Reason No. 4,987,294 that Capt. Picard is cooler than Kirk.



delivered orange flowers to a fellow desert town mayor, hermana Raquel. she greeted me like an A++ mayor by saying YOOOOOOO ok. i got her clothes and aviator shades because her town and mayor give off a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” vibe which i really dig. Nevada’s a really laid back place and I got a sweet tie-dye tee from her. it was hella fun because Raq made a tribute room for my basement lmfao. the shanty bar is really nice, it’s MY FAVE PLACE. i hope you keep developing your town, when i see my friends post developments and town journals it makes me so happy i can punch a wall.

thank you so much for the dandelions and wonderful town tour Raq! strawboater gang or die.