stray squirrels

Ya’ll want to know something disgusting?

So I live on something referred to as “frat row” — basically, in a rented apartment next to a bunch of townhouses rented by entire frats for brothers who can’t live in the campus frat houses because of crowding. And we’re sandwhiched between night clubs and these frat houses.

There’s a trail behind my apartment that leads you straight to the bars. It is LITTERED with roadkill. Armadillos, stray cats, squirrels, etc. depressing and gross.

Anyway I had to walk through it one day, and I noticed… all the footprints treading through the roadkill. From different shoes. Oh, god. People are getting drunk at these bars and just stomping all over these dead, rotting animals, probably FALLING DOWN ONTO THEM in their drunkenness. Ugh.

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(modcheerio) Happy birthday! I'm so happy! Can we have an individual scenario where Ichimatsu's crush takes a picture of every animal, cat, dog, whatever, and sends it to him with captions like "get a load of that dog!!" and "wowie!! meowie!!" Hee hee, sorry if it isn't very good! Happy happy birthday!!

thank you my dear anon!! im so happy as well you’re my first birthday ask!! and it’s so adorable i hope you like this!! <3<3 (i hope you dont mind if crush will be written in second person!)

 Ichimatsu woke up with Osomatsu smothering him with a pillow. Apparently Osomatsu was a heavy sleeper except when phones went off. Ichimatsu kicked him off roughly and reached over to his vibrating phone. Ah, you’ve sent him two poorly taken pictures (they were extremely blurred) of your neighbour’s fat tabby cat sitting at the window sill. The caption placed underneath it was, “look at this ultimate big sexy” and “i think his tail just waved at me!!”

Ichimatsu couldn’t help but smile and chuckle softly. He thought it was cute that you would send him photos of animals (mostly felines) with ridiculous captions underneath them ever since you found out he was obsessed with cats. Sometimes you send him pictures of wild squirrels and stray cats outside at ungodly hours of the day, and sometimes it made him really worry  as in, what the hell you were doing out in the street at 3 AM in the morning.

Karamatsu put on his sunglasses and struck a pose, “Why’re you smiling like that brother? It’s especially rare to see you like this in the morning, but I’m not complaining of course! Brother, I would like to see you-” 

“He probably got some nudes from his crush.” Todomatsu said casually as he checked his timelines. Ichimatsu grabbed both of Todomatsu’s cheeks and pulled as hard as he could, he’s gone it done it now…

“Wait, Ichimatsu has a crush?!” 



“Yeah Choromatsu, their name is ____, right Ichimatsu?” Jyuushimatsu smiled with that innocently stupid face of his. Ichimatsu was ready to literally kill everybody here, when his phone vibrated again.

“Why the hell are you getting so many nudes?!” Osomatsu cried. Ichimatsu flipped him off and checked what you sent him. 

It was a squirrel in your sink, with the caption, “ICHI PLZHELP THIS SQUIRREL WONT LEAVE!!”. Ichimatsu jolted up onto his feet and got changed to help you get rid of that squirrel. 

“…Is he really going to lose his virginity at 7 AM?” Todomatsu asked judgmentally as Ichimatsu left the room in a hurry.  

“Ah,  the power of love!”

Not Gatekeeping Doesn’t Equal “Free Pass”

There’s been some discussion in the service dog communities regarding gatekeeping, calling out other handlers, calling out “fakers”, and overall service dog behavioral etiquette. We’ve been tagged in several of such posts, many of which have been extremely aggressively worded, targeting other members of the community, and as such, the time has come to write this post on the subject. 

All of us mods are in agreement that gatekeeping is wrong, but what do we mean by “gatekeeping”? When I say that I don’t believe in gatekeeping, I mean that I believe in giving handlers the benefit of the doubt. If I see a handler with an ill-behaved SD, I do not assume that they are not disabled, nor do I assume that they just dragged their pet into the store. 

None of us have the ability to determine what is going on in the background of a person’s life in a two-minute window at the checkout line at Wal-Mart, and unless we are employed at that location, or the handler in question is directly interacting with us, it’s none of our business. 

Not gatekeeping means that we don’t make snap judgments without further investigation, and any action taken should be done in an appropriate, civil, and legal manner, with the intent to come to a peaceful resolution, and not for the sake of arguing, venting our own frustrations, or, worse yet, mocking a complete stranger on the internet where they cannot defend themselves. That being said, none of the above means that we in any way condone irresponsible SD handling, be it the use of a dog who should have been washed out a long time ago, the use of fake IDs, or any other kind of illegal misrepresentation or behavior. 

Not gatekeeping doesn’t mean we believe people should have free reign to do whatever they see fit, it just means we believe someone is innocent until proven guilty, and that the ultimate goal should be to assist someone with their disability and help them come to a legal solution. 

A few days ago, we were confronted with the opinion that it is okay for a service dog to lunge at strangers, exhibit strong prey drive while on duty, or show otherwise problematic and potentially dangerous/aggressive behavior, because “gatekeeping is wrong” and “no dog is perfect”. 

This is not what we believe in. This is not an acceptable or legal standpoint, and additionally it is an incredibly dangerous situation for both the handler and their service dog. 

It is true that no dog is perfect, as they are living beings and not machines. And yes it is incredibly frustrating to invest time and money and affection into a dog who is behaviorally unfit to be a service dog. It is frustrating to have a dog who performs tasks flawlessly, whom you have bonded with, but who is unreliable in the face of squirrels, stray cats, or other dogs. And I believe that when dealing with people who stand before such a difficult decision, an immense amount of tact and understanding should be involved. 

Because realizing when it’s time to give up and accept your dog’s limitations is an incredibly difficult decision, especially for someone who is disabled and depends on their service dog to help them get through their day. 

But it’s still a decision that has to be made. Understanding that it’s a shitty situation to be in doesn’t negate the fact that it’s there, and that something has to be done. We cannot just decide that, just because it sucks, that they should just go ahead and continue working a reactive and aggressive dog. 

Not wanting to gatekeep doesn’t mean you get a free pass to make things harder for the SD teams that come in after you. It just means we’re going to use civil rationale and the law when we discuss the problem with you. 

Not wanting to gatekeep doesn’t mean you get a free pass to work an aggressive, reactive, or otherwise unfit-to-work service dog. It just means we’re going to show you some compassion along the way.


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do the trolls' powers somehow translate into kinstuck? like the serkets being really good at guessing what people think/feel, or the nitrams being really good with animals and such?

yup! They all translate in some way.

The Serkets are all incredibly good social manipulators who can convince just about anyone to do just about anything if they try.

The Nitram boys are all naturally great with animals and were always bringing home stray cats/dogs/squirrels/mice etc. when they were kids and asking if they could keep them as pets.

The Captor kids’ Psiioniics all translate to an innate technological ability, and the voices that Sollux and Aradia heard were imaginary friends they shared as kids. 

The Zahhaks are all Mesomorphs, naturally athletic and strong.

And lastly, the Makaras all have the ability to be utterly terrifying and intimidating when they want to be, they all have a death stare that could put Luigi to shame haha.


Picking up smoking again was a mistake. Not because of the actual smoking, mind you, but because Hank was constantly on his case about it. It’s not good for you, Professor, you smoke too much. Please. He’d known people who smoked more. He was on the back porch, staring out at the tangled jungle that had once been a yard, when he heard something. Something moving in the undergrowth, too big to be a stray or a squirrel.