stray shopping carts

if topp dogg worked at walmart
  • pgoon: your normal cashier, doesnt try to make conversation with you (mentally tries), internally screams when he works the express lane but someone carts up with over 15 items
  • jenissi: early morning shift, feels pain when someone takes an item off the shelf and puts it somewhere else bc they dont want it anymore, buys powdered donuts with employee discount
  • seogoong: walmart mcdonald's worker with hansol and xero, the customers love him and his smile, has accidentally charged someone with '10' orders of cheeseburgers instead of '01'
  • gohn: greets people when they enter, has to retrieve stray shopping carts from the parking lot, once mistook someone as his mom from behind and felt complete embarassment when he tried to hug them
  • hojoon: doesnt get why he works in the home improvement department, during winter wanders around seasonal section to look at christmas lights, doesnt know where everything is so he guesses when customers ask and hopes for the best
  • kidoh: helps out in household essentials section, willing to go to the moon and back to get something off the top shelf for a customer, slips his mixtape into their cart when they're not looking bc it's fire and they gotta experience it
  • sangdo: movies music & books department worker, when he's sure he's alone he jams out to those music samples even if he only knows two of the artists there, gets distracted by and watches disney movies playing in the tv & video section
  • nakta: fellow cashier, always gotta call up the manager bc he forgets how to work the register, tries to start up small conversation with toddlers to seem cool but fails and parents laugh awkwardly and apologize
  • hansol: used to be walmart mcdonald's now works in sewing crafts and party supplies department, gets excited when kids shyly ask him to get things from higher shelves (even if he struggles sometimes), somehow convinces people to buy more than they need of party supplies
  • bjoo: who thought it was a good idea for him to work in the bakery???, doesnt know shit about baking so he just gets people's cake orders and compliments them on their choices (though he'll never know what a chantilly cake is), eats the cookie samples
  • xero: also a walmart mcdonald's worker, makes customers repeat their order once or twice bc 'did they say twenty orders of five mcnuggets or five orders of twenty mcnuggets' either way it's a lot, has asked a customer 'are you sure' bc they ordered something he doesn't like
  • atom: stocks shelves in food section, forgets to put things back when they're returned so he ends up carting around a huge stack of fruit rollups and chips for half an hour until he realizes he hasn't done anything, randomly checks the nutrition facts on products just to surprise himself
  • yano: parking lot cart duty with gohn, takes selfies in the break room while everyone is scarfing down deli sandwiches in the background, found fifty dollars on the ground in the parking lot and made an open announcement on the intercom to find the owner (didnt find them but didnt keep the money either)