Greaser Girls Headcanons


  • shes quite tall. around 5′10 or 5′11 and doesn’t hesitate to wear heels no matter how “intimidating” she looks. her legs always makes a statement when she walks into a room.
  • is dark skinned and has green almond eyes. she resembles young naomi campbell. 
  • velvet material clothing, fishnets, and leather jackets. 
  • loves strawberry milkshakes but doesn’t like anything else strawberry flavored.
  • her hands are always cold and dallas complains when she touches him but she knows he likes it.
  • she always smackin on some bubble gum 

Kathy : 

  • she styles her hair like sharon tate 
  • lashes and glossy lips 
  • mostly wears short, flowy dresses and high platforms
  • she’s really intelligent student and graduates to be top 10% in her class and gets a full ride scholarship 
  • she’s also good at volleyball and managed to be captain her junior year 
  • get detention a lot for talking and passing notes too much 


  • her hair is worn in loose curls and she’s always doing these edgy styles with it and her eyes are violet like elizabeth taylor 
  • shes the only one in the family with eyes like hers 
  • loves dark colors like deep reds, blues, and black. she often cooperates  the colors with her style of clothes 
  • she has a secret love for  photography 
  • one time she a small town band gets a gig at buck’s to play and shes one of their go-go dancers. 
  • her nails are always painted red 
  • left handed but doesn’t have so good of hand writing 


  • latina 
  • her hair is worn in curls 
  • she wears neck scarfs most of the time with her outfits 
  • has these big dark brown eyes that is filled with so much emotion so its hard for her to have a poker face.
  •  really talented at sewing. she makes her own clothes and they are to die for. most girls in the neighborhood has at least one outfit made by her. 
  • she’s basically the trend setter of the north side.
  • she’s one of the few kids in the neighborhood that has both of their parents. 
  • one of her brothers is apart of Shepard’s gang
  • wishes she had a sister because she’s the only girl out of 4 boys 


  • her china blue eyes come in handy. she can get and get out of anything in any situation. 
  • voice is silvery 
  • she hums songs 
  • loves red velvet cake and is good at baking.
  • before she left tulsa, when her and soda was together she wasn’t the “ weak one”. she just didn’t stand there and let girls flirt with him. 
  • she showed a lot of pda and was touchy when girls were near and made sure they knew he was hers. sylvia taught her that. 
  • they go on little break-ups but not as often as sylvia and dallas. 
  • doesn’t feel sorry for soda once she leaves but does wish him the best. her baby gives her maturity, strength, and determination. she focus on her and her baby and leaves tulsa behind. 

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