt most dearly for Jongdae, never knowing of Baekhyun’s feelings for you. Perhaps now you wouldn’t even care even if you did find out.

Baekhyun was greeted by your beautiful smile as he sat at his desk.
“Late night?” You enquired sweetly. Baekhyun could barely even manage a smile.
“Something like that.” He mumbled. He looked up at you, his chest tightening at seeing your gorgeous face brightened with your laughing smile. “I think you’ll be very happy with Jongdae.”

Seeing a frown flash on your face was not what he had expected.
“Jongdae? What are you talking about?” You demanded. Baekhyun furrowed his eyebrows, leaning forward.
“You mean he hasn’t confessed yet?” You gasped, clapping a hand to your mouth.
“Jongdae is going to confess? But I saw him just before! Oh my goodness, I don’t even like him like that!” Relief flooded into Baekhyun as he exhaled heavily, laughing weakly.
“You don’t like Jongdae?” You shook your head.
“Why?” Baekhyun swallowed, beads of sweat beginning to appear as he nervously placed with his shirt sleeve.
“B-because…because I-I like you.” He looked up shyly at you. He began to smile as he noticed the growing blush on your pretty face and your lips twitching.
“Really?” Feeling more confident, Baekhyun nodded.
“For a while now. So, I guess do you want to go out sometime?” You opened your mouth to speak but your reply was drowned out by a loud shriek. Baekhyun and you turned around to face Chanyeol and Jongdae, the two of which were laughing and cheering.
“The plan worked!” They cried, making you and Baekhyun burst out into laughter. Suddenly Baekhyun felt so much at ease; his friend hadn’t betrayed him and he had finally told his long-concealed crush he liked her. The best thing? You liked him back too.

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