Hey all. Here are the translations for the crepes and drinks:

Akamatsu character crepe:
-Whipped cream
-Strawberry sauce
-Sponge cake
-Chocolate slices
-Strawberry whipped cream
-Print cookie (the cookie in the back with Akamatsu on it)

Saihara character crepe:
-Whipped cream
-Blueberry jam
-Mille-feuille pie
-Chocolate chips
-Wrapped chocolate stick
-Print cookie (the cookie in the back with Saihara on it)

Amami drink:
-Pineapple juice
-Melon syrup
-Whipped cream
-Silver dragée

Shirogane drink:
-White water
-Blue Hawaii syrup
-Petit cream puff
-Chocolate sticks

Zetsubou drink:
-Peach syrup

I don’t translate that often but I have a TON of free time today so I thought I’d give you guys the info.

If you spot any errors, lemme know.


Var på loppemarked på Majorstua og plutselig så jeg de fineste glassene jeg noen gang hadde sett! Det er jordbær på dem og greier, kjøpte fem av disse og angrer meg litt fordi jeg ikke kjøpte alle melkeglassene med jordbær på, men de andre var med litt annet trykk og annet merke så de hadde nok kræsjet litt. Får heller kjøpe helt forskjellige søte melkeglass og ha i kjøkkenskapet!

Aug ‘17 MS2SL Peek - Graffiti Nights

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on for @mores2sl. Come join us for a worthy cause because cancer sucks!

Summary: A drunk neighbor selling artisan craft beers, whatever the hell that means. Douchebags with no knowledge of classical music or basic human decency. A shirtless street artist whose paintings unfortunately help her make more money as she performs, and muggy nights filled with painful memories…and yet, Katniss can’t seem to stop coming to Panem’s monthly Graffiti Nights festivals.

Rating: Probably M for sexual content. Other warnings may apply

One by one, Katniss pulls items out of of her bag and checks them over before placing them in a careful line on her table. It would not do for her to forget something she might need tonight. Reassured that everything is present and accounted for, she begins the painstaking process of returning it all to her bag. A slim wallet with her identification papers and her permit. A faded pouch, pink and soft green with the printed strawberries of forgotten childhoods, which she opens and checks a second time. Shaking it slightly to listen to the rattle of the pills, comforting in their routine.

One of the blues on Monday. One of the greens every morning. A half red-half white mutt of a pill for breakfast and dinner. She zips the pouch and places it in the bag next to the wallet. A BPA free water bottle filled to the brim. Sterilizing tablets in case she has to get water from a public fountain. Two pads and a pair of socks. A cannister of pepper spray. Four whole grain granola bars with dried cranberries. A leather portfolio with sheet music she never references since she has all of the music memorized. Portable speakers for her phone in case she decides to play something that requires background accompaniment. A spiral bound notebook and a pen with a peacock feather taped to the shaft, to write down the thoughts that strike swift as lightning but that she can’t trust to memory.

Satisfied, she stands and shakes out the skirt of the sunny yellow dress. Normally, Katniss wears pants to perform, but tonight is a special night. An anniversary. And she won’t let the occasion go unmarked. A little long on her, the skirt drags on the ground. Prim had already grown several inches taller than Katniss when she died.

Katniss then lifts the final piece of her wardrobe from the table, a faded black top hat. She spins it by the brim between her palms as she often watched her father do before he took to the stage and sets it on her head at an angle. The satin brim slices across one eye, partially obscuring her view. She hates having one of her senses dulled like this, but the effect is more important. She grabs the matching top hat, the shorter one her mother wore, and places it carefully inside the bag.

With strap slung over her shoulder and music running through her mind on a loop, Katniss palms the handle of her violin case and plods towards her front door. Before she leaves, though, she pauses in front of the only thing hanging on her walls, a framed and faded photograph of the ones she loved. Her entire world. She bows to them and then presses three fingers of her left hand to her lips before transferring the kiss to them.

“For Prim,” she murmurs.

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Kawaii Zodiac Aesthetics
  • Aries: Shooting stars, capsule machines, Pochacco, chiptune music, ring pops, kandi bracelets, space hoppers
  • Taurus: Bento boxes, Totoro, strawberry prints, pearlescent blush, kigurimis, frilly headbows, bell collars
  • Gemini: Decoden phone cases, bunny prints, animated emoji, Little Twin Stars, maid cafés, disney balloons, seifukus
  • Cancer: Sleepy moons, cat cafés, galaxy prints, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, chocolate bar purses, frothy milkshakes, puffy stickers
  • Leo: The nyan pose, pom-pom hair ties, Hello Kitty, nail deco, fairytale castles, mochi, animal-ear hoodies
  • Virgo: Magical girl wands, cookie prints, tamagotchis, My Melody, macarons, heart aprons, oversized jumpers
  • Libra: Tea cups, plushie backpacks, dangle charms, Purin, juice boxes, poké balls, ice cream sundaes
  • Scorpio: Lace parasols, Badtz-Maru, doll head necklaces, anime figurines, eyeball bows, panda cookies, circle lenses
  • Sagittarius: Dolly lashes, forest prints, Arpakasso, princess crépes, stripey thigh-highs, plastic ponies, antler crowns
  • Capricorn: Plaid miniskirts, jelly shoes, Rilakkuma, cupcake motifs, frilly ankle socks, vintage toys, marble soda
  • Aquarius: Bubble tea, purikura machines, lollipops, Cinnamoroll, pastel tutus, popping candy, rainbows
  • Pisces: Unicorns, seashell handbags, mermaid prints, jellyfish umbrellas, Mamegoma, peep-toe wedges, syrup dripping motifs
almond milk

