I was tagged by @em-is-supah-gayyy and I just really like answering questions y’all 😂 

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Name: Jazlyn

Nickname: Jaz, basiccccc. 

Zodiac sign: Virgo :)

Height: 5'2" (and a half, but I digress)

Orientation: it ain’t no lie, y’all i’m bi bi bi.💗💙

Ethnicity: African American, Indian…aka Black lol 

Favourite fruit: Strawburrrries 🍓

Favourite season: The fall, my fall looks be thriving 🍂

Favourite book series: don’t really have one but I can always remember going back to the Sons of the Dark series by Lynne Ewing

Favourite flower: Roses cause I’m basic

Favourite scent: Outside after the rain, probs

Favourite colour: Red

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Coffee but iced

Average sleep hours: over the summer I’ve been getting my good ol’ 8 or 9 for sure. But during school probably 5 😓

Cat or dog person: Both, but I wanna puppy so bad rn

Favorite fictional characters: Taystee and Nikky from OITNB, and Supergirl

Number of blankets you sleep with: up to like 4

Dream trip: to visit all the cities where writers usually thrive and get some inspiration (imma nerd) I haven’t traveled further than D.C., and Alanta and I live in NC so…just about everywhere like NY, Chicago, Philadelphia etc. (I’m FULL of wanderlust)

Blog created: a couple of years ago maybe 2014 or something, but Tumblr confused me so I really started actively using it last year lmao.  

Number of followers: 187, love y’all 😂💖

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