mayuyuzumi  asked:

hi zica, i know you hate minkyu, can you tell me your exact reasons why you prefer top!kyu? thanks nn

Well lovely child… I have so many reasons but I’ll keep it short

- Based on appearance:

Kyuhyun is the man. He is tall, got hairy legs and has quite handsome features. Maybe he is adorably dorky at some points, but you can’t mistake him for a woman. When I look at Min, I see a beautiful man, doesn’t mean he ain’t sexy, it’s just that when you look at him, even when he worked out at the gym, he stil looked like a beautiful sculptured figure, still smooth and soft. As he said in one of his interviews, the thing that I can beat all the members at is my “baby face" 

When you look at their body shapes, they both have awesome asses, but Kyu still has an evenly distributed body fat. Min on the other hand got curves: waist, hips, a pert ass, thick thighs and what I would call boobies.

- Based on personality:

I think Kyu is adorable with everyone, but not in a "I’m gonna be obedient” kind of way. Yes he clings to everybody and bullies Eunhyuk playfully, but he still manages to be the evil maknae. Leeteuk himself said and I’m paraphrasing, “if you want to die, let heechul and kyuhyun fight,” and we all know how angry and violent heechul gets. They all said he was snarky and disrespectful, doesn’t sound like the kind of guys who would bottom, but more like the kind of Maknae who gets everything he wants.

On the other hand, Min is not evil or snarky. He is sometimes cute and bubbly and other times he act like an understanding caring mother. Look at the SJ-M days. When they did an interview and they asked the members to give everyone a super hero name/power and they all said “cuteness” for Sungmin. 

He is docile with men, as Kangin gladly stated in 2007. And don’t forget that Lady Hee Hee himself said “he is cute and he makes you want to protect him,” on his old radio show.  

- Based on their daily lives:

Kyuhyun loves to play starcraft and enjoys watching Dramas based on the old ages. Sungmin on the other hand plays the guitar, plays with his kittens and helps in cooking and cleaning. Plus, look at their sleepwear, while everyone wears a Pajama, Min enjoys wearing a short dress to sleep and he loves pink. Pink underwear, cellphone, bed sheets and god knows what else.

- Based on their interaction with one another and facts:

Sungmin takes care of Kyu like a mother. As siwon said in his interview, they both are the closest friends and they support one another all the time. Sungmin likes to call Kyuhyun master Kyu, while Kyuhyun calls him “minimi” or “cuemin”. Look at the vast difference. And Kyuhyun said that min has the best skin, now that kind of compliment is usually directed to women, because they’re the ones who should be all smooth and silky. 

Ok I’m gonna shut up now, but basically, this is how I see it