Could Puerto Rico once and for all become the 51st state? Its status as a Commonwealth has sparked considerable political debate for more than 100 years. Historically, the main conflict has been between those who want independence, those who favor the current status, and those who advocate statehood. While Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917, they cannot vote in presidential elections and lack votes in Congress. With its people culturally united but politically divided, what is the best way forward? Join us at 7:30pm ET. #pr51 #hr2000 #PuertoRico #estadidad 

A federal judge in Virginia ruled Thursday that the US’ no-fly list, “as applied to American citizens… raises substantial constitutional issues.” The ruling addressed Gulet Mohamed, a Virginian who says he suffered abuses as a result of his placement on the list, and allowed his case to move forward. Read more:

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Today in history: The Ponce massacre in Puerto Rico was one of the island’s most violent events in the past century. The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, whose main objective was working towards independence, engaged in a protest march against the imprisonment of their leader by the U.S. government. Read more: #Ponce

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A Walmart in Cleveland, OH has set up bins affixed with signs that say, “Please donate food items here so Associates in Need can enjoy #Thanksgiving Dinner.”

A company spokesperson says the food drive is proof that the company’s employees care for one another, but one employee at the store says the gesture was a demoralizing acknowledgement that #Walmartemployees are struggling. What do you think?

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