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Essays in Existentialism: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day coming up, how about a themed Clarke and Lexa story?

The hospital swirled with the quiet steady of patients and doctors, all taking their time getting anywhere at all. Nurses stations filled with deliveries of bouquets and cards and chocolates, while the halls were littered with cardboard hearts and babies with little wings and bows. Reds and pinks of every shade and color turned the fifth floor into a haven of sappiness and commercial love.

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So I got my new temporary crown put on my molar today.  

Me before the procedure: So are you taking off the old one and putting on a new one, or just like, remolding the old one?

Dentist: We’re putting on a new one. Unless we can somehow fit your head in an eight thousand degree oven.

Me: Don’t do that. I sunburn easily. 

At which point the dental assistant lost her shit and let out the loudest cackle I’ve ever heard in a dental office. 

They put the temporary crown on and told me to bite down to affix the glue, but when I bit down I cracked the damn crown in half. Apparently it was a defective crown, but many jokes were made about my jaw strength and how maybe I should fuckin’ relax a little if I can bite through a crown while off my face on nitrous. 

Even with insurance it ran me $400 for the temporary crown, the permanent crown, and a surcharge for nitrous (because fuck having dental procedures without nitrous). That hurt worse than my tooth does. Fortunately for my pocketbook I have a medical flex-spending card, but I used up the last of it today, so let’s all hope I don’t break any limbs between now and January. I’ve gone over a year without having to have surgery upon my insides or a cast affixed to my person, so I think we can keep the streak alive. Traditionally I only get seriously injured in the summer months at any rate, so there’s that at least. 

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Hello :) I would like 69 for Supercat prompt pp !

69. Casino :-)


Kara’s eyes went wide at the word. She turned her head to look around, everyone was watching. The background noise floated to her ears; hundreds of people chattering, glasses clinking, an occasional whoop of victory.

When Kara looked back, Cat repeated, “Blow.” She arched one perfect eyebrow, waiting.

The surprised assistant darted her gaze down to the two clear, red dice Cat was holding out to her. Looking back up, Kara quietly stammered. “I, um, I don’t understand, Ms. Grant.”

Cat took an impatient breath, rolling her eyes. “For luck.”

“Oh!” Kara adjusted her glasses, suddenly comprehending. “Right.”

This was one of only a handful of times that Kara had come on a business trip with Cat. They were in Vegas, and Cat had been on a winning streak all night. Who was Kara to stop it?

She bent toward Cat and blew a gentle breath over her open palm. Her boss’s look of irritation turned into a small and satisfied smirk.

Turning back to the craps table, Cat confidently tossed the dice. Everyone around the table leaned in with anticipation.

The boxman announced, “Lucky number seven!”

Everyone around the table cheered. They’d been betting on Cat for over an hour. Cat threw her hands in the air with a bright smile and a loud, “Yes!” Kara laughed, watching her.

Cat grabbed her glass and took a long swig. She looked over at Kara and the bright smile softened to something more affectionate. “My good luck charm,” Cat said.

The stickman directed the dice back over to Cat. She snatched them up, instantly offering them to Kara again in her open hand. Kara didn’t need to be prompted this time.

Taking an unconscious step closer, she loosely wrapped her fingers around Cat’s wrist and blew over the dice. Their eyes locked and Kara could tell Cat was slightly startled at the bold touch. After only a second, Cat’s usual aplomb was back in place.

Cat tossed the dice again and, again, the table erupted in applause. Kara grinned at Cat’s enthusiasm. She would continue using her superpowers all night to keep Cat’s winning streak alive if it meant Cat kept flashing that gorgeous smile at her.

snapstreak - one

Originally posted by nochuie

genre: fluff
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: in which your snapstreak with hoseok is in danger because he decided to go without internet access for ten days but he hires someone to maintain his streak
words: 1.1k

read on ao3

day one

your hope sent you a snap!

“Okay, we’re boarding the plane soon,” Hoseok says, the camera starting to shake when Jin barges into the frame, sending flying kisses all over the place. “Jin-hyung! I’m trying to send a mess—”

You laugh when the video cuts off at the ten second mark, immediately holding down on the snap to re-watch it while waiting for Hoseok to send another one.

your hope sent you a snap!

“Alright, we’re leaving for Palawan in about ten minutes, and I promise we won’t lose our streak because I got someone to take care of it for me! I’ll be back in ten days!”

