The Seer (Part18)

Summary: The following morning you set off for the mission chosen by the Guardians.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: geeky/nerdy reader, language in general, some feelings, loss of memory, disappointment, and this should be all… I think.

Notes: The parts in italic are the reader thoughts and the alerts that her power gives her. While the parts between double lines are the reader’s visions. I would appreciate any feedback.

Word count: 1419

The Seer MASTERLIST for all the parts of the series.

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The following morning you wake up with a head-splitting headache. Peter hands you a couple of tablets, you throw them down your throat without questioning. The headache is gone in a couple of minutes.

The whole team gather around the table of the below deck.

“Alright, here’s the plan.” Rocket shows you a map. “Our precious loot is here.”

“I hope that isn’t a precious that we’ll have to throw into Mount Doom.” Another reference to the weird stories dancing in your brain slips from your lips.

Bucky chuckles while the others remain quite bewildered. You are surprised that Bucky knows something about ‘Lord of the Rings’ considering that until now any other pop culture’s reference has flown over his head effortlessly.

“No! We’re going to keep it!” Rocket glares at you.

“I am Groot.” The little living tree states solemnly.

“Yes, and then eventually to sell it.” Rocket nods to his friend. “Now, if I can continue to illustrate the plan…” He looks sternly around. “Well! Quill and [Y/N] are going to be the decoy approaching the location from this side. You’d better use your gift, Seer, 'cause those security drones are pretty quick and highly dangerous. Gamora and Strax, you take care of the guards stationed down here. Buck, you come with me and Groot to retrieve our target.”

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In the spirit of the season, these 55 seconds of joy from 2012 are always worth sharing again. I like Strax’s version of Rudolph the best. I’ve heard that song once too often this season.

I hope we see these guys again before Moffat moves on. 

Imagine the winter holidays with the Superwholock team.

Y/N: Happy holidays everyone.

Cas: I don’t understand. Why do we celebrate these holidays?

Sherlock: Honestly I don’t know… they’re rather boring.

Y/N: Come on Sherlock… don’t be a scrooge or a Grinch.

The Doctor: I could round up a few Suantarians if you want me too they can always brighten the holidays.

Dean: Are Suantarians the potato people that love war and things like that?

The Doctor: *Nods*

Sam: No we don’t need a homicidal potato running around.

Y/N: Will someone help me decorate a  little bit please?

John: Sure (Y/N)