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please. tell us more about your 'folk bangers' playlist. that sounds relevant to all of my interests. (folks and banging)

if you want a playlist for banging folks this probably isn’t the one for you, but if you want to Go Off, Historically then WHAT’S UP 


“What you eat today has to make your heart beat tomorrow and create new blood, renew your bone marrow, fuel your brain, ease your mind, make your lungs work, support your immune system, heal your skin, keep your digestive system working smoothly, lubricate your joints, repair and rebuild your muscles.. So what will you eat to help it do all that?” Farmer’s market days are the best days. 😛After eating some unhealthy vegan food today, I’m ready to get into this tomorrow👌🏼 The longer I eat like this, the more I only want fruit.🍉🍓🍊🍋🍌Got a box of bananas, three boxes of mangos, a flat of strawbs, five papayas, and 4 liters of sugarcane juice! Still need to get watermelon and greens🌱

Okay, one of my biggest pet peeves regarding Flanderization in JoJo Fanon is “Fugo physically assaults Narancia every time he does something dumb”.

While it’s true that Fugo has a pretty much non-existent fuse and there is that one scene in the Cafe where he stabs Narancia with a fork, Purple Haze Feedback establishes that that was the first time Fugo lashed out at Naranica in that way during his entire tenure as Narancia’s tutor. And Fugo himself wonders why he even lashed out at Narancia in such a way anyway and considers it kinda dickish of him to do that in hindsight.

Maybe it’s because Purple Haze Feedback turned Fugo into one of my absolute favourite JoJo characters (and yes, it’s at least semi-canon considering All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven) and really fleshed out and analysed Fugo’s character, but it really annoys me how his Fanon personality essentially boils down to “Boy with a Hair Trigger Temper who beats up Narancia at the slightest provocation” (if it isn’t a joke about his swiss cheese suit, which are always a good laugh)


I didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s yesterday so I’m proclaiming it Valentine’s Week, starting with this breakfast! Strawberry shortcake smoothie and toast with kite hill cream cheese and strawberry jam. For the smoothie, blend 1 frozen banana, 5 big strawbs, ¼ cup oats, 1 T almond butter, a lil vanilla, and 1 cup soymilk

🌻💛cute asks inspired by peachisty's tags💛🌻

friggin: what calms you down when you’re frustrated?

cutieee: what is something you find irresistibly cute (besides yourself)?

confirmed: what are you confident about?

bean: if you had magic beans what would you want them to do?

cozy bee: what is your ideal lazy day?

strawbs: if you were a fruit what fruit would you be and why?

oogles: make up a new word that includes your name! what does it mean?

pretty: describe one outfit you feel the best in!

pure sunshines: think of one of your best days ever and tell all!

as heck: biggest thing on your bucketlist right now!

angel bee: what’s something that smells heavenly to you?

ohmygod: most exciting thing you’ve ever done or want to do!

aaah!: name a few songs you can sing your heart out to.

cutie pie: what’s your favorite sweet thing?

okie dokes: what is one thing you’re always down to do?

dis me: quick! three facts about yourself!

:~): top three faces or emojis you use!

wow so prets: someone you admire (besides yourself and peachisty)

luv: someone or something you love to pluto and back.