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Let’s Play and Drabbles Announcement (EDIT)

Hey guys! So I finally got my computer set to stream Undertale, it’s just a matter of choosing a day and finding a suitable location - I’ll need a desk in my room and possibly a new mic. So far, the day I stream looks like it’ll be either a Sunday or Monday night, running from 8pm-10pm EST.
The first stream will be either August 14th or 15th!

DRABBLES! - I have a few requests sitting in the wings, and I’m not ignoring you, I just came up with a decision:
Starting this Thursday, July 28th, 9:30pm EST I will be writing drabbles in a live stream!
Requests that have been sent via my inbox will be given first priority, and depending how far I get in the stream will determine whether or not I open the room for more requests or maybe work on the next piece of a WIP.

So send in those drabble requests and I hope to see you guys Thursday Night!
EDIT: So sorry guys, had to change the time because I remembered I have some stupid work-training thing on Thursday nights from this week until September *rolls eyes* I’ll move it to a different night next week, I’ll let you all know.