He blows a kiss towards the camera just before the video is cut, and you grin, taking a video of yourself catching the kiss before sending it to him with the caption, “have a safe flight!!!!”

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Status: Alive!AU


  • sam cries when he holds his daughter for the first time
  • aelin teases him about it, of course, but she can’t stop smiling when he holds her
  • after much debate the new princess’ name is raina - “happiness” or “queen”
  • she has sam’s dark hair but the ashryver eyes
  • her ears are a little pointed and her teeth a bit sharp but that’s as far as it gets
  • one night they’re watching her sleep and sam goes:
  • “you remember that night all those years ago? when you told me everything?”
  • aelin just hums a yes and strokes the dark fuzz that’s begun to grow on raina’s head
  • “well i remember distinctly you said children of a queen not child”
  • raina almost wakes up as her bedside table starts smoking. almost

ps do not under any circumstances imagine aelin reserving the honor to crown sam do not imagine their wedding do not imagine sam with a crown do not imagine their people chanting “long live queen aelin! long live king sam!” 

the signs on snapchat

aries: lots of quality of selfies, nature snaps, humble brags but in a cute way, all of the pet pictures, uses a lot of stickers, sends snaps to all their friends to remind them that they love them 

taurus: posts fifteen snaps every day on their story, knows they’re cute and makes sure everyone else knows they are too, love their friends and post about them on their story all the time

gemini: always posting pictures of their sig fig, has snap streaks with every person on their friend list, insanely high snap scores, take videos of their friends doing weird shit

cancer: doesn’t post on their story that often but when it is it’s 100 pictures in a row of their pet, saves all of their chats, don’t care if their selfies are ‘cute’ because they know they look great at all angles 

leo: treats snapchat like their personal blog and autobiography, keeps snap streaks alive no matter what, posts snaps on their story and also sends the same snaps to their friends to make sure everyone sees them

virgo: posts pictures of friend’s pets and cute dogs they see on the street, take several selfies and then caption them to tell a story, either v emotionally honest in their stories or not at all there’s no in-between

libra: 100% selfies, loves using all of the new snap filters when they come out, pictures of their sig fig so they can call them out on something funny they did that night, know they’re hot shit and want everyone else to know it too  

scorpio: sends selfies to all of their friends because they want that affirmation, funny stories, double and triple checks that they aren’t posting nudes onto their story, delete story snaps if they don’t get enough views

sagittarius: posts pretty aesthetic stories, snaps sunsets and sunrises, like to remind people that they have an active social life but not in an annoying way

capricorn: video stories about the weird adventures they’ve had, posts selfies when they’re feeling very confident about themselves which is all the time, all of their stories take three hours to flip through fully

aquarius: eighteen couple pictures in a row, know they’re super cute in selfies, think their pets are cuter than yours, their stories make them seem really put together purposefully even when their life is going to shit

pisces: live really crazy lives but only post about boring things on their story, take really great selfies but don’t post them that often, they have a lot of feelings and just want to publicly share them

今日はいちごの日 🍓

Keeping the streak alive this year for 01/05! Bleach has amazing art, so I still collect all the original volumes even though I stopped reading a long time ago (a series can’t end if I don’t read it, right???) Kubo’s style has made a big impact on me since day 1, and it’s always nice going back and reading Zombie Powder to see his growth as an artist as well.

idc that IchiRuki isn’t canon Orihime can go somewhere else and scream Kurosaki-kun!!1! into the abyss

HEY FAM MOLLY IS FEELING ESPECIALLY EMOTIONAL TONIGHT SOOO anyone who knows me knows that I get real lovey dovey when it comes to my friends so this is literally just me telling some people that they rock and I love them.

@bellamublake thank you for being my first close friend in t100 fandom and responding to That Post almost 6 months ago and now for being someone I can literally always count on - whether that’s to get me to calm down and stop crying from hundreds of miles away or helping me figure out what’s wrong with my coding for my theme until after midnight. also you’re a babe and your gifsets make me cry like wow your fiance better know how lucky he is.

@bobmorlee thank you for always whining about mornings with me and for being a constant even though I’m basically never online and just being a fabulous friend and wonderful person and also for making me cry with your creations.

@bellamyblakesgun we’re newly pals but you appreciate the pictures of my puppy so we’re basically bffs already (olly loves you too) and also thanks for being fr the sweetest and funniest person ever.

@ghostlyleia you changed your url gosh this is what i get for not being on tumblr but thank you for being an a+ pal and yelling over my fic and always keeping our snap streak alive - our bitmojis are real cute together.

