HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW!

He doesn’t even know how much i care,

He doesn’t even know how i’m longing for him,

He doesn’t even know that my tears are running down my cheeks everytime we have an argument,

He doesn’t even know how much i’ve learn to be my real self whenever he is there,

and most of all…….

He doesn’t even know how much i love him more than myself!!! :((

poem by: ♥miss mimiyak♥

You know that feeling when you fight with the person you love and things don’t go well after what they did and they make no effort what so ever to make things work so you end up being mad at them. Thing is, you love them so much, you can’t stay mad at them forever and end up with a soft heart forgiving them before they even learn the lesson or apologize sincerely? Yeah, that feeling…

I hate that feeling.