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When people ask me why do I get all obsessed over cartoons and fictional characters:

Me:  Because I can? 

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Wish a very Happy Birthday to my ultimate favorite seiyuu ever ,Be-sama 🎂🎉
Thank you so much for all of your awesome hard work 💖
This man is absolutely fantastic 💖

Anime Recommendations

I’ll start with my Top 5 Anime, that was hard to order, in all honesty Anohana is far more accessible than steins;gate as steins;gate has a slow build up and can be confusing and somewhat tricky to grasp. Also Anohana will crush your heart and soul with feels so be prepared for that. 

1. Steins;Gate

2. Anohana

3. Shinsekai Yori 

4. Your Lie April


Onto Recommended in no particular order 

1.  Little Witch Academia, this really surprised me on how great it was, its a sweet anime that has some really hilarious segments (Akko joining a union)

2. Toradora! I love rom coms and this is amazing one of my all time favorite. Check it out if you are a fan of romance 

3. Bungou stray dogs another one that surprised me, theres a small segment of story in the latter half of the series thats sort of a flashback and it  blew me away. This is more action and comedy (Dazai) with some really nice moments throughout. 

4. Noragami this is in a similar vein as stray dogs its action and comedy throughout with Japanese folk lore

5. Hyouka - A very pretty and lovely mystery anime it can be slow and i guess some may find it dull at points. A good relaxing one (tanaka-kun is always listless is also fantastic for a relaxing anime) 

6. Assassination Classroom- Another all time of faviourite of mine, its funny and has some genuinely good quotes for  life sprinkled throughout its two series.  

7. Fate Zero - Full of action and one of the best out of the Fate stay night series I think, its also got some dark themes in areas. 

8. Death Note- The first half of death note is frankly amazing and is defiantly worth a look in, especially if you have seen the (awful in my opinion) netflix movie and want more or want to see how the original stacks up against the film

9.  My high school romantic comedy is wrong as I expected- This was fantastic and has a really good portrayal of an actual highschool classroom in my opinion. Be aware that the second season has an artistic style change, and sort of a tone change, but its a good one. 

10. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun (dub) - A sort of rom com anime thats more focused on the comedy than romance. It pays out a lot on shojou manga tropes and has good character interactions. 

Honorable Mentions: Something Witty Entertainments Sword Art Online Abridged - this shit is fucking hilarious, even if you dont like SAO its worth a look as its hilarious and does some of SAO better then the original anime (Kirito and Asuna’s relationship) 

I’ll do a manga one after this and may do another one of these at some point


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Batfam Headcanon 1

Batfam Headcanon 2

Batfam Headcanon 3

Headcanons About The Batfamily

Batmom Killed by the Joker


The Youngest Member

What Would A Pregnant Batmom be Like

GQ Edwards Dating Headcanons

Batmom Kills the Joker 


Our Secret  

Batsis - Thighs

Teach Us - Batsis

Hurt Batsis

Batsis Headcanons

Bat Daughter’s First Boyfriend

Been Awhile - Kon x Reader

Alone - Read the triggers on this one!

DC/Marvel Crossover

Jason Todd x Reader:

Please Tell Me That’s Not Real

Why Do You Even Care, We’re Not Even friends

When We’re 50 Wanna Be Each Other’s Backup Spouse?

Little Star

Animal Soulmates


Happy To See You

Sister In Law

A Cup Of Flour

Hate Myself

Pretty Bird

First Words

Halloween Fun

Have A Bite

Early Decorating

First Daughter

Too Young

Kind of Lover


Christmas Proposal

Happy Tears

I care!

Jason Todd NSFW

Find You


Blind Musician



Second Chance

White Streak

Recognize Me

Meet In the Library


Dick Grayson x Reader:

Officer Grayson

Touch Your Face – Blind Reader

Nsfw with Dick Speaking Romanian

Forensic Scientist!Reader

Finally Your Christmas

I’m Pregnant Not Crazy

Asked Out

Pregnancy Pains

Bruce Wayne x Reader:

Secret Part 1

Secret Part 2

Baby Girl




Damian Wayne x Reader:

The Remote

Clark’s Niece

Past Abuse

Damian’s Girl

Batfamily Reaction to Damian Having A Girlfriend

Damian A Cuddle Monster

Her Scars

Don’t Make her Cry

Telling Hubby Dami You’re Pregnant

Damian Announcing That He’s Getting Married

My Mate

Trip and Fall

Stick Around - Blind Reader

Rejected Series (Complete):