@cheylblossom thank you for being the only one who cares enough about my love life to always ask me about The Boy and actually care about the answer, you’re the sweetest little bean and also fricking gorgeous???? like??? and guess who can’t wait for next month ahhh!?!?!

@stilinskikissme thank you for being the Cool Aunt and in general for just being a super fun person to talk to and you’re so talented and I lowkey was tumblr-friend-crushing on you before we were in the network group together so I’m glad we’re friends now also I think our dogs should be friends

@ravenclaw-helena WE LITERALLY DO NOT EVEN HAVE TIME FOR THIS CRAP OK I just wanted to make sure you didn’t feel left out because like you know that one quote about friend-soulmates? yeah, that’s us. In the cheesiest possible way bc I know you love that about me ;)))))

aaaaand because I feel like it : I’ve talked to most of you before but mostly I just want you to know that even though we’re not close friends I appreciate you and admire you from afar and I’m just really too shy to make friends easily but I think you’re all really rad

@bellamysgriffinprincess @reputaetions @bellhound @tracylorde @bellamybb @griffndors @flawlessbanshee @bellameblake @stardustbell @ravensrcyes @lovelylincoln

Competitive Tom

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood


Alternative Tom and Conny play an online quiz. Fluff nonsense and adult toys.

“What are you doing?” He asked me, as I was rolling around on the sofa laughing.

“Are you looking at porn again on Tumblr?” 

“No I’m not” I said between fits of giggles, hiccoughs and tears, streaming down my face.

“I’m doing an online quiz” I told him desperately trying to control myself.

“Can I do it?” This was too good to be true 

“Of course dear”

He walked over to me to find my Facebook page open on a quiz entitled……wait for it “Dog toy or Sex Toy”

“Well that has to be easy” he said all cocky.

“You’d think so wouldn’t you? but I only  got 8 out of 15 right” his eyes lit up and that competitive streak came alive.

“I’m about to beat you”

The first few he did as I did, some correct some not and he scowled

“This is silly they should be nothing alike, Jesus can you imagine my Auntie turning up and the dog we haven’t got yet, playing with your faithful friend T.O.M.”

“The Orgasm Machine, would be a touch upset I think, and so would Auntie. By the way what kind of dog aren’t we getting and will Bentley our non-existent cat like him?”

“I will discuss that with you in bed at Snuggling time, now I want to finish the quiz” and he turned back to the computer screen.

The next two pictures came up.

“Oh easy Rover is hardly likely to play with anal toys, it’s the pink one” he confidently touched the button on screen.

It was the black one!

“What the fuck, what the hell do you do with that?”

“I tell you later” I replied with a winked

“Last one” Tom stated and up came these two.

“Well cute Duckie has to be the dog toy and rude carrot, well who would have thought it of a root vegetable?”

“You don’t read smut fictions much do you?” I said.

Rude carrot was the dog toy and cute innocent duckie had a very naughty secret. She was a three-speed massage toy and vibrator. We looked her up, just to make sure you understand that the quiz was correct

The product description said

Transform boring bath times into pleasure-packed playtime's with the new and improved I Rub My Duckie. As cute and discreet as its predecessor, the massages and vibrator now features a multi-speed motor to make time in the tub extra special.

Tom lost it at this point and EHEHEHEHEH till he cried.

Created to perfectly impersonate the classic rubber duck design, it’s near-impossible to unveil this vibrator’s sexy secret - that it doubles as a soothing 3 speed vibrator. Let the waterproof little fella float in your bath or sit by your bed with nothing more than those come-hither blue eyes to give away his true calling.

“Darling he takes after you he has big blue come-hither eyes, I wonder if he’s better in bed?” I laughed

Squeeze his back and relax as he slowly seduces you, massaging your tensions away with his 3 vibration intensities.

“Well all I need is a squeeze but not necessary my back”

Made from skin-safe rubber, this model is softer than the original for improved comfort. And once you’ve finished using it, clean up couldn’t be easier - a quick splosh in your bathwater should see it restored to its sunshine-yellow glory.

“And just like you he’s easily washable we should get one” I said.

When we had stopped laughing we decided we would get a cute three-speed Duckie just to see, and we added a few other items from the very interesting website to our online shopping basket.

Three days later, the doorbell went and a brown box arrived, with very colourful contents.

So I sent Tom this. Trust me it’s worth watching now you know his secret!


