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Something I noticed in episode 2

So I was re-watching the episode and the scene where weiss enters her father’s office came on and I noticed something

Her father keeps a picture of Weiss’s brother on his desk 

and what looks like a picture of Winter or Weiss’s mother on his shelf.

So its quite obvious who is favored in the family. But there isn’t any pictures of Wiess in the room. 

Its just his awards and accolades

he even has that ego-portrait front and center 

I don’t find this all that surprising since Weiss’s father has been shown to be cold, distant, and constantly, scheming, using his own children as pawns in order to further his gains. I kinda like these little touches though cause I feel like the schnee family dynamics could be explored a lot more.

theres a lot of room for character development here so I’m excited to see where they take it.


“Stray Cat Strut” by Stray Cats

Built for Speed (1982)

I was on my to my parents house at like 2am to hang out with my brothers and I found this beautiful creature in the middle of the road. I pulled over and the little goof came right up to my window and was whimpering, no collar, filthy, flea infested little thing hopped into my car.

We bathed her, fed and watered her. She was filthy, the water was BLACK, she’s going to need another really good bath. She loves cuddles, she’s anxious but calms quickly, she knows sit and down. She has no problem with food, eating around people and other dogs so far. She has a wound on her ear thats scabbed over :/ but otherwise doesn’t seem hurt anywhere else. She does this weird thing where she flops over and hunkers down if men approach her, but she will approach my brothers and dad no problem. She’s kinda a chomper when she takes treats from you.

We spent a few hours with her playing and cuddling and she slept through the night with me uncrated.

WE ARE going to look for her family, I am not going to just keep her no matter how much I’d love too, I’d be devastated if someone never searched for me if one of the pups got lost. We are taking her to get scanned for a chip and I’ll make posters. I’m not sure what else to do or how long we should look, I don’t want to post on craigslist at all and have her go to someone who hurts her or who is lying or creepy. She’s a sweetie so hopefully she has a good family who misses her, if not she’s going to stay with my mom, dad, and younger brother. I would take her in an instant if I had room for a fourth dog and if I could guarantee Ani being comfortable with another lady in the house.

I’ve already picked a few names just in case I can’t help it :/ My whole family loves her, even my dad which is big. 

Either way she’s going to get a home.