I am seriously just so proud of Seán and I’m so incredibly happy for him too. He’s come so far! :’)

I thought him and Meghan did a great job hosting this. He was able to be very professional while still being himself at the exact same time. I can’t even imagine how incredibly exciting it must have been to share this stage with so many amazing passionate creators and people too. Honestly guys seeing Seán being able to do stuff like this makes me so happy because it just proves how far he’s come in these years he’s been doing Youtube. I mean 4 years ago he was in a log cabin just recording himself playing games for fun and throwing his all into everything he was creating just because he enjoyed it so much. Now he’s still doing the thing that he loved doing but he’s also gained so much more. Now this hobby he loved doing is now his job that he loves doing, he has over 16 million subscribers, became friends with the other Youtuber’s that he looked up to and who inspired him to start making videos, is getting amazing opportunities like hosting showcases and award shows and has made an impact on millions of people’s lives just by doing the thing that made him happy. I don’t think he 4 years ago could’ve ever imagined that just by doing this thing that he loved doing would ever lead him this far. All he did was follow his heart and somehow someway he got lucky enough to find extreme success through that while still keeping his morals in the process too.
I think that’s so amazing and incredibly inspiring to think about! 
I’m so proud of Seán for letting himself explore these kind of opportunities and make new experiences through them. These kind of events show that there’s so much more to him and to who he is then him being the loud Irish green haired gaming Youtuber. I’ve always felt like he was meant to do great things and more because I just see this unique spark in him that no one else has and these kind of events I feel show that spark that’s within him. I’m so happy for him for everything he’s gained in these years he’s been doing Youtube. I love seeing how far he’s come and I love seeing him be able to experience these kinds of opportunities and expand his horizons. He’s so lucky and he’s come so far and that makes me so incredibly happy! I’m so happy for him, I’m so happy for my friend! I always believe that he can do ANYTHING that he sets his mind to and I seriously think that he’s capable of so many things. That’s never because he’s Jacksepticeye the “loud popular Youtuber.” It’s because of the person behind that user name, the person I saw while I was waiting in a line for 4 and ½ hours at Pax East 2016 to meet that showed so much love and sincere and genuine appreciation towards every person that went up to meet him or to simply say hello to him. I saw how much all of this meant to him in that moment and it’s something that’s stuck with me because that showed me the real person on the other side of these videos that have made such impacted my life. I have so much faith in him and believe in him because of who he is, simply because he’s Seán McLoughlin and that’s seriously all he even needs to be. ^_^ 
Holy shit it’s so weird saying his last name like that! xD


Ya welcome.


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I’m so proud of  Seán you guys! ^_^

Him and Meghan did such a great job hosting this show. He was able to be extremely professional, serious and well spoken while still being himself too. It makes me very happy to see him branch out more and do stuff like this because I think it proves that there’s a lot more to him then just being a loud gaming Youtuber and that he has many different talents and abilities inside of him too. I’m super happy for him and proud of him everyone.
He seriously did a fantastic job! :D

But yeah, this such a fantastic show with a lot of interesting and good game announcements! :D

Seriously I’m very surprised with how great some of the announcements were even with the stuff I wasn’t really interested in. All the people that went up on stage were super passionate about showing people all this new stuff with these games. I especially loved Janina Gavankar or the woman who’s playing the main character on the new Star Wars Battlefront game. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies so that game didn’t really interest me that much but she made me much more interested in the game. You could tell she has so much passion for playing her character and that was incredibly nice to see! :D
I don’t know I just really liked the show and all the stuff that they showed in it, I was really into it a lot more then I was expecting to be. I mean there were some cringey moments in it, (those toy story costumes were terrifying! D:) but all and all I really enjoyed this. :) The only thing I didn’t like was the people in the chat, I mean yeah not that surprising that the chat would be super negative when a lot of people are watching and honestly I wasn’t even looking at it that often because I knew that it would be negative but every time I glanced at it the chat was just full of so much negativity even more then I thought it was going to be. People shouting racial slurs, bad kingdom hearts fans shitting on everything that was shown before it and being overly angry about it not getting shown first, people who hate kingdom hearts and completely shitting all over the game and the people who like it for just no reason other then to just piss people off and people who didn’t like that Seán and Meghan/strawburry17 were hosting it and completely hating on them for every little thing that they did especially to Meghan. People were saying that her laugh was annoying and that she talked to much and worse of all there was people who were saying that she did not deserve to be up there and that only Seán should have, which seriously pissed me the fuck off! Plus there was people in the chat making fun of the people who were defending her and saying sexist shit like “respect wemen 2017!!″ If that was any of you guys in the community on here saying any of that in the chat then SHAME ON YOU! >:(  Both of them did a fantastic job hosting this show and both deserved to be on that stage! I’ve never seen any of Meghan’s videos but I still respected her as a host and as a person, she seriously did not deserve that negativity at all even she didn’t see the chat during it. She’s a person who deserves respect and decency and to see people not treat her like a person and just as an “annoying accessory to Jacksepticeye” just made me extremely angry. Sorry I don’t mean to make this post negative talking about this because again it’s not surprising that there was negative people in the chat but it still bothered me that I just saw so much negativity in just the few times I glanced at that chat and I wanted to get that off my chest. :/

Anyway though negativity aside, like I said before I really enjoyed this show and I loved seeing all these people on the stage just be so passionate about all these games and things that were announced during it. Such a good show! ^_^

i am so unbelievably proud of jack. the second he walked out on stage i practically burst into tears. to see how far he’s come, to be able to co-host this event, to get a hug from john boyega, to talk about video games and all the things he loves, it’s amazing and i am so proud of him. not to mention, to see him be a little fanboy with each game that was presented along with us. well done, jack! we couldn’t have asked for better hosts than you and strawburry17!