word count: 1.9k

summary: Y/N is a barista at a bubble tea shop and Jeongguk is…well, Y/N doesn’t really know. (female!barista Y/N x single dad!guk)

She tapped her fingers impatiently against the machine. The ticket dispenser remained inactive, meaning the she was inactive. The source of this block was at the front of the shop; a group of four girls stood, mouths agape and chattering amongst themselves of what they want and what have you had before? and i don’t know if i want a tea or a smoothie! what should i do?!

Y/N was an impatient person. Dealing with snotty teenagers and long hours and incompetent managers wore her down. It was something that she wished she could change - one of her many flaws she pointed out constantly.

“Our shit isn’t even that good,” she told herself for the thirteenth time that afternoon. Her coworkers could feel her agitation roll off her in waves, and they decidedly left her alone. She smirked and thought “smart kids.” A look to the front showed that the four girls were now all leaning on the counter, seemingly incapable of reading a menu.

She could feel her eyes roll as she walked to the back and checked her phone.

“Four more hours,” she groaned to herself, “and you can go back home and shower.”

She took a deep breath, composed herself, and headed back to the machine, seeing that the long ticket finally printed. Two teas and two smoothies - tedious but not impossible.

“Hey, Little One,” Y/N called over her shoulder. One of her younger co workers, nicknamed Little One, looked up. “One Berry-Blast, regular, and one Enthused Pineapple, large - thank you!” She threw a smile over her shoulder to Little One, who nodded and got to work.

Y/N’s smile faded as she got to work on the teas.

If she had to describe her job and life, it would be that. Tedious, but not impossible. She was off school for the summer, deciding to go full time at work and picking up more shifts than she even could comprehend. Dealing with the more elites of the city, she was used to snide comments and rude looks from patrons. At first, she could handle it. It made her want to prove them wrong. But soon enough, it wore her down. Long hours stretched to long nights and she just wanted to stand under the shower and let out a scream.

Not to mention other personal matters, but she didn’t want to think about that now. She could feel the weight of the four girls on her and their sly comments of does she actually think that scrunchie looks cute? and girl, seriously, look at her highlighter.

She was about to snap her head up and say something that would potentially get her out of a job, but another ticket popped up.

Strawberry Valentine: sub almond milk, no yogurt. Make your own smoothies were an unspoken hatred of the smoothie world. Since daily prep was part of the job, each employee preps a number of smoothies so it would be easier to make when the shop actually opened. When people wanted things subbed in or out, it halted the quickness of the shop, bringing it to a standstill. It also means one less person to help out.

She slammed the peach syrup down, earning glares from the gossiping girls that she quelled with a sidelong look. She took a deep breath, trying to fight down the tears that were coming up. Things were quickly coming to a head and she couldn’t take anymore.

Y/N would like to think she was strong: she dealt with friends coming and going, rude customers, disappointing parents and a unfulfilling job. She liked to think she was pretty - on good days - but she felt average. Below, average, right now. Her makeup must be laughable and why did she think that she could even be pre-

“Are you okay, lady?” a quiet voice asked. Even amongst the murmur of the loud and crowded shop, she could hear him. She looked up and saw the most beautiful hazel eyes gazing into her own quizzically. He must have been standing on the counter and watching her make drinks when she slammed her syrup down. He must have been no older than four, watching the world and her with wide eyes.

She could feel her face grow hot, and then she felt silly. “Yes,” she laughed. “Thank you for checking up on me.” She offered the little boy a smile and watched as he grew bashful and turned to - what she at first presumed to be - his older brother.

He looked familiar - she was sure he had been to the shop before; maybe when it first opened? She didn’t have time to muse as another ticket popped up - an iced tea which would be easy to knock out. Focusing on finishing the large group of girls’ orders, she finally got to that Strawberry-Valentine that had printed awhile ago. She could see over the bar the wide hazel eyes. When hazel met hers, he shied back to his brother and whispered something to him.

Y/N leaned forward a bit and finally got a chance to look at the brother - he was young. Young in the sense of early twenties. Black ballcap, black shirt and black jeans, Y/N felt her heart skip a beat. He was cute and she could feel that she was staring too much at him, so she directed her head back to the little one.

