straywind cosplay

Here’s a photo of part of the costume that I’ve kept under wraps as I worked on it over the last 3 months. The costume is Princess Peach (her classic design). :D She was one of my favourite characters when I was a kid and I’ve always had it at the back of my mind to one day Cosplay her.

I wish I could post a decent preview shot of the costume, but I don’t own a dress form and my house hasn’t really made for a decent background for photos of me in the dress. At this point I might as well wait to wear it at con. (My dress is sort of hiding out in the background as it’s stuffed into a travel bag). XD It’s meant to be worn with a 3-hoop skirt so it takes up a lot of space.

This costume was a total beast to make. I found a pattern that needed only minor alterations to work for Peach that was listed as “easy” but I swear this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever made. I’ve learned that gowns are hard to sew because they become incredibly heavy and cumbersome and that satin is evil! Seriously. The costume has dozens of tiny snags in it and each one made me sad. I almost gave up several times on the costume when I got stuck gathering the skirt to fit in the bodice and it was horrible trying to sew the skirt to the bodice. I did cry working on it then. I also highly doubt I will ever make another ball gown again.

It’s done now, though, and I’m really thrilled. :3 Here you can see what I actually didn’t have much of a hand in. My wonderful friend Pan helped me style the wig (which is an Arda Luthien). She also cut my bangs and sideburns. The bangs are meant to be shaped like Peach’s, but I forgot to brush them together for this quick shot. The side pieces look like an eyebrow mustache. XD It’s pretty cute.

The crown was made by my awesome friend Adrien as a commission. He learned how to resin cast to make it and it’s fantastic! I love how it turned out and I owe him a lot for bailing me out when I made the request a month ago.

After all the blood, sweat and tears I’m super excited to finally wear Princess Peach on Saturday. I’ve never put so much time and effort into a costume before so I hope my vision for the costume will come together when I wear it.

Sorry for the crappy photo. It was taken rather quickly this morning using my iPad before I left for work. I wanted to catch the gems in their glory with daytime light. :3

Also, thanks to Pan, Adrien, Stillvisions and Amber for putting up with me complaining on and off about this costume for the last three months and to my mother for helping me out when I got stuck. <3


I’m fairly set with my plans for Otakuthon next weekend. I didn’t make any new costumes this year, but I did spend a month fixing up my Princess Peach costume after Anime North so the dress sits a little nicer and that ungodly collar has been re-done.

I was hoping to bring my Shinku (Rozen Maiden) costume because I would love to get new photos of it, but I didn’t account for the state of my wig from when I wore it last. It’s in a pretty sad state so instead of wearing a wig that will probably look bad (like every other time I’ve Cosplayed Shinku) I’m just going to wait and order another wig. *sigh* That’ll be wig #3. Maybe book a private shoot at a later date with one of my friends. The costume degrades every time I wear it so I probably will only be able to wear Shinku a couple more times at best. :(

Anyway, as a replacement, I’m going to bring Integra (Hellsing). I could use some new photos of the costume as I bought smaller glasses that will hopefully make me look a little less bug eyed. I took a while to decide between bringing Sailor Saturn or Super Sailor Chibi Moon, but I think Sailor Saturn might be a bit more fun. Lastly, I’m going to be bringing Celia (Harvest Moon) because it’s a super simple costume to pack and it would be nice to wear at the end of the weekend before heading home.

Otakuthon 2013 Cosplay Schedule:


Integra - Hellsing Ultimate

Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon S


Princess Peach - Super Mario Bros.


Celia - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Looking forward to enjoying the convention and hanging out with friends! I hope everything works out with wearing Princess Peach. XD It would be nice to not feel a desire to take it apart post-con to fix it up yet again!

I’ve been spending the last couple of days going back and forth deciding what to bring to the con because I have so much to carry and the weather is going to be on the cool side this year. Originally I had planned to bring Sailor Saturn, but with the staff and with the fact it’s only going to be 13 degrees tomorrow, I don’t think it’s wise to wear it. :( Such a bummer! I’ve been looking forward to wearing it to AN since I asked Amber for the costume last year.

Anyway, I should be wearing Hotaru on Friday as it will be comfy for dealing with the first panel that I’m on (Anime Figures and Statues which is at 7PM). Not long afterward I’m going to change into my new Sherry Birkin (China) costume for the Resident Evil panel, which I’m also a panelist for, that’s on at 11. As a side note, us panelists have no idea what’s going on with the RE panel regarding the guest so for people showing up, sorry if it’s a bit disorganized! We’ll figure it out as we go. (^^);;

Princess Peach is my major costume of the con and I’ll wear it for as long as I can on Saturday. The costume has a hoop skirt and I wear heels with it so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stand wearing it. I’m bringing Integra that I can change into afterward as it’s warm and pretty comfy.

My Sunday costume is Bulma yet again. It seems to be the only day of the weekend that’s moderately warm, but if the weather is cold I might change into Integra or street clothes. I just wish the temperatures were 18 - 22. That would have been ideal.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the con! I’ll probably be super busy on Friday with my panels and what not, but the rest of the weekend should be fairly chill. (^^) Hopefully the dolls I’m carting to con will sell on Friday. I don’t want to have to worry about bringing them home afterward. >.< I’m excited to Cosplay again and see Artist Alley. AN is always my highlight con of the year so hopefully this will be a fun year!