strawhat cosplay


Here’s my Nico Robin Skypiea cosplay~ ❀
The Jaya/Skypiea is my favorite One Piece arc so I was very excited to make this cosplay, especially the accessories which were something I really wanted to create in order to have  that little something more than just the regular clothes, wig and hat. 

I loved the flashback of this arc with the story of the island, Noland and Calgara, I couldn’t wait to have the map and Noland’s book in my hands, and I am really glad to see that a lot of people at the cons freak out seeing them. ⌒o⌒

{ even though I have blue lenses for other cosplays, I never wear them for Robin because she actually has brown eyes in the manga, and I like her better that way ♥ }


Holy mother of god.

Source: Youtube - Patricia Fagundes


To celebrate the New Year (and our comeback) we’ve decided to host another cosplay competition! The winner will get a choice of figurine (Ace or Luffy) and a Luffy keyring. The runner up will get a Strawhat washbag and One Piece keyring.


-Must be 18+ (or have permission from parents.) Winners will be giving out their address to strangers after all.

-One entry per person (but can be any One Piece cosplay)

-Tagging our blog in a post or submitting your entry directly to our ask box are both fine.

-Must be following this blog (we will check! Fufu)

-No inappropriate/nsfw content (there’s a side blog for that!)

-Must have your ask box open - we need a way to contact the winners!

Other than that, just be respectful of all participants and have fun! Competition ends on January 31st, and we will announce winners either that day or February 1st. Winners will have exactly one week to reply, or the prizes will be given to the next in line.

Good luck!

-Doffy and Cora