“Did you order the Strawberry-Valentine?” She intended it for the little one, but the elder spoke up.

“Yeah, we did, Jae is just shy,” he said as he picked up the little one. He had his hand covering his face, and when he met Y/N’s soft gaze he buried his face into his brother’s shoulder.

They both laughed. “I was the same when I was younger,” she started. “Even now I’m still like that.” Grabbing a blender and bending down, she retrieved the almond milk requested on the ticket.

“Really?” The brother asked as he hoisted the little one into his arms. “You seem to be quite liked around the shop.”

As her ears grew hot her face was ablaze - she was actually being complimented by some hot guy? Alarm bells rang in her ears that he was probably talking her up so he could get more than he paid for, but one look at the little boy - Jae - did that idea disappear. The brother seemed like a nice enough guy, so Y/N gave her most sincere smile and, abashedly, said a quiet “thank you.”

Y/N chanced a look at the older boy and gather her thoughts a bit. Chestnut hair tucked under the black ballcap, earrings littered his ears. He had a simple silver necklace around his neck, and his black shirt was tucked into his black pants. He hadn’t any bags from shopping, just a tiny, colorful backpack that was obviously for his kid brother. He was looking at the little boy with so much adoration and love that Y/N felt like she was intruding on something. He said something to the little boy and grabbed him from behind, tickling him and soon engulfed him into a hug.

Only as he was smiling and looked up to Y/N did she realize that she yet again was staring. Her eyes widened and she soon took off. She was thankful that she could escape to the back, grabbing handfuls of strawberries and smiling to herself silly. She giggled to herself - what was she, twelve? - and stuck her face further into the freezer. She needed her face to go back to its normal complexion and fast!

She thought of what she said and suddenly her heart rate spiked - so he really must come often then if he knew how she usually interacted with her customers. Y/N wasn’t usually the mega bitch she was being today, and it made her smile even more that He noticed. Her grin came back strong and her cheeks were seriously burning.

“S’cute!!” she said to herself. She still had a wide smile on her face as she entered the front of the shop again, rushing past her coworkers and throwing crude remarks over her shoulder. How one - two, she corrected herself - people were able to make her day, she had no idea. She watched as her concoction blended from frozen strawberries and mushy bananas to something worth drinking. She poured out the large the big brother paid for, sealing it up. She saw that she had extra, so she poured it into a smaller cup and looked at the little boy.

Jae looked over the bar and saw the smoothies and became excited, turning to his brother.

“Daddy, they’re ready!”

Y/N’s head shot up and her eyes went straight to the young man. “He’s a father?” she internally mused. “He’s so young…”

He had to have been the same age as Y/N - early twenties. She involuntarily looked for a ring on his left hand, but there were none. A tattoo on his upper bicep, but that was it. No tell-tale signs of being in a relationship.

Y/N still smiled and handed the bigger cup to Dad, her temporary nickname, and turned to Jae.

“I have some popping bubbles, if you want any?”

Little hands came to rest on the divider between customer and worker, looking down at all the colorful treats.

“Oh Jae, did you hear the nice lady? You can get popping bubbles!” he held Jae from behind and pointed to the blackboard hanging on the wall. Listed there were the flavors of popping bubbles that Dad read off to Jae, and he looked over to Y/N and quipped his lips. She felt her ears burn from the gesture and looked at her hands until he was done and Jae happily chirped “green apple!”

She smiled to herself and gave him a big scoop, sealing it up and handing it to the little boy. Dad grabbed it for him, slinging his son’s backpack over his shoulder as he set Jae down.

“Thank you for doing that,” he said, smiling and taking a sip of the smoothie. “This is great, by the way - best I have had here.” He grinned at her and she found herself smiling in spite of herself.

“Get a grip on yourself Y/N!” her conscious screamed at her, but she didn’t mind. He obviously came here frequently.

He gave her one last smile before grabbing ahold of Jae’s hand and walking away. Only when she saw them disappear behind a brick wall was reality crashed back into her. Lines wrapped around the shop and tickets were littering the counter, scattered and out of order.

She happened a glance at the clock, willing it forward at least thirty minutes.

Ten minutes passed. She groaned and grabbed a ticket, feeling her agitation growing again. Hazel eyes reminded her, and she felt herself smile.

“Today will be good,” she mumbled to herself. Until her coworker burnt her hand on hot tea. And a customer complained of the product tasting “off.”

She still smiled, only a bitter one and gripped the counter and laughed.

a/n - i get most of my inspiration from people watching at work and interacting with customers and my regulars. this is dedicated to the sweet father and son who always stops by every weekend and always makes my day so much better and they don’t know it. i thought kook would be a good fit because this father is young and he plays around with his little boy and is so sweet and quiet i could just see it being kook so! i hope you liked it and can relate a bit to Y/N - she’s a mix of myself and my friends.