Pictures not mine I just played and if you want a little yellow duckie with the blue come hither eyes they can be found on LoveHoney.

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It was another stressful practice. Oliver was pushing everyone hard, yet again, his need to win getting stronger. And it did not help that they were up against Slytherin in the next match. The competitive streak was alive and well. So, you decided to visit and pack him a little picnic for break time.

“George and Fred would you knock it off and bloody focus!” He roared. The team was huddled up for the game plan. “I will be happy to replace any distractions, now is not the time! Now, as I was saying if we stick with this strategy, we’re sure to win! Any questions? It’s simple really.”

“Actually, I have one,” your twin, Harry slowly raised a hand.

“Yes, y/n? Uh, I mean Harry,” he slammed his palm into his face and the team greeted you to the field with an eruption of howls.

“You do realize we’re fraternal right?” His face grew red.

“What about us?” You raised an eyebrow, giving your boyfriend a quick peck on the lips as a hello.

“I’m sorry, my good luck charm distracted me,” he gave you a kiss in return, this one deeper than yours.

“Ok, mixing us up is one thing, but this is another, please my eyes are burning!”

“Alright team, let’s break!” He laughed and they all ran off giggling.

“Again?” You laughed, “Still can’t figure out which one is your girlfriend, ey?”

“Oh, stop! It was an honest mistake!”

“I don’t know, I think you’re starting to like Harry more, what with all this time you’re spending with him,” you teased.

“Season’s almost over and I’ll be all yours before you know it. Now come on, Harry, let’s enjoy this lovely lunch you made.”

“You did it again!” You playfully tried to swat him.

“Just kidding!” He dodged it and scooped you up, running across the field with you and the basket into the empty meeting room.


100 Days of Practice - Days 27 and 28 (I forgot to post yesterday because I was at my Sister’s fiance’s birthday party until late)

Due to circumstances I’ve ended up with a TV in my room for the foreseeable future and it’s ended up having to live on top of my electric keyboard - the keyboard is still usable but the music stand is not, so I decided to plug in my Wii to the TV and use the internet on that to access IMSLP and get my music up on there….

The above snapchats were those I sent to @violapianolife as I tried it out for the first time, looking for my part for Mahler 9 😝 (also sent all these to @violapianolife to keep our streak alive while he couldn’t charge his phone - 48 Days going strong 🔥😝)


Japanese Men Winning Skate America

2005 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2006 - Nobunari Oda (SP | FS)
2007 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2008 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2010 - Daisuke Takahashi (SP | FS | EX)
2012 - Takahiko Kozuka (SP | FS | EX)
2013 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)
2014 - Tatsuki Machida (SP | FS | EX)

Birthday with Scorpio

So my friend’s birthday is coming up but I’m too much of a sloth to write her enough stories beforehand- whoops! sorry…. the rest will come with time


