“I like the screaming guy.” - A dude standing next to me

There was a lot of great talent tonight at the Art Lab! I wasn’t planning to stay the whole time, but I did. I regret not recording some of the performances.

Alright streaac​ (sorry it’s not letting me tag your main) I know this is kinda old but here we friggin go. This is going to be pretty long, and for that I am not sorry.

39. Introduce one of your OCs an entire freaking AU hold onto your pants

Deity’s Arrow: an overview

1. Time Period

First of All: this AU takes place somewhere in the “defeat” timeline. For those of you who don’t know, this is the one where Link dies in the final battle against Ganon at the end of OOT. All four of the “classic” games (LoZ, AoL, ALttP, and LA), as well as ALBW lie in this timeline. I generally take it to be after albw, but really it could go anywhere.

In this era of Hyrule’s history, the old bloodlines have gotten pretty dilute. Few people have the trademark pointy ears of hylians, and in most that do they’re not very pronounced. The only exception to this are the Royal family and their close relations, in which they’re super long and elegant. 

The Gerudo, Gorons, and Zora all still exist, but I won’t go over them for now.

2. I don’t care I’m here for the fierce deity TELL ME ABOUT THE FIERCE DEITY

There are a huge number of headcanons and theories about who and what the Fierce Deity and Majora exactly are, as well as a little official info. This is basically my personal take:

Since time immemorial there have existed two opposing forces. The Deity and Majora are the embodiments of these, and they exist only to oppose each other. For thousands of years they have chased each other across different worlds and planes, leaving their (destructive) mark wherever they go. It’s a cat-and-mouse game; Majora arrives somewhere and causes havoc, while the Deity pursues them, following their trail of devastation. So far, each time the big D has caught up, Majora has escaped. At some point in the past, the two were sealed into masks in an attempt to harness their incredible power (by whom is unknown; but they were almost definitely incredibly powerful and just as stupid). 

With OOT Link being, of course, dead, Termina could not be saved; Majora crushed it under the Moon and fled once more, the Deity chasing them onward. (note that in the other timeline Link was able to destroy Majora completely using the Deity’s power. Having no purpose any longer, the Deity faded entirely. But that’s neither here nor there.) At some point in the future the two end up in Hyrule, still being drawn inexorably together…

3. So who’s our Hero this time?

Into this world is born a girl named Link:

She lives in a little house at the edge of the woods with her parents; her father is a hunter/trapper. She’s a somewhat sickly child, and hasn’t been away from home very often except when her father takes the family on the yearly trip around Hyrule to sell furs/other wares (it’s not particularly long; basically to Castle Town and back. There are definitely huge parts of the country she hasn’t seen). Despite her weakness she’s a very good shot with a bow, although she needs a pretty weak draw (the strength required to pull the string back, basically). She’s also pretty good with animals. In general, she’s pretty much down with her lot in life, and lives a largely peaceful existence. She does possess the Triforce of Courage, but it’s dormant. No funny birthmark either.

It’s pretty clear that physically, she’s not up to the challenge of saving Hyrule from whatever is threatening it this time around. She’s also quite attached to her parents/home life and wouldn’t be likely to leave of her own volition. The Goddesses ain’t pleased. (it should be noted that they are not in direct control of who is in possession of the pieces Triforce). However, this Link is a direct female-line descendent of the “knights’ bloodline” discussed in ALttP, and she’s got the shiny triangle, and they need a damn proper hero, so they take drastic measures.

The goddesses lure her to a place where they have a large degree of influence and give her a new, stronger body, more fit for the challenges ahead of her. The Triforce is awakened and as a result she has a pretty obscene amount of magical power. And they make her look the part because a Hero gotta travel in style.


(side note: this is pretty old, but if you wanna read the whole comic this is from, it’s on my DA [clarneid]. I of course think it’s crap now and badly needs to be redone but whatever floats your boat)

So naturally, after this she… freaks the fuck out. I mean, she woke up looking completely different in a place she barely remembers going to???¿¿¿¿¿???¿¿ and her own parents probably wouldn’t recognize her like DAMN. THAT’S ROUGH BUDDY. And then getting told you have this bigass destiny shit riding on you like wjat the fVCKGIn HELL.

