Imagine finding an injured black stray cat with green eyes which reminds you of Loki, whom you’ve been crushing on ever since you first met him through the Avengers. You take it in and nurse it back to health, then you decide to give it to Loki, thinking he could use the loyal company and somebody who loves him just the way he is without judging him. A mortal like you, after all, couldn’t be that person, you figured. He would never take an interest in you.

Too shy to personally give it to him, you put the cat in a cosy basket and sneak it into his room on Stark Tower, attached to it a note signed by “a well-wisher”.

A few months later, after both Thor and Loki returned to Asgard, you visit them. Loki’s cat, which he has taken deeply into his heart, recognises you and thus starts at you, meowing and purring, desperately seeking your attention. It’s then Loki realises it was you who introduced him to his fluffy little friend. He appreciates it so much, he slowly starts falling for you.


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To all anime lovers

So I know that many people already know this, but if you are new to anime, or if you have been living under a rock, then let me introduce you to this magical LEGAL site called

I have seen waaaaay too many people watching anime on illegal sites like kisscartoon but when I tell them about this site, they always make the excuse that they don’t have an account. 

first of all




Show support for your favorite anime by watching it on crunchyroll. The reason why so many animes don’t get second seasons or have to end early is because they don’t get enough of an audience and they don’t receive any profit. How can we fix this? WATCH IT LEGALLY!!!

here are some animes that you can stream RIGHT NOW on crunchyroll:

these are only some of the HUNDREDS of anime that you can watch FOR FREE

Wanna watch it in DUB? THEY HAVE THAT TOO!!!! 

Here’s some of the anime that you can watch in both sub and dub:

this has been a p.s.a

side note: I was not paid/endorsed/etc by anyone to do this. I just did this to show support to anime and to make people stop living under rocks

edit: So I know there’s adds, and that can be a pain but lets face it, without adds, how the hell are they gonna pay animators? How are they going to continue to produce the content that we love so much? Would you rather have to sit through an add or have an anime cancelled due to lack of budget?

So recently my friend asked me to watch this anime called bungou stray dogs. I loved it and decided to draw this smol cinnamon roll atsushi. (I like how his arms become thicc in the anime ) anyways, i hope to see great stuff in this fandom! (Omg why does tumblr ruin the quality, idk if its just me, but please tap on the image for a clearer view )


Series: Persona 5
Pairing: Akira/Mishima
Rating: G

It took a while for him to learn that he could be touched unexpectedly, with soft and tender kindness and not with bruising, mocking anger.

Tags: no spoilers, canon setting, fluff

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Marichat Day 26: The Stray

“I don’t think he’s a stray, Chat. He’s got a fancy collar.” Marinette stroked a finger down the calico’s forehead and the cat pushed into it, purring.

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

“It means he’s got a home.”

“That he ran away from.”

Marinette frowned. “We don’t know that he ran away. It’s possible a door or window was accidentally left open and he got out and lost. I bet his owners are worried sick.” She scooped the cat up and cradled him. He didn’t seem thrilled by the turn of events but stayed passive in her arms.

Chat Noir exhaled slowly. “You’re right. I’m sure someone is very worried about him,” he replied flatly. He lifted a claw to the cat’s nose and the feline sniffed it warily. 

“Maybe we should make Found posters or something.”

“Whatever you want, Princess.”

The cat jumped from Marinette’s arms to sit on the floor and clean himself. She watched him for a moment before turning her attention back to her own catboy. “You’re in an odd mood.”


“Something about this cat bothers you and I don’t think it’s feline jealousy,” she grinned at him but Chat Noir only sighed.

“I think I’m just projecting. It’s been a hard week.” 

“Want to talk about it?” she offered.

“I think I’d rather just spend time with you and not think about it. Is that okay?”

“Of course. You can always feel at home here, kitty.”