The last thing you expected to see, coming out of the shower, was the door to your room opening on its own accord.
Clutching the towel tighter around you, you stumbled backwards nervously, spare hand fumbling along the counter for something to defend yourself with.
Your boyfriend’s face appeared through the gap of the open door and you gasp.
He turned to you, as if his bursting randomly into an apartment was the most natural thing ever. The dark eyes scanned over your body, wrapped lopsidedly in a towel, and you felt yourself grow uneasy at the way he was staring. The fair skin of his cheeks reddened.
“Why are you wearing just that?!” He snapped, a little too loudly, trying to cover his embarrassment with his volume.
“I- Hey!” For a moment you thought of explaining yourself to him, and the better sense catches up. “Why are you barging into my house like this?”
Scorpio huffed.
“I did not barge.”
“Either way!” You wrap your towel tighter around yourself and frown in his general direction. “You can’t just storm in here on your own!”
“Apparently I can.” He raised an eyebrow at you, his lip curling up with interest and amusement. “I just did.”
“You’re not supposed to!” You shoot back, and Scorpio still looked unruffled by your concern.
“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes and glanced at you again, his face - which was just turning a normal colour - flushed again and he looked away. “Get dressed. We’re going out.”
“We’re going out.” He heaved a heavy sigh. “Do you need help with that? Seriously, what a hassle.”
Scorpio snapped his fingers and your towel burrito turned instantly into a simple black summer dress. It followed the curve of your body along your sides, flaring out into a nice skirt at the bottom. Its low neckline was rimmed with black lace, equally hinting to and hiding the valley of your chest beneath it.
“Let’s go.” He said curtly, grabbing your hand and turning away to yank you out the door. As he did, you caught a glimpse of a lasting blush on his cheeks, and you smiled.
“Where are we?”
You look around you with sheer wonder, not able to get enough of the beautiful scenery that surrounded you and your boyfriend from all angles. The rich long grass, soft and supple beneath your feet, the stars that seemed to whirl all around you, the sounds of the rustling water in the distance, the autumn painted trees and waved their branches in the breeze…
“How would I know?” His cool, deep voice snapped you out of your dreamy reverie and you glance over at him, smiling despite the unromantic reply. Scorpio was still clutching your hand, dragging you along with him slightly roughly. He led you to where one of the largest trees stood, letting you see the ensemble he had laid out under it.
“Scorpio!” Your voice came out in a soft, pleased gasp, and he felt a rush of pride. “You did all this?!”
On a dark blue blanket, there was a picnic basket. Scorpio beckoned for you to sit down and fumbled around in the basket, muttering quietly to himself. He extracted a wine glass and shoved it at you, dumping red wine out of a bottle into it with a slosh. You watched him excitedly, delighted with the thought he had put into this.
The sky was inky, a velvet backdrop sprinkled with diamonds. You clink glasses with Scorpio and he watches you intently as you sip.
“It’s really good!” You exclaim, and his tense face finally softens. “Where did you get it from?”
Scorpio’s body seemed to stiffen a little, and shrugged off the question without answering.
You, however, were too occupied with the scene above you to pay much more attention to pursuing the answer to your question.
“Look! Scorpio, look!” You grab his arm - hard - and pull as you point with the other hand to the sky, coming alive with streaks of silver. He rolled his eyes at your excited reaction and tugged his arm out of your grasp, freeing himself before taking your hand and gripping it tightly. Scorpio smirked, feeling the familiar sense of your thoughts flooding his mind.
“You like it, huh?”
Eyes stretched wide with excitement you turn to Scorpio and nod. 
“Yes! Yes! Very much!”
“What a goldfish, so amused with just a little meteor shower.”
“It’s particularly nice because you planned it!”
Scorpio blinked in surprise, and his face turned faintly red in the dimness.
“You…” He looked away and was silent for a while.
“Um….” A little worried, you tap him on the shoulder and Scorpio jumps. “Are you okay?”
He shoved something at you, and you recoil at the unexpected presentation.
“What’s this?”
You open the small box carefully to find a slim silver pendent ending in an onyx crescent moon. It was dark as the night above you, ever so faintly reflecting the twinkles overhead.
“Scorpio!” You breathe out, chest bursting with pure happiness as you look up at his shy but pleased blush. “It’s so beautiful.”
“I’ll put it on.” He said quickly and snatched it from you, skirting behind you to hide his blush.
“Ow!” You jump.
“Sit still.” He grumbled, a guilty pang in his stomach as he let go of the strands of hair he accidentally pulled on. Scorpio’s voice dropped a few levels quieter. “Sorry.”
He managed to snap the clasp together and wrapped his arms around you from behind, pushing his hot cheeks against your skin as he closed his eyes and drank in your scent and thoughts.
“Scorpio…” You lean into him and sigh contentedly, gazing up at the tiny flecks of the stars overhead. The faint breeze stirred your hair, flicking across Scorpio’s nose.
He sneezed.
“Goddammit.” He snapped. “Your stupid hair, woman.”
You giggled and brushed it all to one side, laying it over one shoulder.
“Should I cut it?”
Scorpio stared at you for a long moment and furrowed his brow a little, as if evaluating the look.
He looked down for a long moment and stared past you pointedly, his face still as beet red as ever.
“I like your hair.”
You giggle some more and snuggle right back up against him. Scorpio clutches you close, his grip firm and possessive as the two of you lie back onto the grass, staring up at the endless expanse of darkness beyond you.
“Happy birthday.” Scorpio mumbled.
“Thank you.” You roll onto your side and prop your head up, smiling at him sweetly, loving him to bits as your eyes followed his every move.
Scorpio just smirked as he suddenly launched himself from the lying position to knock you onto your back. Pinned down under him, you blink surprised eyes, and you watch his lip curl up even more in pleasure.
“Happy birthday.” Scorpio chuckled and brought his lips to yours. Under the stars, you wrap your arms around him in the softest kiss from the man you love. The wind picked up closer to midnight, the branches swayed, yet your heart stayed warm as you snuggled up against him to stargaze.