Rejected Part 1

Rejected Part 2

Rejected Part 3

Rejected Part 4

Gone Series (Complete):

Gone Part 1

Gone Part 2

Gone Part 3

Gone Part 4

Gone - Roy

Baby Tim Series (Complete):

Baby Tim Part 1

Baby Tim Part 2

Baby Tim Part 3

Baby Tim Part 4

Baby Tim Drabbles

Timmy Todd Series:

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Timmy Todd – Part 5

Stray Series (Complete):

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Joker’s Daughter Series:

Joker’s Daughter Part 1

Joker’s Daughter Part 2

Joker’s Daughter Part 3  

Joker’s Daughter Part 4

Prince of the Sea Series:

Prince Of The Sea Part 1

Prince Of The Sea Part 2

Clark’s Niece Series (Complete):

Clark’s Niece Part 1

Clark’s Niece Part 2

Clark’s Niece Part 3

Clark’s Niece Art by  daisyboobear

Clark’s Niece Part 4

Clark’s Niece Part 4 ½

Clark’s Niece Part 5

Clark’s Niece Part 6

Clark’s Niece - Part 7

Some Girl, Special Girl Series:

Some Girl, Special Girl

Some Girl, Special Girl – Part 2

Some Girl, Special Girl - Part 3

Face the Music Series (Complete):

Face the Music

Face the Music - Part 2

Face the Music - Part 3

Face the Music - Part 4

Face the Music - Part 5

New Sons Series: 

New Sons - Part 1

New Sons - Part 2

Being in a relationship with...

Dazai Osamu (Part 1)

First sight

  • Dazai first saw his future s/o when he was randomly walking in town.They were casually sipping some coffee in a ‘café terrasse’.Was that love at first sight? he didn’t know.But he wanted to approach them.So he slowly got closer and said this:
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to naruto run past you once again?’
  • They would chuckle lighty.Without getting a response, Dazai decided to Naruto run past them.And that’s how they first met and interacted.

First confession

  • His confession wasn’t planned at all.He was spending some quality time with them.And somehow he began to realize that those feelings he had been harboring for them were romantic feelings.
  • So he kind of blurt them out right away.
  • OMG I love you?  He messed up.It wasn’t like him at all to mess up.But he didn’t went back on his words and was waiting for an answer.

First time holding hands

  • It was on a cold winter day.He remembered it pretty well.His s/o forgot to bring their gloves,and their hands were shivering.So, since he forgot to bring his gloves as well, he just grabbed their soft hands and intertwined their fingers.Then,He slowly pulled those hands closer and kissed them lightly.

First hug 

  • Their first hug happened while his s/o was waiting for him at the train station.They were planning to spend some quality time together.
  • Dazai was slowly and discreetly walking towards them.And hugged them tighly from behind while asking ´Guess who’s here?’
  • ‘My favorite bandage boyfriend?’His s/o would ask while turning around to hug him back.

First kiss

  • His first kiss was when his s/o was sleeping.He was staring at his s/o’s lovely face.And he couldn’t help but lean in closer.When he realized it,it was too late.He had already tasted his s/o soft lips.
  • He blushed a little bit,ashamed of his sly act.But he didn’t regret it and was hoping to kiss them again when they were awake.

First date

  • Their first date was a casual one at his house.Dazai invited them over to binge play some videos games together.Turns out that his s/o was better than him.Not wanting to lose,Dazai asked for countless rematch only to be defeated.

First fight

  • Their first fight ensured when Dazai’s s/o realized that he wasn’t cherishing his own life properly.How he was always searching for new ways to double-suicide saddened them quite a lot.
  • Dazai didn’t take their first warning seriously and he always had a silly attitude when talking about this topic.So his s/o made sure that he felt valued and treasured.And that they’d be really sad if he’s not by their side anymore.

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Chuuya’s version is here :D


【文豪ストレイドッグス】 Bungou Stray Dogs


“If my burden could be shed today,

Then I…”

Atsushi Nakajima 中島敦 : @princemaru​ | Osamu Dazai 太宰治 :@arisatounox

Photography/edit 写真: @vicissijuice




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For that kitsune comic series I made yesterday. The quote is from The Fox and The Hound, which only makes this sadder in context.

Oda lives a long life, but isn’t immortal like kitsune Dazai, so he dies of old age and Dazai is left to ponder how short human existence truly is.

Well, now I need to come up with a happy theme to get rid of the sadness, so off I go.

Faceless disappeared for a few months after that.

