The Duke and Duchess of Värmland being cutie patooties with little children on their two day visit to Värmland. Sofia gets down to them and lets each smell a flower, included her husband, who was right behind her. Can this couple get any cuter?! ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

So I’m watching the quip lash stream from a couple days ago and can i say. I feel really bad for Dexter because the way it seems he was reading some post directed negatively towards him. Even if it wasn’t that at all i still feel the need to post this because i came into the group hearing bad things about him before i even had a chance to learn all of their names. So this is my view and thoughts on what i see so often about him.

 It must be one of the worst things to go on any website and see stuff written about you that can honestly break you down.I see so many people saying such unkind things directed towards him and even if you do not like him it gives you no right to be a jerk about it. I personally understand the problems that people have with him, some of the stuff he posts/says/does but that does not give us the right to be rude towards someone. He is a person just like we are and even if you feel like he is not being respectful in one way or another you need to understand that being disrespectful back is not going to make it better.

He is part of the creatures, whom have taught me to love someone regardless of what they have done to me and show them kindness when they are tearing you down. The group has shown me that even if you are different from someone you can still be friends with them and show them kindness in a day to day basis. So instead of attacking him(or anyone) with bad notes and hating on him just ignore him. Block the tag if you do not want to hear about him, but please do not try to tear a person down and treat them like they are nothing more than something for your amusement.

I hope everyone has an amazing week and that you understand where i am coming from with this. Feel free to message me and i will try to reply to whatever, just know I might not have all the answers.

We are in a really great position to get the boys back up to the top of the charts given the launch of the new video. As of Monday, we have over 20 MILLION streams in three days on YouTube. For comparison’s sake, the single has been out for weeks, and has 47 million streams on Spotify. Those are INCREDIBLE numbers, but we really need to leverage those YouTube streams for a great position on the chart. We didn’t get the VEVO record, but we can really help them in the charts with the work we’ve already put in if you’re willing to put in just a little bit more effort for our boys.

This is a 15 MINUTE CHALLENGE. It won’t take up much of your time, but your contributions will really help. Of course, if you have the time, it’d be amazing if you completed the challenge more than once. But, all it will take is 15 minutes of your time. Just follow the steps below!

1. PLAY the Drag Me Down video on YouTube. You can navigate out of the tab as you do the next steps.
2. If you have not already, PURCHASE the song. GIFT it, if you have the available funds.
3. SELECT five radio stations from five different states on THIS list by clicking the link in the ‘station name’. Tweet to them something along the lines of: “Please play #DragMeDown by @OneDirection. Thank you!”
4. POST a link to the YouTube video on your Twitter or Facebook. i.e. “Check out @OneDirection’s new video for their single, #DragMeDown.”. In order to help with the Billboard Trending chart, tweet something from THIS list.
5. REFRESH the YouTube page.
6. SELECT five radio stations from THIS list, and fill out the request form. Use the ‘find’ function on your browser to quickly locate 'Drag Me Down’. If DMD isn’t listed, you can fill it in on the blanks at the bottom of the screen. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your name, complete the CAPTCHA, and request.
7. TWEET the video link to three of your favorite celebrities. Don’t spam them - just one friendly message asking them to check it out!
8. REFRESH the YouTube page.
9. PRESS THIS button five times to request to a plethora of different radio stations.
10. TWEET to five radio stations on THIS list by pressing the button under the radio station name.

If you have the time, please REPEAT!

Also, if you would like to assist even more (please do!):
1. HERE is a full list of resources for radio requests.
2. HERE is a 40 hour playlist for Spotify.

Thank you!

Also I cleaned up the pics I took of this guy the other day!

If you were on my stream the other day you got to see me make most of this bugger! I was originally just gonna do him more along my original chibi’s line, but his weird head doesn’t really translate well to my normal doll style. I chucked him a bit more accurately! He’s on his way to a vivi cosplayer and I hope I get to see pics of them together! <3

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