SO naturally instead of confronting it or doing something smart like attempting to explain what’s going on she runs away, taking one of the family’s horses and her favorite bow. And also she maybe isn’t particularly fond of the Goddesses now. Nice job guys.

4. Meeting of Deity and Link

So fast forward a little while. Link ends up finding the Fierce Deity’s Mask… somewhere (one of the things I haven’t decided yet, unfortunately). The Deity offers Link a deal: in exchange for helping him find Majora he will grant her one favor. Naturally, she wishes to return to her old self, and the deal is sealed. She breaks the mask, and the Deity inhabits her bow. Through it he can communicate with her mentally and she can use his power in arrow form to some degree.

Although Majora is clearly a danger to Hyrule, there might be other players in this story…

That’s basically the gist of it! There’s some other stuff I haven’t fully fleshed out yet and there’s a lot of things I haven’t mentioned in this post (feel free to inquire further, I enjoy talking about this shit). Apologies for the massive text wall.

☆ Long Posts of My Anime Expo 2016 Experience: Part 2 ☆

This is for Day 01 of AX! Which, for me, mainly meant sitting at my table with @streaac to sell our art, posing for pics in cosplay, briefly leaving to GO TO THE TOKYO GHOUL GATHERING, and having excellent dinner with friends YEAH

All the photos and details for both Day 01 and Day 02 under the cut for your dashboard convenience ^^: 

 ☆ [Read Part 1 (AX Day 0) here] ☆ 

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May the humble be exalted, and learn of the looming peril of power.

Belated birthday art, and a thank-you for my birthday art, for my friend rosaraeeeeeeeee! Eruri is easier for me to draw. Probably because Levi is involved. (/・ω・)/

Concept based on the anecdote of the Sword of Damocles. To paraphrase wikipedia, Damocles, who admired the wealth of his king, Dionysius, was given the opportunity to also experience this luxurious lifestyle as a ruler. However, Dionysius arranged for a sword to hang above the throne from a single horse hair. Damocles, frightened by the hanging sword, gives up this fortune, and learns of the fear in which a great man lives.

I feel like Erwin, being the genius he is, knows the risk of his position, and manages to smile and live despite of it. But then there’s also Levi so close to the sword… LOL happy brithday and here’s an illustration threatening to destroy your ship ohmygoodness


I’m working on a story that takes place in between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess that focuses on Sheikah. And a certain visitor from Termina…

This is sort of a prologue.

Been picking away at these two pages over the past week and a half. I’m posting it now before I obsess over the details and never post it. At this point, I just needed it to get done so I can sidestep and work on merch with this little bit of closure. =__=

“If you shoot that which releases the sacred golden light into the blood-stained, red emblem outside the temple, it shall rearrange things, in which the earth is born in the heavens and the moon is born on the earth.”

I think the image is best viewed in its entirety, not on a scroll. Please click through to the blog! (UPDATE: ARGH use ctrl minus if it’s still too big -__-’)

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I made a mounted poster of this drawing of Taka I made about 10-ish months ago. 

I’m planning on submitting it to my school’s Art Lab, in which people submit artwork that relates to a chosen theme. This month’s theme is OPPORTUNITY!

Even though this drawing is not really new, when I spotted it in my portfolio, I realized how much this image of Taka speaks to me. I want to use this year as an opportunity to become better at Japanese and to just become a more knowledgeable human being. 

Just think, seizing a moment that seems so minuscule can completely change your world! I MEAN WHAT IF TAKA REFUSED WHEN TORU INSISTED THAT THEY MAKE A BAND?! OHMYGOSH. THIS THREAD ON TUMBLR WOULDN’T EXIST! 

The orange color was meant to represent energy and that healthy dose of determination! Seize those opportunities!!!