You guys thought I was done~

I present to you the bonus part for the comics(?) I made based off of @bungou-stray-dogs-indulgences‘s post

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it~ 


I feel like characters being married is something a lot tend to ‘forget’ xD

Being in a relationship with...

Nakahara Chuuya (aka Mr Smooth as Silk™/Part 1)

First sight

  • Chuuya first saw his future s/o when he was patrolling in town for a mission.When they were going to walk away he couldn’t help but grab their wrist.Was it rude?He didn’t know.He just wanted to catch their attention as soon as possible before it was too late. 

First confession

  • That night Chuuya was so drunk.Was he drunk because he was so drown in that love or just because he drank too much wine?He honestly didn’t know anymore.
  • He knew that he shouldn’t fall for someone who wasn’t in the Port Mafia.Because that could be dangerous for them.It was definitely a risky choice to take.But their he was,slowly leaning in and whispering sweet nothings into his future s/o ears.

First time holding hands

  • Chuuya’s s/o was baking their favorite sweet treat.When some mixture fell on their hands.Even though he didn’t really have a sweet tooth,he grabbed their hand and licked the treat off their hands while looking in their eyes.’Don’t waste food you baka’
  • His s/o instantly became a blushing mess.And Mr. Fancy Hat loved that sight so much.

First hug

  • He didn’t really have the urge to hug his s/o since he preferred kisses more.And he thought hugging was way more embarrassing than kissing.
  • So that day,when he learned that his s/o was kidnapped he was at lost. Chuuya was suddenly craving for their touch.
  • He was dead worried about them and more irritated about everything.
  • When he finally found his s/o he ran to them.That wasn’t like him at all but at this point he didn’t care anymore.He hugged his s/o very thighly
  • That hug conveyed everything,his feelings,his worries,his fears, his s/o could see it all.

First kiss

  • Mr Smooth as Silk™ initiated the kiss.
  • It was when they were on top of a Ferris wheel at night.
  • That first kiss was so sweet.Even sweeter than any treat his s/o has ever had.It was an unforgettable experience for both of them.Those feathers-like touches and soft whispers that could make more than one faint,those chuckles he had after kissing and that sincere killer smile of his were for his s/o, and them alone.

First date

  • Chuuya would neatly organize everything.From the night leisure drive around Yokohama to the luxurious dinner they had in his favorite fancy restaurant.While on that ride,he took them to his favorite spot to glaze  the starry sky,and managed to sneak in a long passionate kiss when they were still in awe with all those beautiful sights.
  • He added this cheeky line while chuckling lightly after saying it:’The stars are indeed beautiful but I prefer the one in your eyes though’
  • He would make sure that his s/o wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and that they’d enjoy themselves.

First fight

  • Their first fight occurred when his s/o was trying to save him by shielding him from some enemies.
  • He was frightened at the thought of his s/o getting badly injured because they definitely didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation.
  • He would never forgive himself if something were to happen to them.

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If there is an obvious answer to my question, then by all means ignore me, but I have been wondering about this question of mine for a while now. 

When Mori-san and Fukuzawa are underneath the work of an ability holder, who practically makes the two connected in terms of body symptoms (basically what I’m referring to is the incident when Fyodor states, either Mori-san or Fukuzawa will die if the other isn’t killed, because of the effects of someone’s ability), I was wondering during the events of chapter 50, how in the world, where the two of them able to fight one another in the abandoned mansion without taking effect to that ability users power? 

Maybe I was reading hard enough (Is that a thing..?), but I really don’t understand how either one of them able to fight at the moment, when the two are still underneath the effect of that ability holders power. Does it have something to do with Natsume-sensei’s sudden appearance and his abilities effect..? I don’t know, but if you could explain to me what you think, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks once again for translating the series, would know what to do without your time and patient to translate the chapters for the fandom. Really appreciate your dedication. 

To be honest, it isn’t clear how the two of them are battle-ready.  I think they’re relying on the willpower-is-everything trope, where the two of them just plain want it bad enough to overcome the symptoms of their infection for a brief period of time.  Both men desperately want to save their city and their subordinates, and each is confident the pain isn’t bad enough to deter the other from movement.  It looks like the worst of the symptoms isn’t all-out pain, it’s fever and fatigue, most of which you can kind of ignore (the dizziness would be the worst bit when it comes to fighting).

Which in turn makes me wonder if it wouldn’t have been much funnier to have two middle aged men limping around a room trying to whack each other with sticks while chugging Dayquil and cramming fifteen cough drops into their mouths.  At least if they have the same exact symptoms we know it’s a fair fight.