My Own Version of Star Wars

I have to get this off my chest, so here goes:

1: Asajj Ventress lives and becomes a feared bounty hunter during the age of the Empire and eventually settles on Takodana by the time Force Awakens rolls around.

2: Feral lives and joins the Republic. He later becomes a member of Phoenix Squadron during the Rebellion.

3: MAUL LIVES! Not only that, but Twilight of the Apprentice plays out entirely differently. Vader is the one who blinds Kanan and Maul takes him and Ezra to safety. The Ghost crew are a little suspicious of Maul, but he’s turned good at this point and is very helpful during missions. He adores Ezra, of course.

4: Fives lives. He enters a coma and comes around shortly after Order 66. He joins Rex, Wolffe and Gregor. He really takes a shine to Zeb.

5: When Maul finds out that Feral (who is now an X-wing pilot) is his brother, they quickly become close friends.

6: Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor both escape Scarif. Don’t ask me how, they just do.

7: Jar Jar’s true identity is revealed, but he retreats into the unknown regions and none have heard from him since.

8: 99 lives.

9: Aresko and Grint live.

10: Generally everyone is happier and more of them live.

11: Oh, yes, and Thrawn gets his beloved ysalamiri back!

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